If you like to ride a Bike, you can find it the right place in Kon­stanz. Whe­ther it’s the Road Bike, the Moun­tain bike, the E-Bike or just a nor­mal City Bike, every Cyc­list will find his Bike Path here. And now that it’s final­ly going to Spring again, I’ll give You some Insi­der Tips on Cycling for Your next Visit here!

Goals around Con­stan­ce

In And around Con­stan­ce, the­re is much to explo­re, which is only half as nice to reach by public or Car than by Bike. For Examp­le, you can cycle won­der­ful­ly to the Flower Island of Main­au or to our Vegetable island Of Rei­chenau. You can also dri­ve along the Rhi­ne and stop at Täger­wi­len Lido in the Sum­mer Or continue until Gott­lie­ber See­café direc­t­ly on The Seer­hein. The Beer Gar­den and Clim­bing Forest of St. Cathe­rine are also easi­ly acces­si­ble by Bike.

Cycling City” Con­stan­ce

Fer­ry Meers­burg-Con­stan­ce

Ca. It is 50 km from Kon­stanz around Lake Over to Meers­burg, from whe­re you can return by fer­ry in the evening. It is Simi­lar to the Rhi­ne Falls near Schaff­hau­sen, from whe­re you can get back to Kon­stanz by train in the evening. But it is also worth taking a small City Stroll in Stein on The Rhi­ne after 30 km And then rever­sing or going back by Train. If you would like it to be a litt­le shorter, you can take a won­der­ful Trip to the Rei­chen­au (ca. 10 km simp­le) and at The Camp­si­te „Sand­seele” eat a deli­cious Ice cream and enjoy the View or go swim­ming. Litt­le Tip: „At Rie­bels” the­re are deli­cious, fresh­ly caught fish. A Cir­cum­na­vi­ga­ti­on of Lake Con­stan­ce in several Days is, of cour­se, also pos­si­ble. Here You will find a lot Of Infor­ma­ti­on about Lake Con­stan­ce Trail and Lug­ga­ge Trans­port: The Lake Con­stan­ce cycle path

Moun­tain Biking-Trails for Adre­na­li­ne

For the moun­tain bike fans among us the­re is also a lot to dis­co­ver here: Direc­t­ly from Kon­stanz you can easi­ly ride a Bit along the Lake to Erma­tin­gen and from the­re to the south into the hil­ly Land­s­cape. The­re are many Sin­gle Trails, some with Jumps and Gut­ters in the Forest, which are a lot of Fun. Even clo­ser are the Sin­gle Trails just out­si­de the Woll­ma­tin­gen district at The Tab­or­turm. Also on the Bodan­rück the­re are some Trails and if you want it even more inte­res­ting, you will dri­ve to Schie­ner­berg, whe­re the­re is a Bike Park. By The Way, the trails are best found via GPS Apps/websites such as Komoot, GPSies or Out­do­or­ac­tive.

Lend a Bike? No pro­blem!

If you have no Pos­si­bi­li­ty to bring your own Bike, you can easi­ly rent all Kinds of Bicy­cles in Con­stan­ce – for examp­le with Rocco or Two-whee­ler Wagen­knecht.

Spe­cial Fea­tures of the Cycling city Of Kon­stanz

The „Seahor­se Express”

If you don’t want to strum Yours­elf, you can also get chauf­feu­red in a Bicy­cle Cafa – and the wit­ty Riders of the „Seahorslide Express” also know a lot about their City.   And then when You return after a busy (or even leisu­rely) day, You can park Your Bike or Ren­tal Bike com­for­ta­b­ly and safe­ly in the Bike Cel­lar Of the Centro guest house, throw Your Bike Clo­thes into our Was­her And Dry­er and Still com­for­ta­b­ly on The Har­bour Pro­me­na­de will have an ice Cream or tre­at yours­elf to a cold Beer. By the way, spring has almost arri­ved here in Con­stan­ce – and I alrea­dy have a litt­le Sun­burn on my Face. The dai­ly Time on the Tigh­tro­pe is all the more Fun! Sun­ny Gree­tings from Con­stan­ce – we look for­ward to See­ing you!

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