The Centro Guest house offers a comprehensive and excellent Service when Exploring Lake Constance and its Surroundings on Lake Constance. How To make full use of it, we’ll show You today!

From the Danube to Lake Constance – or the other way around?

In Switzerland it is called Bike, in English Bicycle or Bike and in Germany we often like to compete over our old “Tightrope.” But secretly, we all love it: Our Bike. Everyone is not even understated here, because with a Stock of 71 Million. Bicycles in Germany in 2013 is in Fact almost one Bike per Capita and Leg pair Available.

Healthy? Yes! Relaxing? Logo! Challenging? Of course!

No Wonder, promoting regular Pedals has been proven to Golimb the Ergonomics of the Body and Provide excellent Cardiovascular training. In addition, leaving behind the air of Modern Gyms and spinning classes, often filled with sweat, in order to move his Two-wheeler in the fresh air, some may even speak of one’s own Salvation when he Swoes over the recent Bike ride. In fact, a multi-day Bike ride Offers so much more than any Package holiday. Fields, Mountains, Meadows and Water fly by, but never so fast that you could not admire them, or even make one or the other Stopover. A Few delights the human Eye as much as a wonderful Spot in Nature, of which there are plenty of plenty along Lake Constance cycle path. As we know that People are growing in their Tasks, a Bike Ride should always be a Challenge. If you Vary Days, Distances, distances, Heights and Speed according to your own Abilities, a fantastic Sense of achievement can be pre-programmed and you return to Everyday life as the Winner after the work you have worked.

“Sweetheart, this Year we’re getting the Wheels off The memory-really!”

As You can see, there are many good Reasons for a Bike ride, but as is often the case, there is only one: The inner Pig Dog. However, The Centro Guest house takes Away all the unpleasant Side effects of Cycling, so that Your Victory over Siegfried (that’s how we christened our inner Pig Dog) is just one Call away.

The Lake Constance cycle path – beautiful all round

The Lake Constance cycle path stretches for around 260 km. With more than 220 000 Cyclists per Year, it is not only one of the most popular Cycle Paths in Germany, but also in the whole of Europe. Countless Variants offer easy to choose from tours for all Ages and Family Sizes. For example, Start with a small Lap in 2 Stages, the first of which takes You to Stein on the Rhine, which is 29 km from Konstanz. In addition to the Steiner Old Town and Ruins of a Roman Castle, You can already discover 5 Castles in Salenstein. The second Stage will take You back to Constance via Radolfzell. Wildlife Park, Water Castle and Sanctuary Join the Long List of Attractions here. On the Island of Reichenau you will marvel at The UNESCO World Heritage Monastery Reichenau before heading back to Konstanz.

Cycling without Borders – to the Source of the Danube

For Adventurers and Repeat Offenders, the Journey around Lake Constance can also take a little longer. Tours between 7 and 10 Days offer almost endless Variety between cheer city Life, idyllic Nature and spectacular Sights. From Radolfzell, for example, you can also cycle along the Danube. With a Breather during the Train Ride to the small Town Of Engen, you can certainly also manage the Day Stage from 60 km to Mühlheim, which is already on the Danube. Undisturbed by CARS or Rail Traffic, The next Day you will cross the Valley near Beuron, which already shines with fantastic Views of Flora and Fauna around the now free Danube. A total of 45 km will reach the former Principality Of Sigmaringen, whose Castle is still inhabited today and offers interesting Guided tours. In Sigmaringen, Lake Constance cycle path crosses the Danube Cycle Trail, a long-distance cycle path that stretches a fabulous 2850 km from the Source of the Danube to its Mouth into the Black Sea. Here You can change the Bike Path as a “Long-distance driver” and thus reach Ulm, from where You could follow the Course of the Danube further through Bavaria. But They could also take the Opportunity and head south on the Danube-Lake Constance bike path. This takes You to a total of 160 km In 2-3 more Daily Stages via Laupheim, Biberach and Cheeks to Kressbronn – back to Lake Constance – where the Lake Constance Lake cycle connection and Your Tour comes to an End.

Centro Guest house in Constance – service for Cyclists Unparalleled

By ferry you will return to Konstanz, where You can park your Bike free of charge at The Centro guest house And carry out necessary Repairs if necessary. With a Pantry kitchen In some Rooms and the Possibility to wash and dry Laundry, we are well prepared for You and Your Bike, even if it should arrive in front of You – a Pre-broadcast is possible without any problems. Our special Service for Cyclists includes:

  • Our Location right on the Lake Constance Trail and the Rheinradweg
  • Single Nights are Bookable
  • You can park Your Bikes free of charge in our Bike Storage Area
  • Repair Sets are available at the Front desk
  • With us you can Wash, Iron and Dry
  • You can Pre-send or send Your Luggage and Wheels

Opposite our Hotel is the “Culture-Rakes” rental And repair service and within a 5 Minute Walk you will also find two Supermarkets (Edeka and Aldi), a Drugstore (DM), a Sports Goods retailer (Intersport) and several Clothing Stores. Book your stay now at the Centro guest house in Constance and defeat your inner Pig dog today! Body, Mind and Family will thank you, but most Of all you will be sure to do so, because Learning, Life and Luxury are nowhere closer together than on a Bike ride on Lake Constance.   © 2015 Niklas Goeke, Photographer:

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