Once a Year, the Con­stan­ti­ne har­bour is trans­for­med into a Mee­ting Place for Sailors, Rowers and Water Sports Enthu­si­asts from all over Euro­pe. This is becau­se the annu­al Inter­na­tio­nal Lake Con­stan­ce Week is an event with a long Tra­di­ti­on, the Visit of which is still worth a Trip to the Lake. Lake Con­stan­ce Week was laun­ched as ear­ly As 1909 and deve­lo­ped not only into one of the most important European Water Sports events, but also quick­ly into a soci­al Event. Until 1972, the Event remai­ned an important Mee­ting for Fri­ends of Water sports across Natio­nal Bor­ders, but was then dis­con­ti­nued. In 2009, howe­ver, on the occa­si­on of The 100Th anni­ver­s­a­ry of Lake Con­stan­ce Week, it was remem­be­red the Impor­t­an­ce and impor­t­an­ce of the Event for Water sports. Ger­man and Swiss Yacht Clubs, tog­e­ther with Kon­stan­zer Stadt­mar­ke­ting, laun­ched a New Edi­ti­on After 37 Years. With over 80,000 Visi­tors, the Reboot pro­ved to be a com­ple­te Suc­cess. Sin­ce then, this extra­or­di­na­ry Event has been held annu­al­ly in the Lake Con­stan­ce Bay in front of the Twin Cities of Kon­stanz and Kreuz­lin­gen And Inspi­res visi­tors and Con­tri­bu­tors again and again. This Year will host the Internatio­nal Lake Con­stan­ce Week from 8 March. June to 11. June 2017 and offers a diver­se Pro­gram on the Topic of Water Sports. Not only enthu­si­astic Water Sports Enthu­si­asts get their Money’s worth, becau­se the Pro­gram offers Attrac­tions for the who­le Fami­ly.

Top-class Sailing Regattas

Top-class Sai­ling Regat­tas

The High­light of the four-day event is cer­tain­ly the sai­ling Regat­tas, which were very well atten­ded by Spec­ta­tors. Over 160 Sailboats com­pe­te on five regat­ta tracks over three Days in a drea­m­i­ly beau­ti­ful sea View. Unli­ke other Com­pe­ti­ti­ons, clas­sic and modern Yachts com­pe­te against each other and around 1000 Par­ti­ci­pants com­pe­te. Tra­di­tio­nal Clas­ses Such as Lacust­re, Dra­gons or Meter Class Can be admi­red just as much as the modern ORC 1 – 4. This Year, the Three-man kety­boat Tri­as­sic will also be on dis­play at Inter­na­tio­nal Lake Con­stan­ce Week. By the way, some of the par­ti­ci­pa­ting Sailboats could have par­ti­ci­pa­ted as ear­ly As the Foun­ding year 1909 and are real his­to­ri­cal Trea­su­res. Spec­ta­tors can watch the Com­pe­ti­ti­ons on a Big Screen at Hafen­platz. If you pre­fer to be up clo­se and per­so­nal, you can also cheer the Par­ti­ci­pants direc­t­ly from the Water. For this, howe­ver, You should secu­re a Place on one of the Spec­ta­tor ships in good time. A real Tip is the evening ent­ry Of the Yachts into the Har­bour, whe­re Visi­tors can mar­vel at the Water­craft, which is well-groo­med with love, up clo­se And get in Con­ver­sa­ti­on with the Par­ti­ci­pants. Crowd Favourite Rowing Competitions

Crowd Favou­rite Rowing Com­pe­ti­ti­ons

Every Year, the Rowing Regat­tas delight visi­tors to the Event. This year’s High­light in the „Rowing” Cate­go­ry is cer­tain­ly the Rowing Round „Impe­ria­sprint,” Which takes place on Fri­day evening. Night­ly illu­mi­na­ted rowing four­so­me run from the City Gar­den to The Con­stan­ti­ne har­bour, past the famous Con­stan­ti­ne land­mark „Impe­ria.” But the Rowing regat­ta „Kreuz­lin­ger Pro­log” And the Eight-rowing regat­ta „3 Miles of Con­stan­ce” on Satur­day are also true Crowd-pul­ses and Pro­gram points that should not be mis­sed as water Sports Enthu­si­asts. Spectacular water ski Acrobatics

Spec­ta­cu­lar water ski Acro­ba­tics

Newer water Sports will Also be offe­red a Plat­form at Inter­na­tio­nal Lake Con­stan­ce Week. Impres­si­ve Water-ski­ing shows will once again cap­ti­va­te Visi­tors of all Ages this Year. The show group of the Ger­man-Swiss motorboat club, which is well-known all over Euro­pe, pres­ents spec­ta­cu­lar Stunts and Tricks on the water and Wake­board twice. Fri­day Night’s Night Show, right on the art­ful­ly lit Con­stan­ti­ne shore, Is not to be mis­sed. But also the Appearan­ce on Sunday Morning pro­mi­ses to inspi­re with ener­ge­tic Acro­ba­tics and is a suc­cess­ful Start to the last Day of Lake Con­stan­ce Week. Martimes flair Around the Harbour

Mar­ti­mes flair Around the Har­bour

But it’s not just for die­hard fans of Water Sports that the sto­ried Inter­na­tio­nal Lake Con­stan­ce Week offers a varied Pro­gram­me. Sniff sea Air at the mari­ti­me Mar­ket on the har­bour pro­me­na­de, which invi­tes you to Stroll and Lin­ger into The Evenings. In addi­ti­on to yacht access­ories, matching sai­ling and casu­al wear And mari­ti­me Well­ness pro­duc­ts, the­re are also culi­na­ry Spe­cial­ties from all over the World to dis­co­ver. In addi­ti­on, more than a Dozen his­to­ric Steam­boats can be admi­red in the Har­bour Basin. Among Them many Steamers that have been on the world’s Waters sin­ce The foun­ding Year of the Event. A Fer­ris Wheel with won­der­ful Views over the Lake, Carou­sel, bun­gee tram­po­li­ne and Pup­pet Thea­t­re trans­form Inter­na­tio­nal Lake Con­stan­ce Week into a bois­te­rous Folk fes­ti­val. Con­certs, Dance Per­for­man­ces, Art Exhi­bi­ti­ons and the water sports and Boat Exhi­bi­ti­on ensu­re that no Visi­tor real­ly gets bored. Access to the Har­bour Mile is free, by the way. Entertainment for the Little Ones

Enter­tain­ment for the Litt­le Ones

For the youn­ger Guests, the Inter­na­tio­nal Lake Con­stan­ce Week also offers a varied Pro­gram to Mar­vel at and Par­ti­ci­pa­te. The dai­ly Children’S boat trips in the Model Boat pool on the har­bour Pro­me­na­de cer­tain­ly pro­vi­de lumin­ous Children’s Eyes and gre­at Enthu­si­asm among the Litt­le ones. But also the Pre­sen­ta­ti­ons of the Fire Extin­guis­hing Boat of the Kon­stan­zer fire bri­ga­de or the Poli­ce boat of the Water Pro­tec­tion poli­ce inspi­re the youn­gest visi­tors and are exci­ting Pro­gram points for the who­le Fami­ly.

An unf­or­gett­able Wee­kend at the Lake

Inter­na­tio­nal Lake Con­stan­ce Week brings mari­ti­me Flair to the Lake and gua­ran­tees an event­ful Sum­mer wee­kend for the who­le Fami­ly. The right Accom­mo­da­ti­on for this Top-class Event is quick­ly found. Book direc­t­ly with Centro guest House. The Har­bour Basin is a few Minu­tes „walk away at Kon­stan­zer Haupt­bahn­hof, making it the per­fect Star­ting point for an all-round wee­kend. Our Team will be hap­py to help You with Any ques­ti­ons you may have and also have some Insi­der Tips for his­to­ri­cal Con­stan­cy in Stock. Pho­to credit: „Impres­si­ons Inter­na­tio­nal Lake Con­stan­ce Week”-By Anett.graefe-Own Work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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