Like every year, the hotels of Con­stance say thank you!

On 17.11.2019, a total of 13 hotels invi­te all the inha­bi­tants of Con­stance to a huge social pro­gram, exclu­si­ve hotel visits and a bed and breakfast.

For a total dona­ti­on of 30 €, you can spend the night with us at Gästehaus Centro. The over­night stays are orga­ni­zed by Tou­ris­tik Mar­ke­ting Kon­stanz. You regis­ter for this good cau­se and it will be deter­mi­ned by lot­te­ry in which hotel you will spend the night.

We’ll keep our fin­gers cros­sed! The 30 € come this year the asso­cia­ti­on „Kon­Tour e.V./ Blin­den­re­li­ef Kon­stanz” benefit.

Tip: As an inha­bi­tant of Con­stance, you can also have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to visit the island of Main­au. At the box office, iden­ti­fy yourself as a resi­dent / Con­stance and then deci­de how much you want to pay. The pro­ceeds from this are in turn dona­ted to the blind reli­ef Kon­stanz am Hafen.


This arti­cle was pos­ted by Mari­na Machacek.