The­re is no Doubt that the City Of Kon­stanz has a lot to offer both its Citi­zens and its Guests at any Time of the year. In the Win­ter Mon­ths, howe­ver, the Attrac­tiveness of this exclu­si­ve Desti­na­ti­on on Lake Con­stan­ce increa­ses many Times Over. We are Tal­king about Win­ter sports, which cer­tain­ly have some­thing for every Tas­te due to The Advan­ta­ge­ous geo­gra­phi­cal Loca­ti­on of Con­stan­ce.

Win­ter Sports – unli­mi­ted Plea­su­re for Young and Old

A Trip to the City on Lake Con­stan­ce is defi­ni­te­ly worthwhile. And that’s whe­ther You’­re loo­king for a quiet and tran­quil holi­day with a Bree­ze Of romance, wis­hing for a wide Ran­ge of Enter­tain­ment and Activi­ty, or pre­fer­ring a Mix of the two. In Kon­stanz its­elf, beau­ti­ful Parks and Green Spaces attract you to long Walks in the Snow. A Litt­le more ’ Action ’ awaits Enter­pri­sing peop­le on the nume­rous Tobog­gan runs that pro­mi­se Fun for the who­le Fami­ly. Apart from that, the­re are nume­rous ice Rinks of vary­ing Lengths and Faci­li­ties. The tra­di­tio­nal Ice Ska­ting on the Lake, on the other hand, is an Expe­ri­ence of a very spe­cial Kind and is cer­tain­ly very much in the Trend of the cur­rent return to a natu­re-con­nec­ted life­style and thus also leisu­re Style. Apart from the Charms that the City of Kon­stanz its­elf unfolds, the­re are nume­rous Win­ter Adven­tures wai­ting for par­ti­cu­lar­ly fle­xi­ble and mobi­le Visi­tors in the imme­dia­te Vicini­ty, espe­ci­al­ly in the cold sea­son. So If You Want a har­mo­nious Com­bi­na­ti­on of cosy Flair and an unf­or­gett­able Natu­re Expe­ri­ence, impres­si­ve Snow para­di­ses such as the Alps are just a Stone’S throw away. Other win­ter High­lights Are Grau­bün­den, Tyrol and the Aus­tri­an Vor­arl­berg. With this Reper­toire, the­re is litt­le left of choice for lovers of Win­ter Sports. The fact that most Desti­na­ti­ons can be easi­ly reached by Bus or by Ride Is also an Advan­ta­ge. The­re are no Limits to your win­ter sports activi­ties, becau­se whe­ther it is a mana­ge­ab­le twen­ty or chal­len­ging 200 Kilo­me­tres of Pis­tes, You will find ever­ything You can only dream of for an active Win­ter holi­day In The Vicini­ty of Kon­stanz.

The color­ful Pot­pour­ri of Dif­fe­rent Leisu­re Activi­ties in and around Con­stan­ce

In addi­ti­on to Tobog­ga­ning, Ice Ska­ting and Ski­ing, You also have ple­nty of oppor­tu­ni­ty to explo­re the enchan­ted Win­ter land­s­cape on Foot. If it is to be the more deman­ding Win­ter sport, a Day Trip to the Swiss Win­ter Sports Area Ober­tog­gen­burg is recom­men­ded, which offers exci­ting ter­rain for Begin­ners as well as advan­ced Ski­ers. In addi­ti­on to the­se Advan­ta­ges, the Regi­on impres­ses with its rela­tively small distan­ce from Kon­stanz, with only a rela­tively small Distan­ce of 100 Kilo­me­tres. In Addi­ti­on, Snow Park and Après-Ski gua­ran­tee a rela­xed Atmo­s­phe­re for Tho­se in Need of Rest and Sports Enthu­si­asts ali­ke. Freer­i­ders, on the other hand, will feel par­ti­cu­lar­ly com­for­ta­ble in Sil­vet­ta Nova, about 120 Kilo­me­tres away. In Addi­ti­on, the­re are count­less other ski and Hiking Are­as that want to be explo­red. The Ran­ge of Usa­ge Opti­ons pro­ves to Be just as diver­se as the respec­tive Desti­na­ti­ons them­sel­ves. It is Worth not­ing the often very low Fares, for examp­le the 3‑Valley Pass for Stu­dents, which is valid for several Ski Resorts. From Day Trips to stays in quaint Huts for several days, the Regi­on offers a Pletho­ra of Vari­ants. In order to round off the win­ter Ambi­ence, culi­na­ry Deli­caci­es such as Mul­led wine, Brat­wurst and hot Cho­co­la­te should not be mis­sing. Whe­ther it’S Ska­ting over Lake Grace or strol­ling through the City in the char­ming old Town of Kon­stanz, streng­t­he­ned in this Way, Win­ter Sports are twice As fun. So If you choo­se the tran­quil Con­stan­cy as the Base sta­ti­on for your Win­ter Holi­day, you make a wise Decisi­on, becau­se both Peace and rela­xa­ti­on as well as attrac­tive Win­ter Sports Attrac­tions can be easi­ly and easi­ly reached. You got to tas­te? Then do not hesi­ta­te, but reser­ve one of our cosy Rooms in order to enjoy the par­ti­cu­lar­ly enchan­ting snow land­s­cape on Lake Con­stan­ce to the Ful­lest.

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