Offers – Guest house Centro und Hotel in Konstanz

We have some spe­cial offers for you when you stay with us. If one of them sounds inte­res­ting to you, you can book here.

  1. Win­ter Spe­cial: This sno­wy sea­son, do you wish for rest, plea­su­re, rela­xa­ti­on, and cul­tu­re? We invi­te you to Con­stance from Janu­a­ry 9th to April 3rd 2022 and from Octo­ber 18th to Novem­ber 18th 2022. 
    1. Stay 3 nights, pay for 2.
    2. This offer is boo­ka­ble in cer­tain room categories.
    3. Bre­ak­fast as buf­fet or table ser­vice, depen­ding on Covid location.
    4. Not inclu­ded is the tou­rist tax of 2.50 € per night and per­son. Book here.
  2. Every Sunday (apart from long wee­kends) you pay up to 10% less. The savings are alrea­dy inclu­ded in the indi­ca­ted room price.
  3. Valentine’s Day Wee­kend 2022:
    1. You will get a room upgrade.
    2. 1x bre­ak­fast with spar­k­ling wine ser­ved in your room.
    3. A spe­cial­ly deco­ra­ted bed.
    4. Check out at 1pm. Boo­ka­ble if Valentine’s Day 2022 falls in your boo­king period.
  4. Bene­fit from our public holi­day dis­counts (except for Ascen­si­on Day) and save up to 20%.
  5. Take advan­ta­ge of our low pri­ces during the quiet sea­son (Novem­ber, Janu­a­ry & Febru­a­ry) when you visit Constance.
  6. Ear­ly Check-in (from 12:00 noon) and Late Check-out (until 14.00) can be boo­ked each for 10 € per room during the boo­king pro­cess.

If you have any ques­ti­ons rela­ted to our offers or tech­ni­cal dif­fi­cul­ties, plea­se do not hesi­ta­te to con­ta­ct us by giving a call to +49 7531 4571818 or sen­ding an e‑mail to info@​gaestehauscentro.​de

We are loo­king for­ward to get­ting in touch with you!

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