Have You always won­de­red what the uni­que Flair attri­bu­ted to the Lake Con­s­tance regi­on Is real­ly about? Then it is high Time to set out to gain a very per­so­nal Impres­si­on of this idyl­lic Spot of earth in the beau­tiful Sta­te of Baden-Würt­tem­berg. With the Kon­stan­zer Fas­nacht, an event that is popu­lar bey­ond the Bor­ders of the coun­try And is immi­nent in Time, the­re is an addi­tio­nal Incen­ti­ve to final­ly put this Request into prac­ti­ce. But what exact­ly is behind this Event, to which Locals and Guests ali­ke are impa­ti­ent­ly loo­king for all Year round?

The Fools are going on! ‑High­lights of the Kon­stan­zer Fasnacht

If one looks for the main dif­fe­rence bet­ween the lar­gest City on Lake Con­s­tance and other famous Venues of the Nar­re­tei, one can first And fore­most enjoy the uncon­di­tio­nal Hos­pi­ta­li­ty of the Locals towards all who like at this Time of exu­berant Fes­ti­vi­ties want to par­ti­ci­pa­te, name. Accor­din­gly, apart from all the atmo­sphe­ric Para­des and magni­fi­cent Balls, guests will espe­ci­al­ly remem­ber the uni­que Atmo­sphe­re that is best enjoy­ed in one of the cosy Wine Bars.

But of cour­se the­re are also some striking Key Data that Car­ni­val Lovers should not miss. Until the 11th. February’s Fes­ti­vi­ties will be held main­ly in dif­fe­rent Halls. The tur­bu­lent Peri­od is ushe­red in with the so-cal­led But­zen­lauf, which takes place the Evening befo­re the Schmot­zi­gen Dunsch­tig. On 12. Febru­ary is the time and the enti­re City is con­que­r­ed by the Fools. Be it the Schools or the Town hall, no Insti­tu­ti­on is safe from the mas­ked Carnivalists.

Becau­se Mas­ked bea­rers and Musi­ci­ans are lur­king ever­y­whe­re, loo­king for ulky fabric For their Fool’s Games. With a good Dose of Humour, and this is pro­ba­b­ly the Only thing the Inha­bi­tants of Lake Con­s­tance Expect from their Guests during the Kon­stan­zer Fas­nacht, even a Restau­rant Visit turns into a sen­su­al Plea­su­re full of mischie­vous spee­ches as well as Varied musi­cal and acting per­for­man­ces. And if you don’t make it to the big Event in time, the­re is a Con­so­la­ti­on patch in the Form of the popu­lar Fool’s con­certs, which, weeks befo­re the Fasn­night sea­son, duly tune into this Pha­se of exu­berant Acti­vi­ty and give Guests the oppor­tu­ni­ty to, Both to take a first Glim­pse into the ima­gi­na­ti­ve Car­ni­val of the Sea Bun­nies and to spend a Time of lei­su­re At The com­pa­ra­tively calm and tran­quil Lake Constance.

Accor­ding to this Descrip­ti­on, do you Feel like the long-stan­ding Visi­tors to the Kon­stan­zer Fas­nacht? And can’t you wait until the big Fun final­ly beg­ins? Then You have no choice But to book a Room in our renow­ned Guest­house Imme­dia­te­ly. Only here You will find a har­mo­nious Com­bi­na­ti­on of Soil See­ro­ma­niac And modern Ser­vices. And so we can gua­ran­tee You that, just after a Time of Nan­e­ri­um Cele­bra­ti­on, our Staff will see every Wish from your eyes and that you will always have the opti­mal balan­ce for the humid and cheerful Hust­le and Bust­le in the tra­di­tio­nal Alley­ways of the Kon­stan­zer Old Town. Will find. So don’t Wait, but secu­re a Room now, befo­re the gre­at Rush of enthu­si­a­stic Fools from near and far des­cends on our beau­tiful Town on Lake Con­s­tance! All Images cour­te­sy of Kon­stan­zer Pho­to­grapher Chris Dann­ef­fel.