Ahh, glo­rious! Do You Know the Fee­ling? The Hotel is boo­ked. The Car. Packed The Suit­ca­ses. The Holi­days are just around the Cor­ner and the Holi­day can come. Feels good, right? In fact, the­re is only one ques­ti­on left to be cla­ri­fied. What to do once you end up at the Holi­day Resort? Actual­ly a simp­le Ques­ti­on, and yet it regu­lar­ly sparks hea­ted dis­cus­sions in Ger­man House­holds. The Child­ren want Play, Natu­re and Fun, the Par­ents Rela­xa­ti­on, Cul­tu­re and Rela­xa­ti­on. It is not always easy to satis­fy ever­yo­ne. But do not worry, we from the Centro Guest­house Are reme­dy this Pro­blem! If You show Your Loved ones our Artic­le today of the Top 10 Sights in Con­s­tance, I’m sure ever­yo­ne will find it. This allows You to crea­te a balan­ced Holi­day Pro­gram that will get everyone’s Money’s worth. We have rese­ar­ched for You, and in addi­ti­on to our own many Years of expe­ri­ence, we have also con­sul­ted The Kon­stan­zer Tou­rist Infor­ma­ti­on and the best Hotels around Lake Con­s­tance. The Result is 10 Con­stant Dance sights that You real­ly can’t miss. Big, small, there’s some­thing for ever­yo­ne here. Enough of the Pre­face, we do not stretch you any fur­ther on the Tor­tu­re, here they are, the Top 10 Sights in Constance!

10Th place: Ros­gar­ten­mu­se­um Konstanz

The Rosgar­ten­mu­se­um is loca­ted in the midd­le of The old Town of Kon­stan­zer And will be in its 150th anni­ver­sa­ry in 2020. Cele­bra­ting the anni­ver­sa­ry as a Muse­um. Yes, sin­ce 1870 the Buil­ding has been used as a Muse­um and is con­side­red THE muse­um for the Art, Cul­tu­re and Histo­ry of the enti­re Lake Con­s­tance regi­on. Expe­ri­ence the Histo­ry and Ever­y­day Life in the City of Kon­stanz in the Cour­se of Dif­fe­rent Epochs and Times. Spe­cial Focus is pla­ced here on the Midd­le Ages-an ide­al The­me for litt­le Knights and young Prin­ces­ses. What to see in Konstanz Rosgartenmuseum One of the Rooms, the Pre-his­tory hall, is lis­ted as such and, with its Coll­ec­tion of medieval Relics from Con­s­tance, is almost a Muse­um in The Muse­um. Learn More about the Rosgartenmuseum > >

9Th place: The Lake Con­s­tance Spa Constance

When you talk about Sights in Con­s­tance, you usual­ly think of cul­tu­ral Insti­tu­ti­ons or his­to­ri­cal Monu­ments. That a „Swim­ming Pool” can be worth see­ing, You pro­ba­b­ly would­n’t have come up to that, would you? In the Case of the Con­stance Lake Con­s­tance ther­mal spa, howe­ver, this is inde­ed the case. Attractions Constance Spa As ear­ly as 1890, the then lido ope­ned in Con­s­tance, and from 1975 it was Affec­tion­a­te­ly cal­led „Jaköb­le,” after it was res­to­red and ren­a­med the Lei­su­re Bath Jakob. In the mid-90s, howe­ver, this no lon­ger met modern bathing And Well­ness Requi­re­ments. After Con­cep­ti­on, Ten­de­ring Com­pe­ti­ti­on, and the first Ground­brea­king cerem­o­ny in Octo­ber 2005, the 25 Mil­li­on expen­si­ve Spa was ope­ned in Mid-2007 and offers not only outdoor swim­ming pools, slides, indoor pools, Sau­na, out­door faci­li­ties, Mas­sa­ges and Direct Access to the Lake, but also a impres­si­ve View of this one. Attractions Constance Spa The Kids nib­ble on Cur­ry­wurst and Fries, and while Mum enjoys a long-awai­ted mas­sa­ge, Dad can pull his Tracks-or take a Nap on one of the many Loun­gers on the Pan­o­r­amic Cor­ner;-). The Roof of the Spa Floats like a Sail over the two Wings of the Spa, which seem like The mother ship and Ding­hy, which lie on the Shore Of the see­mingly end­less lake. Well, if that’s not worth see­ing! Learn More about the Con­s­tance Lake Con­s­tance Lake Con­s­tance ther­mal spa > >

8 place: The City Garden

Also right on the Lake is the City gar­den, which is the Venue for num­e­rous Events, Con­certs, and Events that take place throug­hout the Year in Con­s­tance. The Lake­si­de Pavi­li­on offers a clear View of the Lake, whe­re Par­ents can keep track of the Child­ren play­ing on the expan­si­ve Lawn with a cosy Cof­fee. Sights in Konstanz Stadtgarten Image Source: Wikipedia Ano­ther High­light here is the Coun­cil of Kon­stanz, which attracts with fine Food, a fri­end­ly Team, Events with up to 800 Guests and a culina­ry Tour of the city. The Stadt­gar­ten is also a cen­tral Venue for the Inter­national Lake Con­s­tance Week in Con­s­tance (2016 from 19 – 22. May), one of the oldest and most famous Water Sports Events in Euro­pe. Learn More about the Events in The Stad­gar­ten Konstanz > >

7Th place: Con­cert Mussel

At the nor­t­hern End of the City gar­den, the Con­cert shell Is already wai­ting. Eit­her that You watch the cur­rent Con­cert, or alre­a­dy to the next one. The archi­tec­tu­ral and tone-tech­ni­cal Mas­ter­pie­ce shi­nes with Unob­s­truc­ted views at Sea and Alps, Seats and Umbrel­las. Sights in Constance Concert Shell Image Source: Wiki­pedia Many Bands are drawn to Per­for­mance here in the Sum­mer. Accom­pa­nied by a Varie­ty of Stalls offe­ring Gas­tro­no­mic Delights, the­se are held during the Summer Nights, which take place every year in August. The best? The lis­ted con­cert Shell is available free of Char­ge to every Con­s­tancard, clubs and cul­tu­ral Initia­ti­ves, making it a social and cul­tu­ral hub of the City. Learn More about the Con­cert shell > >

6Th place: The Theat­re with limi­t­ed Hope

What to see in Konstanz TmbHHen­drik Heer­ma is to Bla­me. The Elec­tion-con­trast tank had con­trac­ted the improv virus‑a rare, and hila­rious One-in his Home­town of Dort­mung. It forces Infec­ted peo­p­le to play Impro­vi­sa­tio­nal Theat­re on a regu­lar Basis, and spreads with frigh­tening speed, espe­ci­al­ly among Stu­dents. For 23 Years now, all „Suf­fe­rers” have been regu­lar­ly gathe­ring in the Theat­re with limi­t­ed Hope, which often takes place in the K9 Muni­ci­pal Art and Cul­tu­ral Cent­re.   The Goal: To have Fun, Fail­ure, to lose The Shy­ness and to laugh a lot. Fol­lo­wing the Cana­di­an Model, two Teams usual­ly argue about the Bet in fun­ny Games and try to deli­ver the most fun­ny Per­for­mance pos­si­ble. Here You are in the midd­le of it, ins­tead of just taking part: The Audi­ence deci­des who wins, gets Cards to Vote and even Thro­wing Mate­ri­al. With good Per­for­mance it rains roses, with bad Wet Spon­ges-just don’t try it in the Cine­ma or our City Theat­re! Learn More about the Theat­re with limi­t­ed Hope > >

5Th place: SEA LIFE Constance

We Informed You in Detail about the SEA LIFE in Kon­stanz last Year. Our Opi­ni­on has not chan­ged in the Mean­ti­me. The Aqua­ri­um offers Fun and Fun for the who­le Fami­ly, is even ins­truc­ti­ve and lea­ves not­hing to be desi­red in the wow fac­tor. Things to See IN Konstanz SEA Life Image source: Blick​.ch That the SEA LIFE Con­s­tance is only one Flight of a fly­ing fish (400 m) from The Centro guest House, we and our Guests par­ti­cu­lar­ly like that the SEA LIFE Con­s­tance is loca­ted only a flight of a fly­ing fish (400 m) from the Centro guest house. So much so that we offer You two Tickets for the Price of one when You stay in our House. Well, alre­a­dy booked? Learn More about the SEA LIFE in Constance > >

4Th Place: Muns­ter of Our Lady

The Kon­stan­zer Mins­ter, also cal­led The Mins­ter of Our Lady, not only offers the best Views over Con­s­tance, but also cha­rac­te­ri­zes the city­scape from a distance, with its 78-met­re-high Tower in Gothic style. What to see in Konstanz Münster Image Source: Wikipedia In Addi­ti­on to a long Histo­ry with Col­lap­ses, new Buil­dings, Exten­si­ons and Res­to­ra­ti­ons dating back to Anci­ent times, the Basi­li­ca is now used as a Catho­lic Church. The Mau­ri­ti­us Round is a spe­cial Pil­grimage desti­na­ti­on for Begriers of the Way of St. James. If you visit the Inte­ri­or of the Church, you should also climb the 193 Steps to the obser­va­ti­on deck. Even after a fur­ther 52 Steps, the View from the Bal­co­nies can be par­ti­cu­lar­ly dar­ing. The­re are also gui­ded tours, of cour­se. Learn More about the Kon­stan­zer Münster > >

3Rd place: The Imperia

The Imperia is tru­ly uni­que. As well as being the world’s lar­gest Monu­ment to a Cour­tesan, it is also a Kind Of Sta­tue of Liber­ty for Con­s­tance. The 9 m high and 18-ton High and 18-ton sculp­tu­re, cast in con­cre­te, lin­gers at the End of the Har­bour gate next to the City gar­den, and rota­tes around its own Axis within 4 Minu­tes. What to see in Konstanz Imperia Image Source: Wiki­pedia In Addi­ti­on to its con­spi­cuous Appearance, it offers num­e­rous Secrets and Mys­te­ries to be dis­co­ver­ed. For exam­p­le, its Pedes­tal con­ce­als Baden-Württemberg’s oldest Level Mea­su­ring Sta­ti­on. The Plinth its­elf was spon­so­red by a Com­pa­ny that no lon­ger exists, yet the Ground on which the fier­ce­ly con­tro­ver­si­al Lady stands belongs to the Ger­man Rail­way. Madame Impe­ria is a sar­ca­stic Refe­rence to the so-cal­led Mould-press Her­mi­ta­ti­on at the Time of The Con­stan­zer Coun­cil and Takes the Rulers of past Cen­tu­ries on the Rails with Fool’s crown, Pope and emper­or in their Hands. But You can find out this yours­elf in Detail:-) Learn More about Imperia > >

2Nd place: Kon­stan­zer Old Town

The Old town in Con­s­tance beg­ins as a small Bishop’s Seat around 600, from the Year 1400 it will no lon­ger expand in terms of area. From a Con­s­truc­tion point of view, howe­ver, more than hard­ly any hap­pens else­whe­re. Uni­que cha­rac­te­ristic of the Old town: It is loca­ted south of the Rhi­ne, and yet on the „Swiss Side”-otherwise only the bor­de­ring west parts of the City Can cla­im this. Sights in Konstanz Old Town The Buil­dings from almost 700 Years of acti­ve Con­s­truc­tion Are super­b­ly pre­ser­ved, as the Old town Of Con­stan­ti­ne was com­ple­te­ly spared from the devas­ta­ting Acts of the First and Second World Wars. Bet­ween sacred Buil­dings, late medieval bour­geois Hou­ses and clas­si­cist Archi­tec­tu­re, You can brow­se here in small Spe­cial­ty Shops, but also in Bran­ches of well-known Brands, or enjoy a Cof­fee in an idyl­lic atmo­sphe­re. Learn More about the Old town Of Konstanz > >

1St place: Main­au Island

Whe­ther by pedes over the Bridge or by Boat, the Island of Main­au remains our Num­ber 1 sights to dis­co­ver in Con­s­tance. It is the third lar­gest Island in Lake Con­s­tance. About. 185 Inha­bi­tants romp around on the small Island, the Cent­re of which is the gra­ted Fami­ly and the Ger­man Order Cast­le. What to See In Constance Mainau Image Source: Boden­see.de Lenn­art Count Ber­na­dotte († 2004), the Gre­at-grand­son of Grand Duke Fre­de­rick I, trans­for­med the negle­c­ted and feral island into a bota­ni­cal Para­di­se and allo­wed the Public Access. Sin­ce 1974, a cha­ri­ta­ble Foun­da­ti­on of the Coun­ty has mana­ged the Island and its tou­rist Ope­ra­ti­ons. In addi­ti­on to fan­ta­stic Restau­rants, Events, Semi­nars, Events and Gui­ded tours, the Island with the But­ter­fly House and the Palm House even offers bad Wea­ther alter­na­ti­ves. Oh yes, you should­n’t miss the Chat with the Count­ess hers­elf! Learn More about the Island Of Mainau > >

Our Top 10 Attrac­tions in Con­s­tance-what are Yours?

Do You agree with us? Or did we grab a Pla­ce­ment next to it? What are Your Favo­ri­te Attrac­tions and Attrac­tions in Con­s­tance? Which Pla­ce­ments from our List will make it onto Your Holi­day sche­du­le, and which won’t? Let us know when You book Your Stay at The Centro guest House, and we can help You with more Ide­as! We wish You a plea­sant Holi­day, an unfor­gettable Time in our beau­tiful City and look for­ward to wel­co­ming You in per­son soon! Aut­hor: Niklas Göke, 2016