Culinary highlights in Constance – enjoy your break!

Culinary delights are an essential part of a great vacation. Our guest house is the ideal starting point to discover the best restaurants in Constance. Quaint wine bars can be found in the quiet streets of Constance, as well as many cosy restaurants serving regional specialities. We have gathered the top ten recommendations for you.

Number 1: Hafenhalle Konstanz

Restaurant, beer garden and café in one – this is the Hafenhalle Constance. Located directly at the marina of the city, this lovely place offers a unique Mediterranean flair. Since the Hafenhalle is located between the Lake  and the historic old town, it is an ideal starting point both for a city tour or a boat trip. The Hafenhalle is mainly known for its delicious fish dishes; you should not pass up on the opportunity to taste the freshly caught fish. However, the home cooking, like Wiener with homemade spaetzle, is very popular as well, especially in the colder season.  Of course, good and solid snacks, like a typical Obazda or Swiss sausage salad, are not missing from this well-assorted menu.

Number 2: Stromeyer – Die Bleiche

Bleiche Stromeyersdorf
The restaurant Stromeyer – Die Bleiche offers an unobstructed view of the Rhine and an equally impressive selection of food and drinks. A variety of tartes flambées are a delicacy of the house. In addition they offer a delicious selection fish and grilled dishes. If you enjoy the high class ambience of fine dining, you will definitley feel at home in this restaurant.  Furnishing from an original French bistro from the 20s, as well as numerous antique lamps and historical photographs provide a great atmosphere. The “Stromeyer – Die Bleiche” is not without reason also extremely popular for celebrations of all kinds.

Number 3: The Wohnzimmer Konstanz

The Wohnzimmer Konstanz is no longer a secret, and appeals to both locals and tourists as a popular meeting place. The café-bar on the Neuer Graben 16 is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to midnight and offers its guests a programme of regular events. Every Monday a delicious snack awaits guests between 6pm and 10 p.m., and the Christmas market in the “living room” is also very popular. The daily menu offers not only delicious breakfast but also dishes for every kind of eater. The low prices, with an average of 10€ per dish,  attract many customers. You will definitely want to come here again!

Number 4: Konzil

Konstanz - Konzilgebäude (1)
In a former customs building specialties from the region are served. Here you can enjoy a beautiful setting for an evening you won’t want to ever end. It is located directly at the lake and especiallly in the summer months the large terrace offers a dreamlike ambience. Due to the unique historical atmosphere the Konzil is also often used for celebrations and events of all kinds. The two large halls are perfect for both family celebrations and corporate events. Additionally, the menu is quite diverse: choose from typical dishes from Baden, interesting fish dishes or hearty meat dishes – the Konzil offers something for every taste. The so-called Hildegard courses by Hildegard von Bingen are a special treat. These healthy dishes are primarily prepared with spelt and aimed especially at those who prefer a healthy and balanced diet.

Number 5: The Donato


If you love Mediterranean cuisine and cannot get enough of Italian or Spanish specialities, you should visit the Donato in Constance at Hussenstraße 15th. Within walking distance of the Sea Life Constance and the River Rhine, you will find it in the old town. Try the special delicacies of the house such as the wild boar ham or the various truffle creations. The casual Italian atmosphere will get you in the right mood for your holidays.

Number 6: Brigantinus

“Fine alpine cuisine at the lake” – this slogan sums up the restaurant Brigantinus. In fact, you can enjoy a good meal and the view of the Rhine here. But this is not all; the Brigantinus is also known for its event catering. Depending on the season, various regional events will take place – in the autumn, for example, the Schlachte festival is an unforgettable experience. In the summer months, the large terrace or the Paulaner Garden lure customers in. During the winter months the cocktail bar is a popular meeting point. The Brigantinus offers hot food daily from 11.30 am . The bar opens at 10 am and closes at 3 am. So if you want to finish off a day of sightseeing in Constance with an enjoyable evening we recommend the Brigantinus.

Number 7: Restaurant Ophelia

If you look at restaurant reviews on “”, you will detecht that the Ophelia is currently the most popular restaurant in Constance. After all, it is one of the best gourmet restaurants around the Lake Constance and has been awarded two Michelin stars. This restaurant is affiliated with the Hotel Riva and is housed in a former Art Nouveau villa. Chef Dirk Hoberg and his team also offer cooking classes for those interested in improving their skills. Daily from noon to midnight the Riva bar is open and serves cocktails of all kinds. If you are looking for that very special treat the Ophelia is highly recommended.

Number 8: Tolle Knolle

As the name suggests, you can get special dishes based on potatoes in the “tuber tunnel ” in Constance. Traditional, classic and sophisticated cuisine will win you over immediately. Whether you try the potato tortilla, the baked potato stuffed with scampi, or the potato with veal medallions – all food at the “Tolle Knolle” is delicious in its own unique way. For more than 20 years it has been popular with locals and tourists alike.

Number 9: Tamara Weinstube “The Good Shepherd”

The wine tavern “The Good Shepherd” is located in the historic district of Niederburg and is probably one of the cosiest restaurants in Constance. Be sure to try typical regional specialities such as pork shoulder and of course the fine selection of wines. The wine list really leaves nothing to be desired.  In addition to wines from Baden you can choose from a range of Italian or Spanish wines. The menu offers mainly substantial food for the hungry with dishes such as delicious salads or smoked fish.

Number 10: Hexenküche

Do you love steak in all imaginable variations or always wanted to enjoy a grilled suckling pig ath the table? Then we recommend the Hexenküche (“The Witches’ Kitchen”) with its rustic ambience. Be sure to try one of the many different steak creations – how about about having pepper steak or a fillet of lamb with herb butter? If you opt for one of the dishes from the grill, you can choose from five different home made sauces to accompany it; and of course it will be accompanied by fine and tasty bread. At the bar you can finish off your evening in peace and tranquillity as you enjoy fine wines or other spirits.

Our friendly Gästehaus Centro staff will assist you in choosing the suitable restaurants during your stay with us or make reservations for you  if you desire. Just ask our helpful and approachable staff!