Con­stan­ce is not only the lar­gest City on Lake Con­stan­ce and known for its famous Har­bour ent­ran­ce, but also in the imme­dia­te Vicini­ty you can dis­co­ver a Varie­ty of Worthwhile sights. You can find out what You should not miss when you are in Kon­stanz.

The Flower Island Main­au-A Must on Lake Con­stan­ce!

SEA LIFE Constance (6)
00″] Nemo found.

In clo­se Pro­xi­mi­ty to The Seeburg Ani­mal Park, right on The Shores of Lake Con­stan­ce, You can visit the Sea Life of The City of Kon­stanz. On rai­ny Days, this is a gre­at Desti­na­ti­on for the who­le Fami­ly. After all, You can dis­co­ver about 3,000 dif­fe­rent spe­ci­es Of fish In more than 30 Basins. The High­light is cer­tain­ly the eight-meter-long Tun­nel, through which you get into the fan­tastic World of the Red Sea. By The way, the Sea Life Con­stan­ce is the only Faci­li­ty in the who­le of Ger­ma­ny whe­re You can also dis­co­ver Pen­gu­ins. But not only the Don­key Pen­gu­ins, but also Piran­has, Reef Sharks and Cat­fish are very spe­cial Attrac­tions at Sea Life in Con­stan­ce.

Aiming High on the Pawn!

The Friedinmuseum Friedrichshafen. In the Foreground you can see the Passenger Ship "Graf Zeppelin." By Rizzo-Own Work, CC BY 3.0,
00″] The Frie­din­mu­se­um Fried­richs­ha­fen. In the Fore­ground you can see the Pas­sen­ger Ship „Graf Zepp
elin.” By Riz­zo-Own Work, CC BY 3.0, https://​com​mons​.wiki​me​dia​.org/​w​/​i​n​d​e​x​.​p​h​p​?​c​u​r​i​d​=​7​3​7​0​872

If You are inte­rested in Avia­ti­on, Be sure to visit the Zep­pe­lin Muse­um in Fried­richs­ha­fen. Explo­re a faith­ful Repli­ca of the „LZ 129 Hin­den­burg,” a Zep­pe­lin Named after the Ger­man Pre­si­dent Paul von Hin­den­burg. But this is not all: On the Upper Floor of the Muse­um you can also visit an inte­res­ting Art collec­tion with important Works by nume­rous Artists from Sou­thern Ger­ma­ny. Com­bi­ne a Visit to the Zep­pe­lin Muse­um with a Crui­se on Lake Con­stan­ce-appropria­te Com­bi­ned tickets are offe­red From all major Pla­ces on Lake Con­stan­ce, espe­ci­al­ly in the High Sea­son.

Affen­berg Salem: Germany’s lar­gest Mon­key free Enclo­sure

Berber Monkeys at Affenberg Salem Animal Park.
erber Mon­keys at Affen­berg Salem Ani­mal Park .. By Rufus46 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://​crea​ti​vecom​mons​.org/​l​i​c​e​n​s​e​s​/​b​y​-​s​a​/​3.0)], via Wiki­me­dia Com­mons
Come the Ber­ber Mon­key as clo­se as any­whe­re else-the Affen­berg Salem makes it pos­si­ble. Espe­ci­al­ly for Fami­lies with Child­ren, this is one of the High­lights on Lake Con­stan­ce. The 200 Or so Ber­ber Mon­keys live here in a 20-Hec­ta­re woo­ded Area, whe­re You can get very clo­se to them as a Visi­tor. Feed the Mon­keys spe­cial Pop­corn and You’ll be ama­zed at how trus­ting the Ani­mals are. But you can’t just Dis­co­ver mon­keys at Affen­berg Salem: The­re is also a Stork Colo­ny and Fal­low deer that live in the Affen­berg Salem. The Mon­key Moun­tain Schen­ke takes care of the phy­si­cal Well-being of the Visi­tors; Let yours­elf be pam­pe­red with Culi­na­ry Delights under sha­dy Ches­t­nuts.

Hoh­ent­wiel Fort­ress: Fun for visi­tors lar­ge And small

Rhine Falls Schaffhausen
”] The Rhi­ne Falls in Schaff­hau­sen. By Sven Scharr-Own Work, CC BY 3.0, https://​com​mons​.wiki​me​dia​.org/​w​/​i​n​d​e​x​.​p​h​p​?​c​u​r​i​d​=​6​2​3​8​201

The Rhi­ne Falls near Schaff­hausen is one of the most impres­si­ve Natu­ral Phe­no­me­na that Switz­er­land has to offer. If You are On holi­day in Kon­stanz, this one is only a Stone’S Throw away by car. With a Height of 23 and a Width of up to 150 Meters, the Rhi­ne Falls is one of the lar­gest Water­falls in Euro­pe and a real Natu­ral Phe­no­me­non. Cer­tain­ly some other Water­falls are even hig­her, due to its Water Volu­me of up to 700 Cubic Meters per second, howe­ver, the Rhi­ne Falls is the lar­gest in Euro­pe. Be sure to Visit one of the Viewing plat­forms or even bet­ter: Choo­se a Crui­se. With the so-cal­led Rhy­fall Mänd­li you get up clo­se and Per­so­nal with the Water­fall. If You can set it up, visit the Rhi­ne Falls in the Evenings, becau­se then it will be impres­si­ve­ly illu­mi­na­ted.

Sän­tis: View of six Coun­tries at 2,500 Meters

Port Entrance Lindau
e Lin­dau Har­bour ent­ran­ce Is the second most beau­ti­ful on Lake Con­stan­ce. By Juli­an Her­zog, CC-BY 4.0, https://​com​mons​.wiki​me​dia​.org/​w​/​i​n​d​e​x​.​p​h​p​?​c​u​r​i​d​=​2​4​8​9​0​948

Lin­dau is one of the most famous Cities on Lake Con­stan­ce, which is so uni­que main­ly due to its Loca­ti­on. The old Town of Lin­dau is loca­ted on an Island and is defi­ni­te­ly worth a Visit thanks to its pic­tures­que Streets. Lin­dau Har­bour Added is Also a clas­sic Pho­to oppor­tu­ni­ty not to be mis­sed. The Ent­ran­ce to the Har­bour is Lined with a Bava­ri­an Lion and a white Light­house; In the Back­ground you can impres­si­ve­ly dis­co­ver the often snow-cap­ped peaks of the Alps. In addi­ti­on to the Old town with its cen­tu­ries-old Buil­dings, the Water­front is also worth a Visit, as it is con­si­de­red the most beau­ti­ful on Lake Con­stan­ce. Be enchan­ted by the lush Vege­ta­ti­on; Lin­dau is known for its almost Medi­ter­ra­ne­an Cli­ma­te. If you Go to the City cent­re of Lin­dau, you should be the first to visit two of the Top Sights, the Theft And the Mangturm. Both are tru­ly fai­ry­ta­le; The Mangturm even hosts regu­lar Fai­ry-tale Les­sons. Of cour­se, ship­ping on Lake Con­stan­ce should also be on the Agen­da once you stay in Lin­dau. A popu­lar Desti­na­ti­on is the Flower Island Main­au, but a Tour Of Lake Con­stan­ce is also an unf­or­gett­able Expe­ri­ence.

Meers­burg: Roman­tic small Town Idyll

Stake Building museum in Unteruhldingen
00″] The Pfahl­bau­mu­se­um in Unte­ruhl­din­gen. From AngMo­Kio-Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://​com​mons​.wiki​me​dia​.org/​w​/​i​n​d​e​x​.​p​h​p​?​c​u​r​i​d​=​1​0​5​9​4​462

When stay­ing In Con­stan­ce, be sure to visit one of the lar­gest Open-air Muse­ums in Euro­pe, the Unteruhl­din­gen Pfahl­bau­mu­se­um. Embask in the Stone and Bron­ze Age on a Jour­ney of dis­co­very and explo­re the 23 faith­ful Repli­cas. In the Bron­ze Age vil­la­ge of Buchau, for examp­le, You can visit anci­ent Tools or explo­re the typi­cal That­ched houses in The Stone Age vil­la­ge of Sipp­lin­gen. The Museum’s Mas­cot is Uhl­di the Stone Age man-he will be hap­py to demons­tra­te to You during Your Visit how lived in the Stone Age.

Con­stan­ce holds some Sur­pri­ses for You

So It’s best to book your Accom­mo­da­ti­on in Kon­stanz today: The Centro guest House is an ide­al Base from which to explo­re the main Sights on Lake Con­stan­ce. The Staff Of our Hotel will be hap­py to Help you plan and Design Your Holi­days, so that they will be remem­be­red for a long time!

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