Peop­le in Cos­tu­mes who cele­bra­te in Mar­quees, Music by well-known Artists known throughout Ger­ma­ny, Rides and Pro­gram for Young and Old – that belongs to Okto­ber­fest Con­stan­ce. More than 100,000 Visi­tors are drawn to its Grounds in Litt­le Veni­ce every year. From the 18th cen­tu­ry. Sep­tem­ber to 4. Octo­ber 2015, You can take part in the big Spec­ta­cle. Hotel Gästehaus Centro is Just a Ten-minu­te walk away at one of the lar­gest Folk Fes­ti­vals in Lake Con­stan­ce.

Okto­ber­fest Con­stan­ce 2015 begins magni­ficent­ly

Hosts and Show­men have been orga­ni­sing the Fes­ti­val on the Bor­der bet­ween Ger­ma­ny and Switz­er­land for 14 years. That is why it is offi­ci­al­ly cal­led the Ger­man-Swiss Okto­ber­fest. With the gre­at, world-famous Role model, the Okto­ber­fest in Munich, it has a lot in com­mon, but also offers many uni­que Attrac­tions. Kicking off here, too, is a tra­di­tio­nal Para­de through the City. From the Con­stan­ti­ne Land­mark, the Mins­ter of Our Lady, the Fes­ti­ve Cars roll on 18 March. Sep­tem­ber going. Miss and Mis­ter Okto­ber­fest, magni­ficent­ly deco­ra­ted car­ria­ges, Fan­fa­res, cos­tu­me groups, Chefs and Ser­vice Per­son­nel, spec­ta­tors on the Edge of the Rou­te through the City cent­re tune into the colour­ful Hust­le and bust­le on the Edge of the rou­te through the city cent­re. In Litt­le Veni­ce, the Zim­mer­manns­gil­de Din­gels­dorf Sets up the May­po­le. For the fes­ti­ve Start of the three-week Fes­ti­val, only the Bar­rel beer Engi­cor Is mis­sing. Tra­di­tio­nal­ly, local Cele­bri­ties and Poli­ti­ci­ans look past Pau­la­ner and Hofbräu’s Tent for this and Let the Beer flow with an „O ‚tap­ped isch!”

Plan Your Visit to Okto­ber­fest Kon­stanz 2015

For Three Weeks, Wed­nes­days to Sundays from 11am to mid­ni­ght, Visi­tors can expe­ri­ence Okto­ber­fest Con­stan­ce with all their Sen­ses. Fresh­ly tap­ped Mea­su­re of Beer, Pork Knuck­les, Chee­se Pätz­le, cakes, oven-fresh Crack­les, Kai­ser­schmarrn And many other Dis­hes with and wit­hout Meat, Baden wines and Spe­cial­ties attract to the Mar­quees. At Pau­la­ner and Hofbräu’s Mar­quee, admis­si­on is free every Day until 6Pm. After that, You will need a Ticket. In order to have Access to one of the Tents and its evening events safe­ly, we recom­mend That you buy Your Ticket in advan­ce and reser­ve your Seat. This is pos­si­ble through the online Ticket Shop under www.oktoberfest-konstanz​.de. Tickets cost from 22 Euros per Per­son. You can also spon­ta­ne­ous­ly purcha­se a PIN at the Box Office. This costs four Euros. This is a Lapel Pin with which, if any remai­ning Pla­ces Are vacant, you enter the Pau­la­ner or Hofbräu’s Tent. On Fri­days and Satur­days, when the Rush is par­ti­cu­lar­ly lar­ge, the Chan­ces are slim, though, that You’ll get Access to a Tent with a PIN. You need Luck and should go to the Box office befo­re 4 P.m. if pos­si­ble.

Expe­ri­en­ced Bands boost the Fes­ti­ve Mood

Tickets are High­ly sought After when well-known musi­cal Gre­ats per­form throughout Ger­ma­ny, which are gua­ran­te­ed to give rise To a par­ty atmo­s­phe­re. The Colo­gne band Höh­ner or Voxx­club from Munich bring Them to Kon­stanz, folk Hymns for sin­ging along, But also rocking Sounds. In addi­ti­on, other Groups such as the Alpen­ma­fia, the Trenk­wal­der and the Hot­zen­plot­zer Musi­ci­ans will con­tri­bu­te to Gau­di with their Ver­si­ons of well-known Ear­worms and their own Songs.

Having Fun Out­si­de the Mar­quees

Even if You can no lon­ger find a Place in one of the Tents, You can spend a nice Time with Fri­ends and Fami­ly at Okto­ber­fest. If you are loo­king for the Fee­ling of Weight­less­ness, you will get your Money’s worth on the Ver­te­bral Kar­rus­sel „Break Dance.” Attrac­tions such as „Baby flight” And „Children’s Loop” are aimed at the very young Visi­tors. To relax in bet­ween, stop in the Rup­pa­ner beer gar­den. In a fri­end­ly Set­ting, guests can enjoy an alco­hol-free bowl, fresh­ly tap­ped Beer and other alco­ho­lic and non-alco­ho­lic Bever­ages, and for­ti­fy them­sel­ves with a Cur­ry Sau­sa­ge.

Events for Child­ren, Gol­fers and brass music fans

The 27th. Sep­tem­ber is inte­res­ting for all tho­se who come to Okto­ber­fest with Child­ren and Ado­lescents. Nor­mal­ly You don’t have Access to the Tents, but then Okto­ber­KIN­DER­fest. At Hofbräu’s you can expe­ri­ence the Children’S music Band DONIKKL and the White Saushtl. Boun­cy Cast­le, Magi­ci­ans and Children’S Fan­fa­re Trains round off the Pro­gram­me for the young Visi­tors. On the same Day and on the 4th day. On 1 Octo­ber, four Music Clubs will show their Vir­tuo­si­ty at an inter­na­tio­nal Brass music com­pe­ti­ti­on at the Pau­la­ner Fest­tent. Not only the Jury of Experts, but also the Audi­ence deter­mi­nes which Group play­ed the Obli­gato­ry pie­ces best on the respec­tive Day. The Volks­fest in Kon­stanz has also inclu­ded the Wies ’n Golf Tour­na­ment in Owin­gen-Over­lin­gen for the Past five Years. Par­ti­ci­pants in Cos­tu­mes Play through 18-Hole with spe­cial Okto­ber­fest Disci­pli­nes. Through the Page, Active and Non-gol­fers can move up to 14. Sign up for This Event on Sep­tem­ber 9. White Sau­sa­ge, White Beer and a Hut Par­ty belong at the Owin­gen-Over­lin­gen Golf Club on March 3. Octo­ber to the Pro­gram.

Hotel Guest House Centro – ide­al Over­night stay at Okto­ber­fest

The Loca­ti­on of the Hotel Guest house Centro Is ide­al for a Stay, during the Peri­od of Okto­ber­fest. Is it Your first Holi­day in Con­stan­ce Explo­re the sights such as Coun­cil Buil­dings, Müns­ter And Town Hall during the Day and end the Day with a Mea­su­re of Beer in one of the Tents. Are You a Fan of Okto­ber­fest and inte­rested in get­ting to know the spe­cial Atmo­s­phe­re of that in Con­stan­ce? Would you like to return to your Room from the Fes­ti­val grounds in a mat­ter Of minu­tes after Par­ty­ing? This is what we offer You in our cosy Hotel. Book your Room ear­ly for the popu­lar Okto­ber­fest in Con­stan­ce!

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