General terms & conditions (GT&C) of Gästehaus Centro (GC)

1. Conclusion of the contract

The General terms of business are accepted with the ticketing. The contract of accommodation is concluded, as soon as the room or other accomplishments are ordered and agreed. The conclusion of the contract of accommodation bounds the contradicting parties to the completion of the contract. If the orderer is not identic with the guest, both parties adhere for all commitments of the contract as codebtors.

2. Arrival and departure

2.1 The dates of reservation are binding for both parties of the contract. 2.2 If nothing else is agreed in written form, the room are available at the day of arrival at 3 p.m. and have to be left at the day of departure at 10 a.m. The availment of the rooms longer than the agreed time period needs an assertive acceptance of the reception. In this case a complete ticketing has to be done.

3. Accomplishments

The guest has demand for an appropriation to special rooms or accommodations in a category. Any underlease needs the acceptance of the Guesthouse Centro in written form. If rooms or other accomplishments are reserved on the basis of options, the dates of the options are binding for both parts. After data flow of the agreed period of options, the Guesthouse Centro can depose the rooms or accomplishments without consultation. The prices per room and overnight stay are including the VAT by law. Deviants from this case are caused to be known.

4. Payments

4.1 The fee for all booked accomplishments has to be payed for the full amount at the arrival day. For ticketing in the longer term – more than 10 days – for the week – period the coming calender week matures unfortunately. 4.2 The Guesthouse can make, without any statement, any booking and reservation or other accomplishments, which have to be done, addicted from the whole or from parts of the acquittance from the anticipated owed amount in future. This can be done in form of advance payment, anticipated payment or cash in advance in the full amount. If the guest defaults the payment the hotel can abolish the agreement immediately. The house is allowed to assert additional costs, specially for the failure for other reservations. 4.3 The acceptance and the choice of credit cards is optional for the Guesthouse in any case, and even then if the general acceptance of credit cards is shown in the house by placards.

5. Cancellation

5.1 If there are any changes in the booking or counter – orders for the reserved rooms, there are following invoices: a) in the time period of 5 days before the arrival day free from any costs b) in the time period of 3 days before the arrival day, 70 % of the agreed accomplishment 5.2 Overnight stays, which are neither occupied nor cancelled, have to be payed for the amount of 80 %. It does not matter, if the Guesthouse is booked up or not. Any of the cancellations have to be done in written form, per fax or e-mail.

6. Liabilities

6.1 The guest adheres for the averages caused by him compared the Guesthouse Centro. The Guesthouse Centro does not adhere for compared to the guest or contracting party , if the supply for a service in the case of a strike or force majeure not possible. The Guesthouse adheres compared to the guest only for the intention or culpable negligence only according to clauses from the BGB ( maximum to the hundredfold of the room price, maximum 3000 euros) 6.2 The furniture – safe in the rooms afford a better safe – keeping possibility. The Guesthouse does not adhere for locked things or bar money or articles of value, if they are left in the room or in the furniture safe. The liability of the Guesthouse for intension stays intact.

7. Denunciation

The same obtains, of a organiser or guest advertises in public without the acceptance of the Guesthouse: the same obtains for invitations to interviews or sales events. In this case, the guesthouse has an exceedingly right to cancel, if the guest uses the rooms, which he is allowed to use, for other objects than agreed. Political or ethnical events have to be announcement marked clearly. If the Guesthouse has a founded reason to the assumption, that an event is a risk for the business, the security or reputation for the house or if the guests are in danger, or in case of force majeure or inner disquiets, the Guesthouse can denunciate the contractual relationship without notce. Claims apply for the agreed payment even in the case of denuncation. The reserved rooms are not allowed to be used for commercial intentions for acts in the laws without any written acceptance from the Guesthouse. There fore the statements for denunciation above are effective.

8. Miscellaneous

Animals are allowed bring with you. Therefore the explicit acceptance from the Guesthouse it necessary. The inefficiency of single appointments in these general terms of business do not influence the validity of the rest of the appointments. In case of an ineffective appointment an effective arrangement with the economical content, which should be approached the same, is placed. The place of delivery and place of jurisdiction is Constance.