How do you say so beau­ti­ful­ly? A Sea­fa­ring that is fun­ny, a Sea­fa­ring that is beau­ti­ful … Yes, on Lake Con­stan­ce, a boat trip or Boat trip is of cour­se abso­lute­ly part of it-whe­ther You want to strut in the Pedal Boat yours­elf, enjoy the View on an Excur­si­on ship or sim­ply use the Ship as a Means of Trans­port. From The Centro Guest house, You will be wit­hin 5 Minu­tes at the Con­stan­ti­ne Port and to The port of Kreuz­lin­gen, You will be clo­se to the port of Kon­stan­zel. 15 Mins. Today I will intro­du­ce You to a few of the many pos­si­bi­li­ties and show You whe­re You can find out.

Excur­si­on trips-Round Trips or by Boat to The Desti­na­ti­on

The­re are many beau­ti­ful Tours on Lake Con­stan­ce whe­re You can just relax and enjoy the View. This goes out, for Examp­le, with the „Seagull” from Kon­stanz or with the „MS Dolphin” from Kreuz­lin­gen. The „Seagull” also offers a roman­tic Sun­set evening ride. Many culi­na­ry Trips are avail­ab­le from the Lake Con­stan­ce Ship ope­ra­ti­ons from The Port of Kon­stanz: Here You can choo­se bet­ween pas­ta chat, bar­be­cue exit, wine tas­ting on Board, Fon­due, Brunch and many more. Even if You come To visit Con­stan­ce in Win­ter, the­re are some nice Offers such as Advent Rides-just find out here. But it’s not just Round trips that are inte­res­ting-from Kon­stanz and Kreuz­lin­gen You can get to almost every City on Lake Con­stan­ce by boat. Whe­ther You want to look At Bre­genz, expe­ri­ence the Rhi­ne Falls in Schaff­hau­sen or Stroll around in Fried­richs­ha­fen, the Jour­ney by ship is usual­ly more rela­xed and, above all, more beau­ti­ful than by car. If You need this, You can even take it easi­ly to the Other Side of The lake on the car fer­ry bet­ween Kon­stanz and Meers­burg. The dif­fe­rent Lines and Time­ta­ble can be found here and the Cata­ma­ran bet­ween Kon­stanz and Fried­richs­ha­fen here. To the Bre­genz Fes­ti­val the­re is even a spe­cial Crui­se, on which You will be offe­red a 3-Cour­se meal and on the Return Trip a „Mid­ni­ght Soup”-this makes the who­le Evening and The jour­ney along a gre­at Expe­ri­ence. Infor­ma­ti­on about the fes­ti­val crui­se or the simp­le fes­ti­val shut­tle can be found here.

Spe­cial Ships on Lake Con­stan­ce

An ordi­na­ry Excur­si­on ship is too boring For You? Or Would you just like to expe­ri­ence some­thing dif­fe­rent? Then may­be one of the­se Ships is right for You: With the Lädine with a lar­ge Frame sail, You go to whe­re the Wind blows You. The his­to­ric Car­go Gli­der, which was only used on Lake Con­stan­ce from the 14th Cen­tu­ry. Until 20. It was used in the 19Th Cen­tu­ry, taking You on a Tour of Kon­stanz or Immen­staad. More Infor­ma­ti­on Can be found here.

The his­to­ric Ships on Lake Con­stan­ce inclu­de the res­to­red Padd­le stea­mer „Hoh­ent­wiel.” Laun­ching in 1913, it is a real Fea­ture-the only Steam­ship and the oldest Pas­sen­ger Ship on Lake Con­stan­ce. It also offers spe­cial Rides-for Examp­le with Jazz Music. It’s worth che­cking out.

At Least as spe­cial and almost as old is the His­to­ri­cal Fer­ry „Con­stan­ce,” Built in 1928. It was the first Car Fer­ry in the who­le Of Euro­pe and has been dri­ving on Lake Con­stan­ce again sin­ce 2012 or is often loca­ted in the Port of Kon­stanz in The Sum­mer. Take a look here!

But even in modern Times the­re are spe­cial Ships-for examp­le, the Solar Fer­ry. Only with the Power of the Sun Do you dri­ve almost noi­sel­ess­ly across the Lake. In this way, You can enjoy natu­re in Peace and sup­port the Pro­tec­tion of the envi­ron­ment. Espe­ci­al­ly of Inte­rest to You are pro­bab­ly the small Fer­ry „Sole Mio” and the lar­ger „Helio.”

0″] Image of Mar­tin Hil­ber Licen­se CC BY-ND 2.0. https://​bit​.ly/​2​O​D​s​3TP

You have a Lake Lake Ship­per patent? Then You can char­ter sai­ling boats or Motor Boats in several Pla­ces on Lake Con­stan­ce, some­ti­mes even over­night.  For Examp­le, with the Wild Fleet In Kon­stanz-Wall­hau­sen. You don’t have a Lake Floor Ship­per patent? No pro­blem. In the Gon­do­la Port in Con­stan­ce, You can just bor­row a Pedal Boat or a small Motor­boat and have a few nice Hours on the Lake. The Water Sports Enthu­si­asts among us also get their Money’s worth: At La Canoa you can rent cano­eing kayaks and Stand-up padd­le­boards in some Pla­ces around Lake Con­stan­ce or even take a Cour­se! It’s sup­po­sed to be some­thing Big­ger, may­be for a Wed­ding or some other Cele­bra­ti­on? Many of the above ships can also be char­te­red with Skip­per. Just Check the Web­sites and ask the Ope­ra­tors!   And now… Mast-and-gra­vel break! And see you soon at Lake Con­stan­ce. 😉

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