The regi­on of Lake Con­stance has a lot to offer for the who­le fami­ly. Here you can find out 10 tips for the acti­vi­ties that are espe­cial­ly plan­ned for kids. Pla­ces lis­ted from 1 – 5 are loca­ted in Con­stance and points 6 – 10 you can dis­co­ver in the resi­du­al regi­on of Lake Con­stance. The maps were inser­ted in the text, so you can find out the exact loca­ti­on of the men­tio­ned pla­ces. In addi­ti­on to the beau­ti­ful wea­ther, enjoy the pure joy of your child­ren and the time spent tog­e­ther as a fami­ly. Have fun – Viel Spaß!

1. Main­au Island

Main­au Island deser­ves undoub­ted­ly the first place on this list. Main­au is par­ti­cu­lar­ly per­fect for fami­ly outings. While you mar­vel the out­stan­ding plant and ani­mal life on the island, your child­ren are play­ing in one of the many attrac­tions. You can easi­ly spend the who­le day on this popu­lar flower island.

Next I have cited a few lines direct­ly from the web­site of Mainau:

A visit to the second lar­gest but­ter­fly house in Ger­ma­ny is cer­tain­ly one of the high­lights of a Main­au day out.

Main­au Children’s Land is a play­ground para­di­se for child­ren. “Water World” in the Main­au Children’s Land is a play area repro­duc­tion of the Lake Con­stance regi­on in the olden days. “Blumi’s Lakesi­de World” is a the­me play­ground for inqui­si­ti­ve 3 to 6 year olds. The authen­tic lakesi­de land­s­cape with drift­wood, clim­bing nets, balan­cing beams and a beaver’s lodge is a play and hide para­di­se for children.”

Plan your visit here.

Pho­to by Tommy_Rau on Pixabay

2. Strand­bad Horn – Open Air Swim­ming Pool Horn

The „Hörn­le”, as it is cal­led by the locals, is loca­ted at the end of the Bay of Con­stance near the Boden­see­sta­di­on, and offers a fan­tastic view of Upper Lake Con­stance (the Ober­see) and Lake Über­lin­gen. In the sum­mer, its sun­bat­hing area of 50 000 squa­re metres and 600 metres of shore­li­ne make it the lar­gest open air swim­ming pool by Lake Con­stance, which is a popu­lar mee­ting place for all ages.

In the area of Horn you can find:

-a fami­ly area with a children’s pool and a play­ground (with clim­bing scaf­folds, balan­cing rope, hand clim­bing bridge, play ship)

-a tram­po­li­ne (against payment)

-four beach vol­ley­ball fields

-nine bad­min­ton courts

-table ten­nis tables

-out­door chess board

-Stand Up Paddling- ren­tal stations

You can find more infor­ma­ti­on here.

3. Mini­golf

Chal­len­ges and tri­umphs – the­se are the fee­lings that the mini­golf has to offer. If you are going to spend a lovely sum­mer day in Horn, why not try out the mini­golf cour­se of Mini­golf am Hörn­le, Harnest Clau­dia. Who will be the glo­rious win­ner and who have the pos­si­bil­ty to show their hid­den talents? Watch out, becau­se pati­ence and ten­aci­ty will both be requi­red. After the tough com­pe­ti­ti­on, you can jump right into the lake to cool down!

Pho­to by eber­hart­mark on Pixabay

4. Kaya­king / Canoeing

The beau­ti­ful Lake Con­stance can (and should!) also be expe­ri­en­ced on the water. While cano­eing, you can float at your own pace and make your own way around Lake Con­stance or along the Rhi­ne. The local tour ope­ra­tor of kayaks and canoes, Pad­del­pro­fi, has a selec­tion from which you can choo­se to rent your vehi­cle and soon, you will be on your way – paddling. And if you’­re a begin­ner… no worries! The Pad­del­pro­fi also orga­ni­se kayak- and cano­eing cour­ses for begin­ners and advan­ced. What is more, they orga­ni­se infor­mal paddling trai­ning with sea kayaks with a small tour on Lake Con­stance each week.

5. Play­grounds

The play­grounds in Con­stance are cal­ling the litt­le explo­rers for an adven­ture! Here you have a few sug­ges­ti­ons to begin with:

-Spiel­platz Stadtgarten

-Müns­ter Spielplatz

-Spiel­platz Katzgasse

-Spiel­platz Leinerstraße

If your child­ren have alrea­dy tes­ted all of them, you can find here more play­grounds in the regi­on lis­ted with a map.

6. Con­ny-Land

This famous leisu­re park is loca­ted in Lip­pers­wil, Switz­er­land. The­re are diver­se attrac­tions with rides and pools, but the high­light is surely the sea lion show – you can obser­ve the sea lions in the sea lion are­na and lagu­na. How about a bre­ak­fast with the sea lions? You have to try it out yourself! Fur­ther­mo­re, the­re are cove­r­ed attrac­tions that enab­le the visit even on a rai­ny day.

More info can be found here.

7. Wild- und Frei­zeit­park Allens­bach – Wild­life- and Leisu­re Park Allensbach

Expe­ri­ence over 300 local wild ani­mals in an out­door enclo­sure of more than a 75 hec­ta­res, whe­re you can meet, for examp­le, lyn­xes, bears, fal­low deer and wild boar. The­re is also a chan­ce to par­ti­al­ly stro­ke and feed the animals!

Fur­ther­mo­re, the­re are thril­ling attrac­tions in the park, such as the park rail­way, adven­ture play­ground, waves­li­de and a giant swing.

8. Affen­berg Salem

Over 200 cute Bar­ba­ry maca­ques just like in the wild are loo­king for­ward to your visit! What’s more, here you can dis­co­ver a stork sta­ti­on, pond with free-fly­ing birds, fal­low deer und a big adven­ture playground.

It is also uni­que that the mon­keys can be fed with spe­cial­ly pre­pa­red, free dis­tri­bu­t­ed pop­corn. Ama­zing expe­ri­ence for all ages!

More info can be found here.

Pho­to by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay

9. Ravens­bur­ger Spieleland

A day trip in Ravens­burg with over 70 attrac­tions in eight the­me worlds – sounds pret­ty good, right? The child­ren are surely busy with play­ing because:

-the new the­me area BRIO World is open now!

-the water attrac­tions are espe­cial­ly appe­aling on sun­ny days!

-the­re are shows and walking-Acts!

-you can make cho­co­la­te of Rit­ter Sport by yourself in the Cho­co­la­te Workshop!

-the exci­ting events are worth a visit!

Here you can dis­co­ver more.

10. Erleb­nis­bad Alpam­a­re – Adven­ture Pool Alpamare

Last but defi­ni­te­ly not least, I would like to intro­du­ce you a real water expe­ri­ence: The lar­gest water­park in Switz­er­land enab­les you to spend an unf­or­gett­able day. The new sli­ding world with 12 sli­des and four pools invi­te you to try it out – in the children’s para­di­se the­re are also sli­des for the litt­le ones! Swm­ming cour­ses for child­ren are avail­ab­le as well. A day full of action and water is guaranteed!

Click here for more information.

Pho­to by Han­ne Hasu on Pixabay


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Bitte haben Sie Verständnis für diese Maßnahmen.

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