Constance is not only the largest city on Lake Constance. It’s known for its famous harbour entrance, but also in the vicinity you can discover a variety of worthwhile attractions. What you shouldn’t miss when staying in Constance, you will find in the following article.

The flower island Mainau – A must on Lake Constance!

Quack-i-di-quack. These ducks are several meters high and are made of flowers.

The flower island Mainau is an interesting destination but not only for the flower lovers; Here you can escape the stress of everyday life wonderfully. Discover giant sequoias, an Italian rose garden, a dahlia garden or the imposing baroque castle. Of course, a particularly sumptuous flow of flowers awaits you in the spring and summer months, but the island of Mainau also has its charm in winter.

On rainy days there is a special bad weather program for the visitors: A guided tour through the castle or a visit to the butterfly house won’t be boring.

Of course, also for the physical well-being provided: Enjoy a fantastic view of Lake Constance, either from one of the beer gardens or cafés. The “Schwedenschenke” with its Mediterranean flair is also a popular destination for most guests. Combine a trip to the island with a boat trip on Lake Constance – all moorings also offer trips to Mainau during the peak season.

Sea Life Konstanz – Get in touch with the inhabitants of our seas

SEA LIFE Constance (6)
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In the immediate vicinity of Tierpark Seeburg, directly on the shore of Lake Constance, you can visit the Sea Life of the city of Konstanz. On rainy days, this is a great destination for the whole family. After all, you can discover about 3,000 different fish species in more than 30 pools here.

The highlight is undoubtedly the eight-meter-long tunnel through which you can reach the fantastic world of the Red Sea. Incidentally, the Sea Life Konstanz is the only facility in Germany where you can also discover penguins. But not only the gentoo penguins, also piranhas, reef sharks and catfish are very special attractions in the Sea Life Konstanz.

Up the Pfänder!

View from Pfänder Lochau on Lake Constance, you can also see the island with the old town of Lindau. Photographer: Vitalis Eichwald

If you love not only the water, but also the mountains, you are just right on Lake Constance. The Pfänder, the local mountain of Bregenz, offers great views of Lake Constance with a height of 1,064 metres. Of course you don’t have to climb the mountain on foot, but you can use the Pfänderbahn with its large cabins. Once at the top, you not only enjoy an unforgettable panoramic view of more than 200 Alpine peaks, but you can also visit the Alpine Wildlife Park.

Ibex, dam and mouflon don’t just make children’s hearts beat faster. From May to September, the Gasthaus Pfänderspitze is open, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the summit cross and is quite comfortably furnished. Active people can explore the Höhenwanderweg by mountain bike on the Pfänder or ski or snowboard in the winter months. Two surface lifts are available to visitors.

Zeppelinmuseum Friedrichshafen – Discover the world’s largest aviation exhibition

The Friedinmuseum Friedrichshafen. In the Foreground you can see the Passenger Ship "Graf Zeppelin." By Rizzo-Own Work, CC BY 3.0,
The Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen. In the foreground you can see the passenger ship “Graf Zeppelin”. By Rizzo – Own Work, CC BY 3.0,

If you are interested in aviation, you should absolutely visit the Zeppelinmuseum in Friedrichshafen. Explore a faithful replica of the “LZ 129 Hindenburg”, a Zeppelin, which was named after the German Reich President Paul von Hindenburg.

But that’s not all: on the upper floor of the museum you can also visit an interesting art collection with important works by numerous artists from southern Germany. Why not combine a visit to the Zeppelinmuseum with a boat trip on Lake Constance – suitable combination tickets are offered, especially in the high season, from all important locations on Lake Constance.

Affenberg Salem: Germany’s largest monkey open-air enclosure

Berber Monkeys at Affenberg Salem Animal Park.
Berber monkeys in the animal park Affenberg Salem .. By Rufus46 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Come as close to the Barbary Macaque as anywhere else – that’s made possible by the Affenberg Salem. Especially for families with children this is one of the highlights on Lake Constance. The approximately 200 Barbary apes live here in a 20-acre wooded area, where you can get very close to them as visitors.

Feed the monkeys with special popcorn and you’ll be amazed at how friendly the animals are. But you can discover not only monkeys in the Affenberg Salem: Also a stork colony as well as fallow deer live in the Affenberg Salem. The Affenberg tavern provides physical well-being of the visitors; Let yourself be pampered under shady chestnut trees.

Fortress Hohentwiel: fun for big and small visitors

Fortress ruin Hohentwiel. By Peter Stein – Homemade, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The fortress Hohentwiel is located on the eponymous volcanic group Hohentwiel and is the largest castle of its kind in Germany with a total area of nine hectares. From here you have not only a great view to the summit chain of the Swiss Alps, you can also experience Lake Constance from a completely different perspective.

But the fortress itself is of course a very special experience: It’s best to join one of the guided tours, which take place twice a day in the main season and last 120 minutes. You can also use the audio guide and explore the fortress on your own very well.

The Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe

Rhine Falls Schaffhausen
The Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen. By Sven Scharr – Own Work, CC BY 3.0,

The Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen is one of the most impressive natural phenomena Switzerland has to offer. If you spend the holiday in Constance, it’s only a stone’s throw away by car. With a height of 23 and a width of up to 150 meters, the Rhine Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in Europe and a real natural phenomenon.

Certainly some other waterfalls are even higher, but due to its water volume of up to 700 cubic meters per second, the Rhine Falls is the largest in Europe. Be sure to visit one of the viewing platforms, or even better: opt for a boat trip. With the so-called Rhyfall-Mändli you come very close to the waterfall. If you can set it up, visit the Rhine Falls in the evening, because then it will be impressively illuminated.

Säntis: View of six countries at 2,500 meters altitude

The view from Schäfler to Säntis. (Mountain with antenna). From Caumasee – Own Work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

You would like to have an incomparable view of the Swiss and Austrian mountains and even into the countries of France, Italy and Liechtenstein? Then a visit to the Säntis mountain is a must. The teleferic will take you comfortably to the Säntis in less than ten minutes. Once at the top, you will not only find a fantastic panoramic view, but also the Gasthaus Passhöhe.

Once you have mastered the ascent on foot, you can really start strengthening yourself here. Another highlight is the hotel on the Säntis, which offers all the amenities you could wish for.

Lindau – fantastic location on an island in Lake Constance

Port Entrance Lindau
The harbor entrance Lindau is the second most beautiful on Lake Constance. By Julian Herzog, CC-BY 4.0,

Lindau is one of the most famous cities on Lake Constance, which is so unique because of its location. The old town of Lindau is located on an island and is worth a visit thanks to its picturesque streets. The harbour entrance of Lindau is a classic photo opportunity, which you shouldn’t miss. The entrance to the harbour is bordered by a Bavarian lion and a white lighthouse; In the background you can impressively discover the often snow-capped peaks of the Alps.

In addition to the old town with its centuries-old buildings and the waterfront promenade is worth a visit, because this is considered the most beautiful on Lake Constance. Be enchanted by the lush vegetation; Lindau is known for its almost Mediterranean climate. If you go to the city centre of Lindau, you should first visit two of the top sights, the Diebsturm and the Mangturm. Both are truly magical; in the Mangturm there are even regular fairy tale lessons.

Of course, a boat trip on Lake Constance should definitely be on the program once you stay in Lindau. A popular destination is the flower island Mainau, but also a tour on Lake Constance is an unforgettable experience.

Meersburg: Romantic small town idyll

The Meersburg towers over the city. By Reinhard Kirchner – own picture, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The small town of Meersburg is one of the highlights near Constance. In addition to Constance and Lindau on Lake Constance, Meersburg is one of the most visited towns on Lake Constance. The advantages of this small town are obvious: Meersburg is also known as a town of museums, which offers its visitors a wealth of cultural highlights and facilities.

Not only in Friedrichshafen, but also in Meersburg you can visit a zeppelin museum. In addition, you shouldn’t miss the VINEUM Bodensee, as well as the Keramik-Atelier Benz.

One of the landmarks of the town, however, is the Meersburg Castle, in which already lived the poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff. More than 35 fully furnished rooms are here to discover; but also unforgettable is the view from the castle café on Lake Constance.

Many attractions of Meersburg are located in the Upper Town, which can be reached directly from the harbour via a 170-step staircase. Once at the top, you can expect numerous picturesque half-timbered houses and narrow streets with cosy taverns. The region of Lake Constance can look back on 800 years of wine history.

Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen, one of the cultural highlights on Lake Constance

Stake Building museum in Unteruhldingen
The archeological open-air museum in Unteruhldingen. By AngMoKio – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

When staying in Constance, you should definitely visit one of the largest open-air museums in Europe, the Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen. Embark on a journey of discovery into the Stone Age and Bronze Age and explore the 23 true-to-life replicas.

For example, in the Bronze Age village of Buchau you can visit antique tools or explore the typical thatched houses in the Stone Age village of Sipplingen. The mascot of the museum is Uhldi the Stone Age man – he will be happy to demonstrate to you during your visit how the stone age was lived.

Constance has some surprises ready for you

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