As we Care about Your Well-being, we made a Sofa Reno­va­ti­on in Janu­a­ry 2019. Due to the Spe­cia­list Car­pen­try com­pa­ny of the Hotel Fur­nis­hing Com­pa­ny „Crea­form,” 17 of our Rooms were given a new ele­gant Design. All Trip­le Rooms, four-bed rooms and some Dou­ble Rooms are affec­ted. Novel­ties inclu­de Bed­ding Walls, Cabi­nets, Desks, colour-coör­di­na­ted Curtains, STATE-OF-THE-ART LED Bed Lamps with USB char­ging sta­ti­ons. In addi­ti­on, we star­ted to equip all Rooms with high-qua­li­ty Mini-fri­dge.

This is ano­t­her Step in ensu­ring that our Guests can feel com­for­ta­ble in our Hotel.

Jens Oxy­gen Direc­tor

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