Do you want to expe­ri­ence a who­le new Euro­pean tou­ristic place? Then visit Kon­stanz Night Flea Mar­ket! This Kon­stanz Night Flea Mar­ket stret­ches for about 9 Kilo­me­ters (5,56 Miles) across the bor­der bet­ween Swiss and Ger­ma­ny. Find a Sou­ve­nir from Nacht­floh­markt and coll­ect won­derful memo­ries. You can dis­co­ver rare anti­ques and Hand-made pro­ducts. This flea mar­ket is only held for two days from June 15th to 16th 2024. Don’t miss this chance!


24 hours flea mar­ket for everyone

The Nacht­floh­markt, which has around 1000 stalls, is the big­gest flea mar­ket in sou­thern Ger­ma­ny, so you should plan well. From Satur­day evening 6 o’clock, many stalls open. You can find tre­asu­res and curio­si­ties after dark. The mix of sel­lers is cer­tain­ly a part of the incom­pa­ra­ble charm. The­se sel­lers offer valuable pie­ces some­ti­mes and offer you fun­ny bar­gain – expe­ri­ence. That is how coll­ec­tors and bar­gain hun­ters ali­ke get their money’s worth. And even the litt­le visi­tors’ eyes will shi­ne too! Becau­se the child­ren of Kon­stanz and Kreuz­lin­gen par­ti­ci­pa­te this flee­mar­ket with their second-hand toys and books at the edge of this flea mar­ket. So, who­le fami­ly can enjoy this this flea mar­ket. A tip: on the Swiss side, by the way, start­ing at 4 pm, the smal­lest ones can be part of this experience!


Walk cross the border

Start­ing point of the flea mar­ket is Kreuz­lin­gen, the Swiss twin town. From the­re, the flea mar­ket extends through the his­to­ric cen­ter of Kon­stanz, over the streets Unte­re Lau­be and Obe­re Lau­be to the Rhi­ne. And along the Rhi­ne, the flea mar­ket expends again for seve­ral kilo­me­ters. Lake side is nice to walk with views and fresh air. Inci­den­tal­ly, the­re are cus­toms cotroll bet­ween Ger­ma­ny and Swiss this weekend. But we recom­mend you to bring your passport!

By the way, you can pay in euros and franks at many stands. Many of the sel­lers are old flea mar­ket bun­nies. They have two pur­ses for the dif­fe­rent cur­ren­ci­es and are tun­ed to an inter­na­tio­nal audience.

Well orga­ni­zed

The sign­post will help you to stroll, search and expe­ri­ence. You can find a model rail­way or car mar­ket. If you are a huge fan of music, you can visit record mar­ket too.  In addi­ti­on, a crea­ti­ve and craft mar­ket for home-made is loca­ted on the Schot­ten­platz, which is used exclu­si­ve­ly by com­mer­cial sellers.

Around 400 vol­un­teer flea mar­ket hel­pers are also working tog­e­ther with the poli­ce and the fire­figh­ter to ensu­re that ever­y­thing goes smooth­ly and to glad­ly help visi­tors with ques­ti­ons and concerns.

Turn night into day

If you want to wan­de­ring over the flea mar­ket, we recom­mend you to bring the flash­light. Becau­se after 22´o clock, it is hard to reco­gni­ze tre­asu­res. Real pro­fes­sio­nals are even use their own head­lamps. But for the most of visi­tors move to street or restau­rant along the Rhi­ne river or in the Kon­stanz cen­ter after 22´o clock.  Becau­se after 22´clock tho­se places are more in the par­ty mood. Locals and visi­tors gather tog­e­ther and make colorful new memo­ries. That is why peo­p­le call this Nacht­floh­markt: the best fes­ti­val for citizen.

Espe­ci­al­ly in the his­to­ric dis­trict of Nie­der­burg you will find a varie­ty of tra­di­tio­nal wine bars, cock­tail bars and smal­ler pubs, which invi­te you to lin­ger and make the flair of Con­s­tance Old Town. Howe­ver, if you want to spend the bal­my sum­mer nights under the open sky, we recom­mend the beach bar of the Con­s­tance Uni­ver­si­ty of Appli­ed Sci­en­ces with a view of the Rhi­ne. Colourful cock­tails, beach chairs, san­dy beach and live music from the DJ make it a holi­day in any case. But also with many small stalls around the flea mar­ket rou­te is taken care of the phy­si­cal well-being and the Rhi­ne invi­tes you to lin­ger with its many small jetties.

Arri­val to the flea mar­ket wit­hout stress

We recom­mend you to take a public trans­por­ta­ti­on during tho­se days. You can cross the lake with die Fer­ry Meers­burg-Kon­stanz or Kata­ma­ran Fried­richs­ha­fen-Kon­stanz. From the har­bor, you can reach the flea mar­ket on foot easily.

If you are train tra­vel­lers, you can take „See­has‘ bet­ween Sin­gen and Kon­stanz. For tho­se days, See­has wil be more inten­si­fied. And the arri­val from Swiss is also recom­men­ded.: a free shut­tle bus takes vis­tors from the swiss train stai­ti­on to flea mar­ket area in Ger­ma­ny directly.

Visi­tors who still want to tra­vel to Kon­stanz by car should use the Park & ​​Ride car park „Am See­rhein”. From the­re you can also walk within a short time on the Schänz­le- or bicy­cle bridge to the site.

The per­fect accommodation

To expe­ri­ence this Nacht­floh­markt 100%, you should stay insi­de of the Kon­stanz cen­ter. Reser­va­te your stay now for flee mar­ket weekend! Hotel Gäst­haus centro, which loca­ted right in front of the cen­tral train sta­ti­on, is the ide­al accom­mo­da­ti­on for flea mar­ket visi­tors. From our hotel, you can visit and expe­ri­ence flea mar­ket and his­to­ri­cal old town. Our team mem­ber will glad­ly share tips with you for per­fect weekend in Boden­see area!

Ani­na Albert, 15.04.2024