A hear­ty break­fast – after all, the most important meal of the day – can be sel­ec­ted or desel­ec­ted when boo­king your room.

We offer you fresh­ly pre­pared cof­fee, cap­puc­ci­no, lat­te mac­chia­to and other cof­fee spe­cia­li­ties like Ita­li­an. In addi­ti­on, the­re are juices, cool and warm water as well as lac­to­se-free and regio­nal milk.

But of cour­se, the­re is more to fill than just the glas­ses and cups at the buf­fet: You will find bread, rolls and crispb­read as well as glu­ten-free alter­na­ti­ves, corn­flakes and mues­li. Choo­se bet­ween various savou­ry and sweet spreads, sau­sa­ges and cheese. And sure­ly not to for­get the break­fast eggs, fresh fruit or deli­cious yoghurt.

You can enjoy your meal in twos at the small tables, tog­e­ther in a group or as an exten­ded fami­ly at a big table. On warm days we open our bal­c­o­ny and set the tables the­re for you.

We will do our best so that your break­fast will be suf­fi­ci­ent. If, howe­ver, the­re is some­thing miss­ing, plea­se speak to us.

Our Break­fast Buf­fet offers you:

  • Cold buf­fet – sau­sa­ge (also poul­try), cheese (also lac­to­se-free), ham, vege­ta­bles, fruit and fruit salad
  • Fresh rolls and bread (also gluten-free)
  • Various soups
  • Seve­ral cof­fee and tea specialities
  • Mues­li and cornflakes
  • Savou­ry and sweet spreads
  • And much more…

Our break­fast room is loca­ted on the 1st flo­or next to the recep­ti­on. Break­fast is served:

  • Mon­day through Satur­day 07:30 am – 10:00 am
  • Sun­days and Public Holi­days 08:00 am – 11:00 am