One cannot deny it – because of its proximity to Switzerland and its status as a tourist city, the city of Constance has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping. In addition to the big fashion giants – H&M, Esprit & Co. – there are also many small and inconspicuous shops with a great atmosphere, interesting concepts and exciting stories.

1. The LAGO shopping centre

The best known for shopping is probably the large shopping centre “LAGO” directly at the station on the outskirts of the old town of Constance. No matter what you are looking for – here you will get everything your heart desires. From ladies’, men’s and shoe fashions over food and drugstore to a hairdresser, restaurant or cinema visit, here’s everything. What’s the greatest thing about LAGO – here you can spend a wonderful rainy day without being bored or wet. And the best of all: from the Gästehaus Centro you have reached the LAGO in just 3 minutes.

More information about the LAGO shopping centre can be found here.

2. Daddy Cool – Find the right jeans for sure!

When it comes to jeans, we all have the same problem – we only want the ones that fit and look good. But that’s often not easy. We ladies often have special requests and the gentlemen usually just want to be quick, right? You can get both here at Daddy Cool.

As a real Constance backyard business – a little inconspicuous from the outside – opens up a whole world of jeans inside. Picking yourself a pair of jeans is probably impossible here – because there is a huge selection in all shapes and colours. For this, the consultants know every pair of jeans in the assortment and offer you, after a nice welcome and a short conversation, a selection that is exactly tailored to your needs. You will be amazed how easy and satisfying the otherwise annoying jeans purchase is here!

You can find more information about Daddy Cool here or in these two fun Youtube videos: Part 1 and Part 2

From the Gästehaus Centro, you’ll walk to Daddy Cool in 6 minutes.


3. Das Bücherschiff and Osiander – just right for bookworms

Since 1958, the family-run bookstore of 290 square meters is located in the historic Constance “Haus zum Affen”. This small, personal bookstore invites you to browse, but also concrete wishes can be fulfilled here.

Although Osiander is not a family business in Constance, it’s worthwhile to stop by Osiander in the Kanzlerstraße. This is one of the three Osiander branches in Constance. The winding old town house has been extended by a glazed new building and offers on three floors many books, games and all sorts of interesting articles on various current topics (for example, on the theme of “cooking” or “garden”). There are also numerous small sitting areas for comfortable browsing and a nice café. In summer, you can even make yourself comfortable in the small garden behind the house.

More information about these two bookstores can be found here: Das Bücherschiff and Osiander Kanzlerstraße.

The Osiander is a 4-minute walk’s away from the Gästehaus Centro and 5 minutes from Das Bücherschiff.

4. The chacha stores – fair fashion for men and women

The two chacha stores in Constance, one for men and the other for ladies, offer you a personal shopping experience. The boutique’s character and the almost minimalist decorated stores with relaxed-friendly vendors are wonderfully pleasant if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the LAGO and the large shops.

In addition, chacha relies on fair brands such as “Armedangels” or “Skunkfunk” and also has many bags and accessories from “Circuit Training” in their assortment. It is only worth taking a look at the stores for these fascinating individual pieces made from recycled gymnastic mats and truck tarpaulins.

More information about the chacha stores can be found here.

Within a 6-minute walk from the Gästehaus Centro you will find the chacha-store MEN and 7 minutes to the chacha-store WOMEN.

5. The Seetroll – there must be had a little fun

If you don’t feel like shopping clothes and would rather have a bit of fun, the best place to go is the Seetroll. Since 1993, this small games and comic shop in Constance and Friedrichshafen is at home and offers in contrast to Müller, Schinacher and Co. selected by the employees themselves and extensively tested range of exciting games for all ages and all tastes. Here you get a very personal consultation and will definitely find something that suits your interests.

Even if you are on tabletop games or role playing games, you will find a wide selection here. In addition, there are always game events and the Seetroll team have even designed games by themselves. You see – here are real connoisseurs at work!

More information about the Seetroll can be found here.

In just 6 minutes, you’ll walk there from the Gästehaus Centro!

6. Zwicker Herrenausstatter

For the men among us (and accompanying ladies), it’s worthwhile to visit the oldest family-run fashion store in Constance in any case. In 1797 the company was founded as a hat factory, and in 1872 it became the property of the Zwicker family. In 1972, the hat shop became a men’s outfitters and is still in the hands of the Zwicker family today.

Here’s still set to traditional values: Each gentleman is advised individually, whether his desire is “only” a simple white shirt or even a tailor-made suit. Of course, the assortment itself always offers classic and modern styles.

As a longtime local company, some anecdotes are also entwined around the Herrenausstatter. For example, the staff are said to have helped a German prisoner of war during the Second World War to escape. The trucks from France with the prisoners in the back of the truck stopped on their way to a warehouse on the market place and a prisoner, who originally came from Constance, jumped out of the truck and ran into the shop. In no time at all, he was noticed and equipped by the employees and was thus able to walk out of the back door in a relaxed and disguised way.

Find out more about Zwicker and visit the original shop in the Marktstätte – just a 2-minute walk from the Gästehaus Centro.

7. The English Bookshop

From the outside very inconspicuous and inside something very special: the English Bookshop in Constance. The owner Hille Cook and her colleague Ulrike Moser take care of your requests for English-language books. They have approx. 15 000 titles in stock and you can order much more. From children’s books to the books on astrophysics: there’s everything. And the winding shopping area invites you to browse through the books that you cannot get anywhere else in Constance.

Visit the website of the English Bookshop – there are also reviews of new works to read!

In 4 minutes, you will be there from the Gästehaus Centro.

8. The Wine House Tree

Finally, something for the gourmets among us: the Weinhaus Baum is a local family business in the 5th generation and advise you in terms of wine and spirits with unique expertise. Whether you are looking for a wine, whiskey or grappa, for yourself or as a gift – here you are well and individually advised.

Incidentally, we recently had a great whiskey tasting with Katharina Baum at the Gästehaus Centro, which delighted us with her expertise and the tasty whiskey varieties!

Take a look at the Weinhaus Baum.

You will be there in just a 5-minute walk from the Gästehaus Centro.


Come to visit us and explore the many shops in Constance! We are looking forward to your visit.

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