Oktoberfest Constance 2015: Tradition and Fun by the Lake

People in costumes partying in the marquees, music from famous German bands, fun rides and a program for young and old alike – these are crucial elements of the Oktoberfest celebration in Constance. The festivity attracts more than 100,000 visitors to its site at Little Venice (Klein Venedig). You can join in the lively atmosphere there from September 18 to October 4, 2015. Staying at the Hotel & Guesthouse Centro, you will only have to walk about ten minutes to be at one of the largest funfairs in the Lake Constance region.

Splendid start to the Oktoberfest Constance 2015

Landlords and fairground ride owners have been organizing the festival on the border of Germany and Switzerland for 14 years, now. Due to its location it is officially also called German-Swiss Oktoberfest. It has a lot in common with the large, world-famous Oktoberfest in Munich, taken as a model, but provides many attractions of its own, too. A traditional parade through the town also marks the beginning of the Oktoberfest Constance. The festive carriages start off from Constance’s most famous site, the Minster “Of Our Dear Lady”, on September 18. Miss and Mister Oktoberfest, magnificent carriages, fanfares, folklore groups, chefs and service staff invite the spectators along the course to take part in the colorful hustle and bustle. The carpenter guild Dingelsdorf sets up the Maypole in Little Venice. The tapping of the first beer keg is the only thing missing for the three-week festival to start, then. Traditionally, local celebrities and politicians stop by the Paulaner and Hofbräu’s tent, confirm the opening of the barrel with the phrase “O’zapft isch!” (“It is tapped!”) and keep the beer pouring.

Planning your visit to the Oktoberfest Constance 2015

Visitors can explore the Oktoberfest Konstanz with all their senses during three weeks, from Wednesday to Sunday 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.. They can indulge in freshly drawn one-litre glasses of beer(“Maß”), pork knuckles, regional specialty noodles with cheese (Käsespätzle), cakes, pretzels right from the oven, pancakes and many more dishes with or without meat, Baden wines and specialties in the tents. There’s free admission to the Paulaner and Hofbräu’s marquee until 6 p.m. For entrance at any later time you have to present a ticket. We recommend you to buy your ticket and reserve your seat in advance so to make sure that you have guaranteed access to one of the tents and its nightly entertainment. This is possible consulting the website www.oktoberfest-konstanz.de. The minimum price for a single ticket is 22 euros. Alternatively, you can buy a “PIN”, which costs four euros, spontaneously at the box office. It is a special button which allows you to enter the Paulaner or Hofbräu’s tent if there have been remaining places for the very same day. It has to be noticed, however, that on Fridays and Saturdays, when there is a huge rush, chances are slim that you will get access to a marquee using a PIN. You need luck and should go to the box office before 4 p.m. if possible.

Experienced bands contribute to the party mood

Tickets are highly sought-after when popular German musicians are going to perform, who guarantee a thrilling party. The bands Höhner from Cologne or voXXclub from Munich will entertain the audience in Constance playing “Schlager” (German popular music), folk hymns to sing along with, as well as some rock tunes. Furthermore, other groups such as Alpenmafia, Trenkwalder and Hotzenplotzer Musikanten will contribute to a very entertaining atmosphere with their versions of well-known hits and own songs.

Having fun outside the marquees

Even if you do not have a seat in one of the tents, you can have a great time with your friends and family at the Oktoberfest. Those looking for the feeling of weightlessness will enjoy a ride on the “Break Dance” whirlwind carousel. Attractions such as “Babyflug” (“Baby Flight”) and “Kinderflug” (“Children’s Loop”) aim at the very young visitors. If you need some rest in between the rides, you can go to the Ruppaner beer garden. At this cozy venue, you can recover drinking a non-alcoholic punch, draft beer and other alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks or eating a Currywurst (sausage in a curry sauce).

Events for children, golf-players and fans of brass-band music

Visitors who come with children and adolescents to the Oktoberfest should be especially aware of the program on September 27. It’s the OktoberKINDERfest, then and children who are not allowed to enter the tents on all other days can enjoy a broad range of activities.
The children’s music band DONIKKL und die Weißwürschtl will perform in the Hofbräu’s. There will be a bouncy castle, magicians and children fanfare groups.
On the same day and on October 4, an international brass-band contest will take place. Four music groups each will show their virtuosity on these dates in the Paulaner tent. Not only the jury, but also the audience will decide which group has played the compulsory pieces the best.
Since five years, the Oktoberfest Constance also includes a golf tournament, the “Wies’n Golf Turnier” in Owingen-Überlingen. Participants play 18 holes wearing costumes. Special Oktoberfest disciplines are part of the game. It is possible to register as a player or non-golfer for this event by September 14 via www.oktoberfest-konstanz.de.
The golf club Owingen-Überlingen will also have Bavarian white sausages, wheat beer and a party in a cabin prepared for visitors on October 3.

Hotel&Guesthouse Centro – perfect accomodation for Oktoberfest

The location of the hotel Gästehaus Centro is perfect for a stay during the time of the Oktoberfest. Is it your first visit vacation in Constance? Spend the day discovering its cultural highlights such as the council building, cathedral and town hall and treat yourself to a “Maß” beer in one of the marquees in the evening. Are you a fan of Oktoberfests and interested in discovering the special atmosphere of the one in Constance? Would you like to get back from the festival’s site to your room in a few minutes after partying? Our convenient hotel fulfills this criterion. Book your room for the popular Oktoberfest in Constance as soon as possible!