You can’t deny it-due to its Pro­xi­mi­ty to Switz­er­land and its Sta­tus as a Tou­rist City, the City Of Kon­stanz has a lot to offer when Shop­ping. In addi­ti­on to the gre­at Fashion Giants-H & M, Esprit & Co. -Howe­ver, the­re are also many small and incon­spi­cuous Shops with a gre­at Ambi­ence, inte­res­ting Con­cepts and exci­ting Sto­ries.

1. The LAGO Shop­ping Cen­ter

The most famous for Shop­ping Is pro­bab­ly the lar­ge Shop­ping Cen­ter „LAGO” right next to the Train sta­ti­on on the Out­s­kirts of The old Town of Kon­stan­zer. No mat­ter what they are loo­king for-here You will get ever­ything your Heart desi­res. From women’s, men’s and Shoe Fashion To Gro­ce­ries and Drugsto­re to a hair­dres­sing, restau­rant or Cine­ma visit, ever­ything is here. The beau­ti­ful thing about LAGO-here you can spend a Rai­ny Day wit­hout having To get Bored or wet. Best of all, the Centro Guest house Is just a 3-minute Walk from LAGO. More Infor­ma­ti­on about the LAGO shop­ping cen­ter Can be found here.

2. Dad­dy Cool-Here You are gua­ran­te­ed to find the right Jeans!

When it comes to Jeans, we all have the same Pro­blem-we real­ly just want one that fits and looks good. But this is often not so easy. We Ladies often have spe­cial Requests and the Gen­tle­men usual­ly just want it to be quick, right? Get Both here at Dad­dy Cool. As a real Kon­stan­zer Backyard Busi­ness-some­what incon­spi­cuous from the out­si­de-a who­le World of Jeans opens up insi­de. Picking yours­elf a pair of Jeans is pro­bab­ly impos­si­ble here-becau­se the­re is a huge Selec­tion in all Shapes and Colours here. For this, the Con­sul­tants know every Pair of jeans in The Ran­ge and, after a nice Wel­co­me and a short Con­ver­sa­ti­on, offer You a Selec­tion that is pre­cise­ly tailo­red to Your Needs. You will be ama­zed at how simp­le and satis­fy­ing the other­wi­se annoy­ing Purcha­se of jeans is here! More Infor­ma­ti­on about Dad­dy Cool Can be found here or in the­se two fun­ny You­tube vide­os: Part 1 and Part 2 From the Centro guest house, Walk to Dad­dy Cool 6 Minu­tes.

3. The Book­let And Osi­an­der-just right for Book­worms

The fami­ly-run book ship has been loca­ted on 290 Squa­re metres in the his­to­ric Kon­stan­zer „Haus zum Mon­keys” sin­ce 1958. This small, per­so­nal Books­to­re invi­tes you to Brow­se, but con­cre­te Wis­hes can also be ful­fil­led here. Alt­hough Osi­an­der is not a Con­stant Fami­ly Busi­ness, it is worth stop­ping by Osi­an­der in Kanz­leistra­ße. This is one of three Osi­an­der Bran­ches in Con­stan­ce. The win­ding old Town house has been exten­ded by a glass-enc­lo­sed new Buil­ding and offers many books, Games and all sorts of inte­res­ting Arti­cles on various cur­rent Topics (for examp­le on the Sub­ject of „Coo­king” or „Gar­den”) on three floors. The­re are also ple­nty of small Sit­ting Are­as for cosy Snu­gles and a nice Café. In Sum­mer, you can even make yours­elf com­for­ta­ble in the small Gar­den behind the House. More Infor­ma­ti­on about the­se two Book­shops can be found here: Book Ship and Osiander Chan­cel­le­ry Street At Osi­an­der, you are a 4-Minu­te walk from The Centro guest House and 5 Minu­tes from the Book­let.

4. The chacha stores-fair Fashion for Men and Women

The two chacha stores in Con­stan­ce, once for Men and once for Women, offer You a per­so­nal Shop­ping Expe­ri­ence. The bou­tique cha­rac­ter and the almost mini­ma­list fur­nis­hed Stores with rela­xed and fri­end­ly shop assi­stants are won­der­ful­ly plea­sant if you want to escape the Hust­le and bust­le of the LAGO and the big Shops. In addi­ti­on, chacha reli­es on fair Brands such as „Arme­dan­gels” or „Skunk­funk” and also has many Bags and Access­ories of „Cir­cuit trai­ning” in its Ran­ge. Only for the­se fasci­na­ting Indi­vi­du­al Pie­ces made of recy­cled Turn­mats and truck tar­pau­lins is it worth taking a Look at the Stores. More Infor­ma­ti­on about the chacha stores Can be found here. Wit­hin a 6-minute Walk, You can get to the MEN chacha store FROM the Centro guest house AND it takes 7 Minu­tes to get to the Kacha store WOMEN.

5. The Sea Roll-a bit of Fun has to be

If you don’t Fan­cy Clo­thes and pre­fer to have a bit of Fun, it’s best to go to the Sea Roll. Sin­ce 1993, this small game and Comic Shop has been based in Kon­stanz and Fried­richs­ha­fen and, unli­ke Mül­ler, Schi­nacher and Co. A ran­ge of exci­ting games for all ages and pre­fe­ren­ces selec­ted and tested by the Employees them­sel­ves. Here You will recei­ve a very per­so­nal Con­sul­ta­ti­on and will be gua­ran­te­ed to find some­thing that suits your Inte­rests. Even if You’re into table­top games or Role-play­ing games, Here’s a wide Selec­tion. In addi­ti­on, the­re are always game events and the see­troll team has even desi­gned Games them­sel­ves. You can see-the­re are real Con­nois­seurs at Work here! More Infor­ma­ti­on about the Sea Roll can be found here. Centro guest house Is just a 6-minu­te Walk away!

6. Zwi­cker Men’S Out­fit­ter

For the Gen­tle­men among us (and also accom­pany­ing Ladies), a Visit to what is pro­bab­ly the oldest fami­ly-run fashion Store Kon­stanz is defi­ni­te­ly worth it. The Com­pa­ny was foun­ded in 1797 As a Hat manu­fac­tu­rer and beca­me the Pro­per­ty of the Zwi­cker Fami­ly In 1872. In 1972, the Hat shop beca­me a Men’S Out­fit­ter And is still in the Hands of the Zwi­cker fami­ly. Here, tra­di­tio­nal Values are still set: Each Gen­tle­man is advi­sed indi­vi­dual­ly, be he’s „just” a simp­le white Shirt or a bes­po­ke Suit. Of cour­se, the Ran­ge its­elf always offers clas­sic and modern Styles. As a long-stan­ding Con­stant Enter­pri­se Com­pa­ny, the­re are also some Anec­do­tes sur­roun­ding the Men’s Out­fit­ter. For Examp­le, the Staff alle­ged­ly hel­ped a Ger­man Pri­so­ner of war escape In World War II. The Trucks from Fran­ce with the Pri­soners on the Loa­ding Area stop­ped on their Way to a Wareh­ouse on the Mar­ket Site and a Pri­so­ner, ori­gi­nal­ly from Con­stan­ce, jum­ped out of the Truck and ran into the Shop. In No Time, he was attrac­ted and equip­ped by the Staff and was thus able to walk out to the Back Door in a rela­xed and camou­fla­ged man­ner. Find out more about Zwicker and visit the ori­gi­nal Shop on the Mar­ket Venue-just a 2-minu­te Walk from Centro guest House.

7. The Eng­lish Book­shop

From the out­si­de qui­te incon­spi­cuous and insi­de very Spe­cial: The Eng­lish Book­shop in Con­stan­ce. Owner Hil­le Cook and her Col­la­bo­ra­tor Ulri­ke Moser take care of your Wis­hes around Eng­lish-lan­guage books. About. They have 15000 Tit­les in Stock and much more can order them. From children’s Books to books on Astro­phy­sics, ever­ything is here and the win­ding Shop space invi­tes you to Brow­se books that You don’t get any­whe­re else in Con­stan­ce. Visit the Eng­lish Book­shop website-the­re are also reviews of new Works to read! It is a 4-minute drive from The Centro Guest House.

8. The Wine House Tree

Final­ly, some­thing for the Gour­mets among us: The Baum Wine House is a Kon­stan­zer Fami­ly busi­ness in 5. Genera­ti­on and advi­ses You on Wine and Spi­rits with Uni­que Exper­ti­se. Whe­ther You are loo­king for a Wine, Whis­ky or Grap­pa, for Yours­elf or as a Gift-here You are well and indi­vi­dual­ly advi­sed. By the way, we recent­ly had a gre­at whis­ky tas­ting with Katha­ri­na Baum in The Centro guest house, which delight­ed us with Your Exper­ti­se and tas­ty whis­ky varie­ties! Take a look at the Baum wine House. It is Just a 5-minu­te Walk from The Centro guest House.   Come visit us and explo­re the many Shop­ping Oppor­tu­nities in Con­stan­ce! We look for­ward to See­ing you.

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