Actual­ly, we don’t know a real Win­ter in Constance!

Whe­ther You are a Night, a Wee­kend or a few Days by the Lake, in Con­stance it will not be a long Time for You. Sin­ce 2411. Our Christ­mas mar­ket is open. But it’s not just for this rea­son that You should come to Con­stance. Be inspired. Our Centro Guest house is just 100 Metres away. You can alrea­dy smell the Mul­led wine and the many other Tre­ats.  Over 170 Stalls sell Clad­ding, Craft­s­manship and more. The big­gest „Hut” is our Christ­mas Ship in The Con­stan­ti­ne port. The Mar­ket is open dai­ly from 11 – 8Pm. On Wee­kends even until 9.30pm. The Oxygen