Of cour­se, the­re are always the tou­rist hot­spots that are quick­ly found. But if you’d rather go for a cof­fee like a local, then read on – today I’ll tell you whe­re we locals meet for a cof­fee in Constance.


The Stadt­kind is pro­ba­b­ly the love­liest café in Con­s­tance for me. When you get in, you imme­dia­te­ly feel at ease in the light-floo­ded, Swe­dish style fur­nis­hed, slight­ly croo­ked café in the quar­ter of Para­dies. Each table looks dif­fe­rent, both in size and in design. Here and the­re is a lamb­s­kin or a few pil­lows on a bench or a chair. When the wea­ther is nice you can sit out­side in one of the small sea­ting niches and let the sun shi­ne on your nose. In the lar­ge coun­ter the­re is ever­y­thing you could wish for – from dif­fe­rent cakes to sand­wi­ches and salads, even a soup of the day you can eat. Ever­y­thing is ice cream in the next room – mhhhh, yum­my. Sim­ply a feel-good café!

The Stadt­kind is loca­ted a few minu­tes’ walk from the See­rhein, direct­ly behind the Col­lege of Tech­no­lo­gy, Busi­ness and Design (HTWG). A visit can be easi­ly com­bi­ned with a walk on the bike bridge to the other shore in the Hero­sé Park. From the Gästehaus Centro you walk the­re in about 15 minu­tes.

More infor­ma­ti­on is available here.

NikO­la­la ‑Café Cult & Creatives

In the Café Cult, the typi­cal artist atmo­sphe­re pre­vails. Ever­y­whe­re on shel­ves of the walls, on the win­dows­ill and the coun­ter the­re are all kinds of bells and whist­les, which gives the room its cosi­ness. There’s even a Ves­pa in the midd­le of the café. Here you can make yours­elf won­derful­ly com­for­ta­ble and eject a rai­ny after­noon. You can also enjoy a glass of wine here or have a snack. The owners and staff are fun, open-min­ded and nice. They always have a few minu­tes to chat about any­thing – such as sock design 😉

The­re are also lovin­g­ly res­to­red fur­ni­tu­re and second-hand clo­thes to buy, as well as jewel­lery, cards and all sorts of deco­ra­ti­ve items. It’s worth a visit!

The Centro is only about 7 minu­tes’ away. More infor­ma­ti­on here.

No elf

No elf is a small café for the foo­dies among us. The owners spe­cia­li­ze in cof­fee and wine – there’s only the best of the best available! The tiny half-tim­be­red cot­ta­ge in Gerichts­gas­se 11 – hence the name – offers a cosy and hip atmo­sphe­re for a tas­teful­ly and visual­ly artful cof­fee or a careful­ly sel­ec­ted glass of wine. Of cour­se, you get all the infor­ma­ti­on about the ori­gin of the cof­fee beans and the wine.

From the Gästehaus Centro you walk the­re in about 10 minu­tes and here you can stroll through the beau­tiful old town and the cathe­dral squa­re. The con­nec­tion with a visit to the cathe­dral is great.

You can get more infor­ma­ti­on about No elf here.

Kaf­fee­rös­te­rei Konstanz

Not a con­ven­tio­nal café – but right at the source to the best beans. Do you know this won­derful smell of fresh­ly ground cof­fee? Yes, this is exact­ly whics meets you when you enter the Kaf­fee­rös­te­rei Kon­stanz. Here you can­not only buy deli­cious cof­fee from dif­fe­rent places in the world but also enjoy a cup, along with sel­ec­ted small treats.

If you would like to learn more about cof­fee, you will also find what you’re loo­king for here: cof­fee semi­nars, baris­ta semi­nars and toast semi­nars, whe­re ever­yo­ne can par­ti­ci­pa­te. But if you just want to enjoy the cof­fee, you can sim­ply get detail­ed advice from the staff and take home per­so­nal­ly tail­o­red cof­fee. Try it!

From the Gästehaus Centro you walk the­re in about 6 minu­tes.

More infor­ma­ti­on is available here.


If you pre­fer the typi­cal café atmo­sphe­re, the Vogl­haus is just around the cor­ner from the Kaf­fee­rös­te­rei. Admit­ted­ly, the Vogl­haus is now quite well known and the­r­e­fo­re often full – but, it often draws even us locals. The Vogl­haus is a bit uncon­ven­tio­nal­ly fur­nis­hed – one sits, for exam­p­le, in win­dow niches or on wide steps of the wall. The­re are few nor­mal tables. This and the gene­ral­ly pre­vai­ling busyn­ess, which you can obser­ve from here won­derful­ly calm, make the visit to the Vogl­haus a uni­que expe­ri­ence. In self-ser­vice one gets here deli­cious hot or cold drinks – also self-crea­ted smoothies or lemo­na­des (depen­ding on the sea­son) are on the menu. Of cour­se, snacks and cakes shouldn’t be missed out. Lac­to­se- and glu­ten-free opti­ons are also available.

When eating and drin­king, atten­ti­on is always paid to sus­taina­bi­li­ty and health. Even a small depart­ment store for deco­ra­ti­on and fashion is con­nec­ted to the cof­fee. Events take place here over and over again – con­certs, rea­dings, lec­tures, dis­cus­sions, caba­ret etc.

The Vogl­haus is so busy that I can­not descri­be ever­y­thing here. Take a look for yours­elf there!

From the Gästehaus Centro you walk the­re in just 5 minu­tes!

Café Aus­zeit

The Café Aus­zeit in Para­dies hasn’t been around for so long … That’s why it’s a tes­tim­o­ny to qua­li­ty that it’s alre­a­dy often visi­ted by the inha­bi­tants of Con­s­tance. Smart­ly loca­ted on a street cor­ner with a lar­ge fore­court, you can eat eit­her insi­de or, when the weather’s good, out­side and have a cof­fee and a pie­ce of cake or a sandwich.

You can have a nice break­fast in the Café Aus­zeit, which doesn’t bear its name in vain. A bit away from the big hust­le and bust­le in the old town and the many tou­rists, you can real­ly sit and enjoy in peace here. So, if you don’t feel like get­ting into the hust­le and bust­le, then get out of bed!

From the Gästehaus Centro you walk the­re in about 17 minu­tes. You’ll also get to know one of the oldest resi­den­ti­al are­as of Con­s­tance, cal­led Paradies.

More infor­ma­ti­on: Aus­zeit


The Eugens Bio-Café is not just a café, but you can eat right here. Ever­y­thing from orga­nic far­ming. In a rustic atmo­sphe­re you can also get very deli­cious cof­fee and cake – on request glu­ten- and lactose-free.

Sin­ce the Eugens is very popu­lar, there’s always some­thing going on here. But not in the nega­ti­ve sen­se – the coming and going guests make up a lar­ge part of the cosi­ness of Eugens. Here one feels invi­ted to lin­ger by the fri­end­ly staff, the admi­ra­ble, loving deco­ra­ti­on and the oppor­tu­ni­ty to sit back and watch the coming, sit­ting and wal­king guests.

Direct­ly oppo­si­te the­re is the Eugens Patis­se­rie, whe­re you get the deli­cious pastries, cakes and even soups and salads to take away!

My recom­men­da­ti­on: Try the deli­cious quiches in Eugens! In only about 3 minu­tes, you will be here from the Gästehaus Centro.

More infor­ma­ti­on: Eugens


If you’d like to take a lon­ger walk, cycle or sim­ply visit the Strand­bad Horn, the „Hörn­le”, or the Ther­me, it’s wort­hwhile to stop by the Restau­rant See­lig on a sun­ny day.

On the modern sun ter­race right by the water you have a won­derful view over Lake Con­s­tance and you can eit­her enjoy a cof­fee and cake or have a pro­per dinner.

I recom­mend a walk along the lake road and along the shore: So come on!

More infor­ma­ti­on is available here.


The Pano is defi­ni­te­ly worth men­tio­ning in terms of its loca­ti­on and size – but I have to say that we in the mean­ti­me lar­ge­ly avo­id it becau­se the tou­rists love and fill it.

The Pano is beau­tiful­ly deco­ra­ted and very com­for­ta­ble – if you get a seat. It was recent­ly expan­ded and is now pro­ba­b­ly one of the lar­gest cafés in Con­s­tance. The offer lea­ves not­hing to be desi­red of: hot and cold drinks, snacks for food and even ice cream can be got here.

Loca­ted right next to the Markt­stät­te, you will walk the­re in 2 minu­tes from the Gästehaus Centro.

More infor­ma­ti­on about the Pano here.


Actual­ly more like a restau­rant than a café, Holly’s is still worth men­tio­ning for its loca­ti­on and deli­cious ice cream. Here you can sit won­derful­ly on the shores of the See­rhein and drink, if you like, a cof­fee on the ter­race or have some­thing to eat.

When the wea­ther is fine, the best opti­on for me is to grab an ice cream and sit down on a bench or the woo­den plat­form in front of the near­by Boden­see­fo­rum, enjoy the view and let your legs dangle.

After a walk through the Hero­sé Park on the See­rhein, Holly’s is per­fect for you or, of cour­se, when you visit an event in the Boden­see­fo­rum. In about 25 minu­tes, you will be the­re from the Gästehaus Centro.

More info: Holly’s


While we are alre­a­dy by the Rhi­ne, the beach bar of the HTWG is worth men­tio­ning: here you can enjoy a cof­fee, iced cof­fee or a cold beer in a deck chair in sum­mer. Ever­y­thing, of cour­se, with a view of the Seerhein.

On this occa­si­on you can also look at the HTWG, form­er­ly the Uni­ver­si­ty of Appli­ed Sci­en­ces Konstanz.

The beach bar is a 17-minu­te walk from Gästehaus Centro.

More infor­ma­ti­on is available here.


So, and becau­se this is important for the sum­mer: Here are my favou­ri­te ice cream par­lours in Constance:

In the city, I recom­mend the ice cream par­lour Nico­let­ti. It’s a stone’s throw away from the Gästehaus Centro: only 2 minu­tes and you’ve got an ice cream! You can eit­her sit on the Markt­stät­te or get an ice cream on the hand and walk through the under­pass to the har­bour and enjoy the lake.

If you are on the other side of the Rhi­ne, you should eit­her get an ice cream at Holly’s or go to the ice cream par­lour Pam­pa­nin. The­re you can get a deli­cious ice cream and then walk down Theo­dor-Heuss-Stra­ße to See­stra­ße and sit by the lake or go for a walk.

So that’s it for now! Enjoy your cof­fee or your ice cream and your time in Constance 🙂