As a Tou­rist Town, Kon­stanz on Lake Con­stan­ce is a real Magnet, part­ly becau­se of its venera­ble, his­to­ric Archi­tec­tu­re, part­ly becau­se of the plea­sant, hos­pi­ta­ble Men­ta­li­ty of the Locals. Espe­ci­al­ly bet­ween the 06.01.2016 and Ash Wed­nes­day on 10.02.2016, the Fools turn The eco­no­my and public Life on a Good head. More about the pre­vious High­lights of the Fas­nacht Con­stan­ce, the Tra­di­ti­on of the urban Car­ni­val, the Clubs and most important Dates can be read in the Fas­nacht Brochu­re For Down­load. Spec­ta­tors and spon­ta­ne­ous­ly deter­mi­ned Foo­ling are wel­co­me at Fas­nacht Con­stan­ce! Fasnacht Constance 2016 (2)

06. Janu­a­ry 2016 – Start of the fifth Sea­son in Con­stan­ce

Other Ger­man Cities ring the Car­ni­val weeks on 11 Novem­ber. With the Take­over of the Town Hall key. The City of Kon­stanz has its own Rules for this. This is whe­re the Car­ni­val begins on the 6th. Janu­a­ry 2016. The Ori­gin of the Star Ritu­al is belie­ved to be found in the Midd­le Ages, when public Announ­ce­ments could not yet be dis­se­mi­na­ted via elec­tro­nic Media. The tra­di­tio­nal star­ting Point of the Car­ni­val is the Kon­stan­zer Schnetz­tor. From the­re, all Nodes Move to the Mar­ket site at 6 p.m. – wit­hout Masks – via Neu­gas­se and Ros­gar­ten­stra­ße. It pro­c­laims to all: „So it is per­mit­ted to walk around the streets, Squa­res and alley­ways in a buried man­ner on the High Fib­re night days.” Then peop­le move on across the Chan­cel­le­ry road to The Ober­markt. The­re, Music sounds to the lon­ged-for Phea­sed Call, and the first Fools dance with Masks. Magni­ficent High­lights of this 06. Janu­a­ry are the Blät­ze­le­bue­be, the Alt-Kon­stan­zer-Han­se­le and the Lau­ge­le­gum­per, three vete­ran Clubs of Fas­nacht Con­stan­ce. In The Woll­ma­tin­gen district, the local Car­ni­val is ope­ned Simul­ta­ne­ous­ly by the Snail Gulf And the Woll­ma­tin­ger Ried­he­xen.

Fasnacht Constance 2016 (3)

Waving, Town hall Storm and Bun­ker run of the Kon­stan­zer Clubs on April 4, 2007. Febru­a­ry 2016

From now on, Con­stan­ce is full of Car­ni­val events. The­se are orga­nis­ed by the various Clubs and are free­ly acces­si­ble to Guests from near and far. It beco­mes tru­ly nas­ty from the „Schmotz­tig Dunsch­tig” On April 4. Febru­a­ry 2016. Around approx. 6.00 h, Stu­dents set out as Groups to awa­ken their Tea­chers. They thank you for the Ser­vice with a Bre­ak­fast and then come to School with their Celan­do­nes. During the second Les­son, the adult „saving Fools” appe­ar as The stu­dents ’ libe­ra­tors from The Stress of lear­ning. At around 9.45 h, Guests and Fools gather in the Courty­ard of The Kon­stan­zer Town Hall. Here, until Ash Wed­nes­day, the Fools take over The Town hall Keys and thus the Power over urban Skill. Pure Par­ty offers the Kon­stan­zer Mar­ket place with the Stu­dent Dis­co From the Morning. The Fish Mar­ket hosts a niatric Sta­ge pro­gram­me from 10 hours on the same Day. One to two pro­mi­nent Kon­stan­zer figu­res will be pla­ced under hear­ty Indic­t­ment at the Jaco­bin Tri­bu­nal on the Upper Mar­ket at 1pm. If you want to stroll Through Kon­stanz at the „Schmot­zi­gen Dunsch­tig,” you won’t find an open Shop, but nume­rous other, long-distan­ce guests. It is custo­ma­ry to show each other in dis­gui­se as crea­tively as pos­si­ble and to chat about the Cos­tu­mes with each other. At 7 p.m., the Kon­stan­zer Stu­dents para­de under Zip hats and in white Night­gowns. They car­ry lar­ge Ban­ners with Sto­ries of their Tea­chers. Gole (lar­ger-than-life dolls) and Music accom­pa­ny the Train Via Nie­der­burg to Müns­ter­platz with a desti­na­ti­on of Ste­phans­platz. Here the Stu­dents real­ly let off steam again at the Shirt Glon­ker­dis­co. This 04.02.2016, the City does not come to Rest until late at Night. This is how long the Old Town Streets, the Pubs, the Lower Cast­le, Müns­ter­platz, Zol­lern­stra­ße and the Salm­an­weiler­gas­se con­ti­nue to be cele­bra­ted. Fasnacht Constance 2016 (1)

Fash­night Para­des of the Clubs from Kon­stanz and The sur­roun­ding area on 07 July. And 08. Febru­a­ry 2016

For the big Fas­nacht Para­de to Fas­nacht, the Clubs of the City and The sur­roun­ding area pre­pa­re for a who­le Year. The Train of deco­ra­ted Trucks and ela­bo­r­ate­ly dis­gui­sed Club Groups con­ti­nues on 07 July. Febru­a­ry 2016 from 2pm play­ing music and dan­cing from Ste­phans­platz in Moti­on. From the­re to the Customs road to the mar­ket Venue, Guests can admi­re the Colour Splendour And Inge­nui­ty of the Fools. A Day later, on Rose Mon­day, the same Rou­te of the Far­ri­an Con­stan­ti­ne Children’s Rose Mon­day para­de takes place.

Car­ni­val of Fiber Night On the 09.02.2016 – the High­light of The Kon­stan­zer Alt­stadt­he­xen

Con­stan­ce can be descri­bed As liter­al­ly fla­ming on the Eve of Ash Wed­nes­day. Ghost Kuni­bert is sent to the Lake Under Tear­ful Fiber-night spee­ches, bro­ther Jacob’s Fun­e­ral also cele­bra­ted with tear-soa­ked Hand­ker­chiefs. Spec­ta­cu­lar for guests lar­ge and small Are the Burns, a tra­di­tio­nal Fare­well to the fifth Sea­son in Con­stan­ce and The sur­roun­ding area. Guests who feel Like a Visit to this Ritu­al will find the most popu­lar Events here:

  • 6.30 pm Mee­ting place at the Town hall, Gui­ded tour of the „Sea Spi­rits” to the Har­bour to Banish Kuni­bert To Lake Con­stan­ce.
  • 18.30 h Mee­ting Place Pala­ti­na­te Gar­den, Bur­ning of the Fasn­nachts­geists by the „Müns­ter Wit­ches” in front of the Kon­stan­zer Müns­ter.
  • 7pm Mee­ting place Ste­phans­platz, Bur­ning the Spi­rits by several Fiber night clubs on Ste­phans­platz. Lar­gest Clo­sing Event of Fas­nacht Con­stan­ce.
  • 7.30pm Mee­ting Place Augus­ti­nin­platz, Bur­ning the Spi­rits through the „Blät­ze­le­bue­be” on Augus­ti­ni­n­er­platz.


From the 6th. Janu­a­ry 2016 to 09.02.2016, Con­stan­cy is com­ple­te­ly in the Way of Car­ni­val. During this Time, Town Hall, old Town streets and many gas­tro­no­mic Estab­lish­ments are par­ti­cu­lar­ly colour­ful, cul­tu­ral­ly exci­ting and full of humo­rous High­lights of the fifth Sea­son. Tha­t’S why for Fas­nacht Con­stan­ce Hos­tels of the City Are hea­vi­ly boo­ked well in Advan­ce. If you are still loo­king For a Place to stay, you can easi­ly find it online with detail­ed Infor­ma­ti­on at The Guest House centre. Pic­tures: Chris Dann­ef­fel

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