A Holiday in Konstanz is always an Experience-whether in Summer or Winter, of course, every Holidaymaker is left to fend for himself. Of Course, it is hoped that the Sun will stand by you and send its Rays down to earth. But sometimes it comes in different than planned and thick Clouds and Rainy Weather Thwart the Plans. But don’t Worry, with these Tips You can spend wonderful Days in Constance even in The Rain.

Walking and Feasting

Even a Walk in the Rain can be very pleasant. With Umbrella and a firm Pair of Shoes, you can also go down well against Bad Weather. A Walk along Lake Constance soothes Body and Mind. The Soul can be dangled and luckily You are not made of Sugar! Numerous Hiking Trails offer Space to march through the Countryside and enjoy the fantastic Views. Afterwards you can stop in at one of the many Cafés, which offer hot Drinks and delicious Cakes as well as other Snacks.

Old Town and Wellness

The Old town is definitely worth a Visit-and if You’re already there, pay a Visit to Sea Life! A great Aquarium Where you can spot graceful Fish species and even Marvel at sharks. After that, how about a Visit to the Lake Constance spa in Constance? Massages and Relaxation are on the Daily Programme. Classic Saunas, infusion saunas and relaxation pools end a lively Day. No one should have to miss the magnificent View of Lake Constance!

Lake Constance-Nature Museum for Young and Old

Are you more the Type for Museums? Then take a look at Lake Constance Nature Museum, which You will also find in the Old town! An Exhibition that encourages participation and Touch is waiting to Visit. The Formation of Lake Constance, Ice Age And the Environment are just a few of the many Themes that await you as a curious Visitor. The lavishly designed exhibition works with new Media and a huge Panoramic Window gives the View of the Alps and Lake Constance. An Experience for Young and Old.

Exclusive High-altitude Flight and down-to-earth Time Travel

If You are ready to go for a very exceptional Experience, you should definitely watch the Zeppelin Tour. Of course, you can’t fly in the event of a storm or a Thunderstorm, if the flight is impaired, the Zeppelin Does not take off for Safety Reasons. But with a few Clouds it looks different and in any Case the Flight is worth its Price: You will get to know important Cities of Lake Constance and float nimbly over this like a Bird! If you are more interested in the Technology of a Zeppelin, you should definitely not miss the Visit to the Zeppelin Shipyard! Or would a Trip to the Zeppelin Museum be more conceivable in Bad Weather? The Catamaran takes You from The Constantine Port directly to the Museum in just under an Hour.

Medieval Time Travel

How about a little Time Travel for You and Your Family? Numerous Castles, Castles and Churches adorn the entire Lake Constance region. Also near Konstanz there are numerous magnificent Buildings that amaze and amaze. In the car-free village of Meersburg Lies the picturesque Castle of the same name. Not only is it one of the Main Attractions of Lake Constance, but it is also considered one of the oldest inhabited Castles in Germany. Idyllic Streets in The Town invite you to Stroll, Ice Dinner and Stop at various Restaurants after a Visit to the Castle.

Curated Program cinema is an Insider’S Tip

Things get a Little more personal When You’re looking for more secret places where not every Tourist is staying. How about a leisurely Trip To the cinema? In the Zebra cinema, one particularly likes to come to the attention: Volunteers curate the Program according to content criteria and not every Hollywood strip is shown. If you come here, you can quickly be captivated by the Atmosphere. If you still don’t have enough after the Cinema, you can Skillfully lock out the Rainy weather at the Bowling Center. At Las Vegas Bowling, however, you can also simply enjoy a Drink at the Bar, play Billiards or Darts as well as Kickers and Photoplay. Rainy Weather must not spoil the Fun. Whether You are expanding your Wealth of knowledge in Museums, looking at Sigmarigen Castle, which is a fantastic Destination for the whole Family, or visiting an Adventure pool. Don’t Forget that Your good Mood doesn’t depend on bad Weather. A bit of Rain doesn’t spoil a Holiday, You see it as a Chance to get to know Constance from the inside.

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