Con­s­tance is not only the lar­gest city on Lake Con­s­tance. It’s known for its famous har­bour ent­rance, but also in the vici­ni­ty you can dis­co­ver a varie­ty of wort­hwhile attrac­tions. What you shouldn’t miss when stay­ing in Con­s­tance, you will find in the fol­lo­wing article.

The flower island Main­au – A must on Lake Constance!

Quack-i-di-quack. The­se ducks are seve­ral meters high and are made of flowers.

The flower island Main­au is an inte­res­t­ing desti­na­ti­on but not only for the flower lovers; Here you can escape the stress of ever­y­day life won­derful­ly. Dis­co­ver giant sequoi­as, an Ita­li­an rose gar­den, a dah­lia gar­den or the impo­sing baro­que cast­le. Of cour­se, a par­ti­cu­lar­ly sump­tuous flow of flowers awaits you in the spring and sum­mer months, but the island of Main­au also has its charm in winter.

On rai­ny days the­re is a spe­cial bad wea­ther pro­gram for the visi­tors: A gui­ded tour through the cast­le or a visit to the but­ter­fly house won’t be boring.

Of cour­se, also for the phy­si­cal well-being pro­vi­ded: Enjoy a fan­ta­stic view of Lake Con­s­tance, eit­her from one of the beer gar­dens or cafés. The „Schwe­den­schen­ke” with its Medi­ter­ra­ne­an flair is also a popu­lar desti­na­ti­on for most guests. Com­bi­ne a trip to the island with a boat trip on Lake Con­s­tance – all moo­rings also offer trips to Main­au during the peak season.

Sea Life Kon­stanz – Get in touch with the inha­bi­tants of our seas

SEA LIFE Constance (6)
Nemo found.

In the imme­dia­te vici­ni­ty of Tier­park See­burg, direct­ly on the shore of Lake Con­s­tance, you can visit the Sea Life of the city of Kon­stanz. On rai­ny days, this is a gre­at desti­na­ti­on for the who­le fami­ly. After all, you can dis­co­ver about 3,000 dif­fe­rent fish spe­ci­es in more than 30 pools here.

The high­light is undoub­ted­ly the eight-meter-long tun­nel through which you can reach the fan­ta­stic world of the Red Sea. Inci­den­tal­ly, the Sea Life Kon­stanz is the only faci­li­ty in Ger­ma­ny whe­re you can also dis­co­ver pen­gu­ins. But not only the gen­too pen­gu­ins, also piran­has, reef sharks and cat­fi­sh are very spe­cial attrac­tions in the Sea Life Konstanz.

Up the Pfänder!

View from Pfän­der Loch­au on Lake Con­s­tance, you can also see the island with the old town of Lin­dau. Pho­to­grapher: Vita­lis Eichwald

If you love not only the water, but also the moun­ta­ins, you are just right on Lake Con­s­tance. The Pfän­der, the local moun­tain of Bre­genz, offers gre­at views of Lake Con­s­tance with a height of 1,064 met­res. Of cour­se you don’t have to climb the moun­tain on foot, but you can use the Pfän­der­bahn with its lar­ge cab­ins. Once at the top, you not only enjoy an unfor­gettable pan­o­r­amic view of more than 200 Alpi­ne peaks, but you can also visit the Alpi­ne Wild­life Park.

Ibex, dam and mou­f­lon don’t just make children’s hearts beat fas­ter. From May to Sep­tem­ber, the Gast­haus Pfän­der­spit­ze is open, which is loca­ted in the imme­dia­te vici­ni­ty of the sum­mit cross and is quite com­for­ta­b­ly fur­nis­hed. Acti­ve peo­p­le can explo­re the Höhen­wan­der­weg by moun­tain bike on the Pfän­der or ski or snow­board in the win­ter months. Two sur­face lifts are available to visitors.

Zep­pe­lin­mu­se­um Fried­richs­ha­fen – Dis­co­ver the world’s lar­gest avia­ti­on exhibition

The Friedinmuseum Friedrichshafen. In the Foreground you can see the Passenger Ship "Graf Zeppelin." By Rizzo-Own Work, CC BY 3.0,
The Zep­pe­lin Muse­um Fried­richs­ha­fen. In the fore­ground you can see the pas­sen­ger ship „Graf Zep­pe­lin”. By Riz­zo – Own Work, CC BY 3.0, https://​com​mons​.wiki​me​dia​.org/​w​/​i​n​d​e​x​.​p​h​p​?​c​u​r​i​d​=​7​3​7​0​872

If you are inte­res­ted in avia­ti­on, you should abso­lut­e­ly visit the Zep­pe­lin­mu­se­um in Fried­richs­ha­fen. Explo­re a faithful repli­ca of the „LZ 129 Hin­den­burg”, a Zep­pe­lin, which was named after the Ger­man Reich Pre­si­dent Paul von Hindenburg.

But that’s not all: on the upper flo­or of the muse­um you can also visit an inte­res­t­ing art coll­ec­tion with important works by num­e­rous artists from sou­thern Ger­ma­ny. Why not com­bi­ne a visit to the Zep­pe­lin­mu­se­um with a boat trip on Lake Con­s­tance – sui­ta­ble com­bi­na­ti­on tickets are offe­red, espe­ci­al­ly in the high sea­son, from all important loca­ti­ons on Lake Constance.

Affen­berg Salem: Germany’s lar­gest mon­key open-air enclosure

Berber Monkeys at Affenberg Salem Animal Park.
Ber­ber mon­keys in the ani­mal park Affen­berg Salem .. By Rufus46 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://​crea​tive​com​mons​.org/​l​i​c​e​n​s​e​s​/​b​y​-​s​a​/​3.0)], via Wiki­me­dia Commons
Come as clo­se to the Bar­ba­ry Macaque as any­whe­re else – that’s made pos­si­ble by the Affen­berg Salem. Espe­ci­al­ly for fami­lies with child­ren this is one of the high­lights on Lake Con­s­tance. The appro­xi­m­ate­ly 200 Bar­ba­ry apes live here in a 20-acre woo­ded area, whe­re you can get very clo­se to them as visitors.

Feed the mon­keys with spe­cial pop­corn and you’ll be ama­zed at how fri­end­ly the ani­mals are. But you can dis­co­ver not only mon­keys in the Affen­berg Salem: Also a stork colo­ny as well as fallow deer live in the Affen­berg Salem. The Affen­berg tavern pro­vi­des phy­si­cal well-being of the visi­tors; Let yours­elf be pam­pe­red under shady chest­nut trees.

Fort­ress Hoh­ent­wiel: fun for big and small visitors

Fort­ress ruin Hoh­ent­wiel. By Peter Stein – Home­ma­de, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://​com​mons​.wiki​me​dia​.org/​w​/​i​n​d​e​x​.​p​h​p​?​c​u​r​i​d​=​5​1​0​316

The fort­ress Hoh­ent­wiel is loca­ted on the epony­mous vol­ca­nic group Hoh­ent­wiel and is the lar­gest cast­le of its kind in Ger­ma­ny with a total area of nine hec­ta­res. From here you have not only a gre­at view to the sum­mit chain of the Swiss Alps, you can also expe­ri­ence Lake Con­s­tance from a com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent perspective.

But the fort­ress its­elf is of cour­se a very spe­cial expe­ri­ence: It’s best to join one of the gui­ded tours, which take place twice a day in the main sea­son and last 120 minu­tes. You can also use the audio gui­de and explo­re the fort­ress on your own very well.

The Rhi­ne Falls, the lar­gest water­fall in Europe

Rhine Falls Schaffhausen
The Rhi­ne Falls in Schaff­hau­sen. By Sven Scharr – Own Work, CC BY 3.0, https://​com​mons​.wiki​me​dia​.org/​w​/​i​n​d​e​x​.​p​h​p​?​c​u​r​i​d​=​6​2​3​8​201

The Rhi­ne Falls in Schaff­hau­sen is one of the most impres­si­ve natu­ral phe­no­me­na Switz­er­land has to offer. If you spend the holi­day in Con­s­tance, it’s only a stone’s throw away by car. With a height of 23 and a width of up to 150 meters, the Rhi­ne Falls is one of the lar­gest water­falls in Euro­pe and a real natu­ral phenomenon.

Cer­tain­ly some other water­falls are even hig­her, but due to its water volu­me of up to 700 cubic meters per second, the Rhi­ne Falls is the lar­gest in Euro­pe. Be sure to visit one of the vie­w­ing plat­forms, or even bet­ter: opt for a boat trip. With the so-cal­led Rhy­fall-Mänd­li you come very clo­se to the water­fall. If you can set it up, visit the Rhi­ne Falls in the evening, becau­se then it will be impres­si­ve­ly illuminated.

Sän­tis: View of six count­ries at 2,500 meters altitude

The view from Schäf­ler to Sän­tis. (Moun­tain with anten­na). From Cau­ma­see – Own Work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://​com​mons​.wiki​me​dia​.org/​w​/​i​n​d​e​x​.​p​h​p​?​c​u​r​i​d​=​1​0​9​4​5​249

You would like to have an incom­pa­ra­ble view of the Swiss and Aus­tri­an moun­ta­ins and even into the count­ries of France, Ita­ly and Liech­ten­stein? Then a visit to the Sän­tis moun­tain is a must. The tele­fe­ric will take you com­for­ta­b­ly to the Sän­tis in less than ten minu­tes. Once at the top, you will not only find a fan­ta­stic pan­o­r­amic view, but also the Gast­haus Passhöhe.

Once you have mas­te­red the ascent on foot, you can real­ly start streng­thening yours­elf here. Ano­ther high­light is the hotel on the Sän­tis, which offers all the amen­i­ties you could wish for.

Lin­dau – fan­ta­stic loca­ti­on on an island in Lake Constance

Port Entrance Lindau
The har­bor ent­rance Lin­dau is the second most beau­tiful on Lake Con­s­tance. By Juli­an Her­zog, CC-BY 4.0, https://​com​mons​.wiki​me​dia​.org/​w​/​i​n​d​e​x​.​p​h​p​?​c​u​r​i​d​=​2​4​8​9​0​948

Lin­dau is one of the most famous cities on Lake Con­s­tance, which is so uni­que becau­se of its loca­ti­on. The old town of Lin­dau is loca­ted on an island and is worth a visit thanks to its pic­tures­que streets. The har­bour ent­rance of Lin­dau is a clas­sic pho­to oppor­tu­ni­ty, which you shouldn’t miss. The ent­rance to the har­bour is bor­de­red by a Bava­ri­an lion and a white light­house; In the back­ground you can impres­si­ve­ly dis­co­ver the often snow-cap­ped peaks of the Alps.

In addi­ti­on to the old town with its cen­tu­ries-old buil­dings and the water­front pro­me­na­de is worth a visit, becau­se this is con­side­red the most beau­tiful on Lake Con­s­tance. Be enchan­ted by the lush vege­ta­ti­on; Lin­dau is known for its almost Medi­ter­ra­ne­an cli­ma­te. If you go to the city cent­re of Lin­dau, you should first visit two of the top sights, the Dieb­sturm and the Mang­turm. Both are tru­ly magi­cal; in the Mang­turm the­re are even regu­lar fairy tale lessons.

Of cour­se, a boat trip on Lake Con­s­tance should defi­ni­te­ly be on the pro­gram once you stay in Lin­dau. A popu­lar desti­na­ti­on is the flower island Main­au, but also a tour on Lake Con­s­tance is an unfor­gettable experience.

Meers­burg: Roman­tic small town idyll

The Meers­burg towers over the city. By Rein­hard Kirch­ner – own pic­tu­re, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://​com​mons​.wiki​me​dia​.org/​w​/​i​n​d​e​x​.​p​h​p​?​c​u​r​i​d​=​1​1​9​7​7​511

The small town of Meers­burg is one of the high­lights near Con­s­tance. In addi­ti­on to Con­s­tance and Lin­dau on Lake Con­s­tance, Meers­burg is one of the most visi­ted towns on Lake Con­s­tance. The advan­ta­ges of this small town are obvious: Meers­burg is also known as a town of muse­ums, which offers its visi­tors a wealth of cul­tu­ral high­lights and facilities.

Not only in Fried­richs­ha­fen, but also in Meers­burg you can visit a zep­pe­lin muse­um. In addi­ti­on, you shouldn’t miss the VINEUM Boden­see, as well as the Kera­mik-Ate­lier Benz.

One of the land­marks of the town, howe­ver, is the Meers­burg Cast­le, in which alre­a­dy lived the poet Annet­te von Dros­te-Hüls­hoff. More than 35 ful­ly fur­nis­hed rooms are here to dis­co­ver; but also unfor­gettable is the view from the cast­le café on Lake Constance.

Many attrac­tions of Meers­burg are loca­ted in the Upper Town, which can be rea­ched direct­ly from the har­bour via a 170-step stair­ca­se. Once at the top, you can expect num­e­rous pic­tures­que half-tim­be­red hou­ses and nar­row streets with cosy taverns. The regi­on of Lake Con­s­tance can look back on 800 years of wine history.

Pfahl­bau­mu­se­um Unte­ruhl­din­gen, one of the cul­tu­ral high­lights on Lake Constance

Stake Building museum in Unteruhldingen
The archeo­lo­gi­cal open-air muse­um in Unte­ruhl­din­gen. By Ang­Mo­Kio – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://​com​mons​.wiki​me​dia​.org/​w​/​i​n​d​e​x​.​p​h​p​?​c​u​r​i​d​=​1​0​5​9​4​462

When stay­ing in Con­s­tance, you should defi­ni­te­ly visit one of the lar­gest open-air muse­ums in Euro­pe, the Pfahl­bau­mu­se­um Unte­ruhl­din­gen. Embark on a jour­ney of dis­co­very into the Stone Age and Bron­ze Age and explo­re the 23 true-to-life replicas.

For exam­p­le, in the Bron­ze Age vil­la­ge of Buch­au you can visit antique tools or explo­re the typi­cal that­ched hou­ses in the Stone Age vil­la­ge of Sipp­lin­gen. The mas­cot of the muse­um is Uhl­di the Stone Age man – he will be hap­py to demons­tra­te to you during your visit how the stone age was lived.

Con­s­tance has some sur­pri­ses rea­dy for you

Book your accom­mo­da­ti­on in Con­s­tance today: The Gästehaus Centro is an ide­al base for explo­ring the main attrac­tions of Lake Con­s­tance. The staff of our house will be hap­py to help you with the plan­ning and design of your holi­day so that you will remem­ber it for a long time!