Some of Germany’s most beau­ti­ful Pede­stri­an Areas” are hiding in Kon­stan­zer Nie­der­burg, accord­ing to the Maga­zi­ne GEO SAISON. The District bet­ween the Mins­ter and the Rhi­ne is one of the oldest Parts of Kon­stanz. Ori­gi­nal­ly, the Lower Cast­le was inha­bi­ted by Fisher­men and Craft­s­men. A Walk through the pic­tures­que Gas Tang­le is a Trip back in time. In this Arti­cle we will gui­de You through the beau­ti­ful Lower Cast­le, tell local Anec­do­tes and give Tips for a Stop. The Lower Cast­le got Its Name becau­se It was loca­ted below the for­mer Bishop’s Resi­dence near the Mins­ter. The Alley­ways descend on the Way to the Rhi­ne, as Street Sweepers-most­ly Gra­ve­dig­gers in Their „Spa­re time”-were so able to trans­port the Rub­bish and dirt of human And ani­mal resi­dents into the River so easi­ly. Today, the Ground Floors of the Lower Cast­le are lined with Wine­ries, Wine­ries, small Restau­rants and char­ming, owner-mana­ged Shops. For the big Chains, the quiet Nie­der­burg is thank­ful­ly unin­te­res­ting, the Shop Space too small. hose who scat­ter through the Lower Cast­le can quick­ly get lost in the hand­ful of Streets. That’s lar­ge­ly becau­se the Alley­ways are cur­ved-a medi­eval Defen­si­ve Mea­su­re. In the Event of an Attack, Enemies could not fire down the ent­i­re Length of a Road. The Murals, the Truss, The Vege­ta­ti­on and the Archi­tec­tu­re of the rich Patri­ci­an houses crea­te the Charm of the Nie­der­burg. So It is worth sca­ring your Head up and taking Time to per­cei­ve the Lower Cast­le in its ent­i­re Height.

Hal­le­scher Comet In the Kon­stan­zer Nie­der­burg

Every 75.3 Years, the Halley Comet Comes close to Earth and is one of the most famous Comets. Alrea­dy the Baby­loners docu­men­ted the lumin­ous Silence star in their Cun­ei­form Script. In 1910, the Comet sho­ne over Euro­pe, lea­ving such a strong Impres­si­on that it was even immor­ta­li­zed in the Lower Cast­le. Tho­se who start in the Insel­gas­se will find on the left, at the very top of the Eaves of a House a Mural Depic­ting the Comet. It was instal­led the­re in 1911.

Hump­le and Pig’s Back-Wen­del­gard of Meers­burg in Con­stan­ce

If you walk from The Hal­le­schen Comet to the Cor­ner of Inselgasse/Bridge Road-the „Cent­re” Of the Nie­der­burg, you will find the Restau­rant „Wen­delgard,” which offers bour­geois cui­sine. The Names­a­ke is, accord­ing to Legend, hum­py and pig-trun­ching. She lived in Meers­burg, on the other Lake side seen from Con­stan­ce, and was shun­ned by Peop­le the­re. Even when she offe­red the Halt­nau-a very lar­ge and lucra­ti­ve Wine­ry-to the City coun­cil, the Coun­cil­lors decli­ned. Wen­del­gard tur­ned to the Kon­stan­zer Coun­cil­lors: She would over­ri­de the Wine­ry of the hos­pi­tal foun­da­ti­on of the hos­pi­tal wine­ry of the hos­pi­tal Wine­ry Kon­stanz, if the Coun­cil­lors made an Excur­si­on in the Car­ria­ge with her every Sunday until the End of Her life and Ate tog­e­ther dai­ly. The Con­stan­zers did not hesi­ta­te for long and agreed. The Wendelgard­weg is also named after this Legend. It runs around the popu­lar Kon­stan­zer Out­door Swim­ming Pool „Hörn­le” and offers a won­der­ful View of the Lake Even in the cold Sea­son.

Con­stan­zer Culi­na­ry Delights-From Spätz­le to Late Bur­gun­dy

The Kon­stan­zer Cui­sine is cha­rac­te­ri­zed by the rich Histo­ry of the City-and the Fre­quent Chan­ge of Owner. The­re are Inclu­si­ons of Swa­bi­an, Alsa­ti­an, Swiss and French Cui­sine in the Pots. Typi­cal of Con­stan­cy is the Field salad of the Rei­chen­au with Crou­tons, the Baden Redi­stan­ces and the Egli­an fish dish. Caes­spätz­le, Mules and Spätz­le are com­bi­ned with Pork Medal­li­ons and domestic Mushrooms. The Swa­bi­an Pota­to Salad Is a typi­cal Side dish. The Thin Nels (Yeast dough) and Fla­me Cake (Flour dough) are often refer­red to as „Con­stant Piz­za” and are tra­di­tio­nal­ly top­ped with Oni­ons, Bacon or Pota­toes. For Din­ner, the Wines from Kon­stanz and the Sur­roun­ding area are offe­red. The Late Bur­gun­dy has been nati­ve to Lake Con­stan­ce sin­ce 884. Tho­se who pre­fer to drink White Wine will be hap­py with the Mül­ler-Thur­gau. Nowhe­re Does the fine Wine thri­ve bet­ter than at Lake Con­stan­ce, with its spe­cial cli­ma­tic and geo­lo­gi­cal Con­di­ti­ons. Also recom­men­ded are the white and Grey Bur­gun­dy, which are made around the Lake. The Hos­pi­tal wine­ry Kon­stanz offers Wine tastings, the Wine Shop „Franz Fritz” invi­tes you to the cosy Wine Bar.

Gas Fri­day-Feast bet­ween houses from May to Octo­ber

The Kon­stan­zer Gas­sen­frei­F­ri­day is a popu­lar Mee­ting Place for locals. On the first Fri­day of the Month from May to Octo­ber, shops, Pri­va­te Indi­vi­du­als and Restau­ra­teurs open their Doors and Invi­te you to Music, Drinks and Snacks until 10Pm. Peop­le cele­bra­te tog­e­ther and you always meet Acquain­tan­ces and Fri­ends on the Gas­sen­Fri­day-you make new Acquain­tan­ces. https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​L​m​u​X​P​u​5​I​oVQ

Tip: City tour through the Lower Cast­le

If you want to explo­re the Lower Cast­le in the Cour­se of a gui­ded tour, you are well ser­ved by a Gui­ded tour of the City (our Recom­men­da­ti­ons). We can espe­ci­al­ly recom­mend the City Gui­des Jens Weber and Marc Schloß­arek for Groups. For Indi­vi­du­als, we recom­mend the Gui­ded tour „Old Town tour some­ti­mes dif­fe­rent.” We wish You lots of Fun in the Kon­stan­zer Nie­der­burg And look for­ward to wel­co­m­ing You. Image Source: Ger­hard Gie­bener-Con­stan­ce-Old TOWN (12), CC BY 2.0, Link

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