To a successful holiday necessarily include culinary delights. The Gästehaus Centro is the ideal starting point to get to know the most beautiful restaurants in Constance and to be pampered with culinary delights.

Quaint wine bars can be found in the tranquil streets of Constance, as well as numerous cosy restaurants, where regional specialties are served. To find out, which restaurants you shouldn’t miss in Constance, you can find here – we have compiled the top ten recommendations for you.

1st place: Hafenhalle Konstanz

Restaurant, beer garden and café in one – this is the harbour hall of Constance. Located directly on the marina of the city of Constance, this offers you a unique Mediterranean flair. Since the harbour is located between the shores of Lake Constance and the historic old town, it is an ideal starting point for a sightseeing tour as well as for a boat trip on Lake Constance.

The harbour hall is known primarily for its delicious fish dishes; The freshly caught fish from Lake Constance shouldn’t be missed out. But the home-style food like a pair of Wiener on homemade Spätzle are delicacies that taste very good, especially in the cold season. Of course, hearty Vesper dishes such as a typical Obazda or a Swiss sausage salad are not missing on the well-assorted menu.

2nd place: Stromeyer – Die Bleiche

Bleach Stromeyersdorf

The restaurant “Stromeyer – Die Bleiche” offers you an unobstructed view of the Rhine. But, of course, the range of food and drinks can also be seen. A delicacy of the house are the different variations of tarte flambée; In addition, however, the fish and grilled dishes are delicious.

If you love the sophisticated atmosphere, you will surely feel at home in this restaurant. An original French bistro décor from the 1920s, as well as numerous antique lamps and historic photos, create a great ambience. Not for nothing is the “Stomeyer – Die Bleiche” also used for festivities and celebrations of all kinds.

3rd place: The “Wohnzimmer Konstanz”

The “Wohnzimmer Konstanz” is no longer an insider tip and is a popular meeting place. The exciting mix of bar, restaurant, lounge, club night venue, poetry slames and more – and a truly homely living room attracts young audiences from across the city.

Regularly sweetened actions such as Schnitzel – or Burgertage in the evenings, on Sundays there’s a fancy brunch. You can tell that the heads behind it come from the event industry. If you’re there, you can also visit the old-timer garage next door.

4th place: Konzil

Constance-Council Building (1)

Badische specialties are served in the “Konzil” in a former customs building – an evening cannot end more beautifully than by the water. This property offers you a direct location by the lake and especially in the summer months with the large terrace a dreamlike ambience. Due to the unique historical ambience, the “Konzil” is also gladly used for events of all kinds.

The two large halls are ideal for family gatherings as well as company events. The menu is rather varied: choose from typical Baden dishes, interesting fish creations or hearty meat dishes – for every taste the “Konzil” offers the right dish. Something very special are the so-called Hildegard dishes after Hildegard von Bingen. These dishes, prepared primarily with spelt, are intended for anyone who like to eat consciously and healthily.

5th place: The “Donato”


You love the Mediterranean cuisine and cannot get enough of Italian or Spanish specialties? Then you should visit the “Donato” in Konstanzer Hussenstraße 15. Within walking distance of the Sea Life Konstanz and the banks of the Rhine, this is located in the middle of the old town. Try the special delicacies of the house such as wild boar ham or the various truffle creations. An informal Italian atmosphere will set you up for a holiday in the city of Constance.

6th place: “Brigantinus”

“Fine alpine cuisine by the lake” – with this slogan advertises the “Brigantinus“. In fact, you can dine here wonderfully while enjoying the view of the Rhine. But that’s not all; The “Brigantinus” is also known for its event catering. Depending on the season, regional events take place – in the autumn months, for example, the Schlachtefest is an unforgettable experience.

In the summer months use the large terrace or the Paulanergarten; In the winter months, the cocktail bar is a popular destination. The “Brigantinus” offers a hot kitchen from 11:30 every day. The bar is open from 10am and closes at 3am at night. So, if you’d like to end the evening after a sightseeing tour through Constance, the “Brigantinus” is unconditionally recommended.

7th place: Restaurant “Ophelia”

If you look at restaurant reviews on “”, one finds that the “Ophelia” is currently the most popular restaurant in Constance. After all, it’s one of the best gourmet restaurants directly on the shores of Lake Constance, which is awarded two Michelin stars.

This restaurant is attached to Hotel Riva and housed in a former Art Nouveau villa. Incidentally, chef Dirk Hoberg and his team also offer cooking courses for the interested ones. Every day from 12 to 24 o’clock the Riva Bar has opened and spoils you with cocktail creations of all kinds. So, if you’d like to treat yourself to something very special, the “Ophelia” is unconditionally recommended.

8th place: “Tolle Knolle”

As the name suggests, you get served in the “Tolle Knolle” in Constance primarily potatoe dishes. Both down to earth and classic as well as exclusive dishes will inspire you immediately.

No matter if you opt for the potato tortilla, the baked potato stuffed with scampis or the potato gratin with medallions of veal stew – the dishes in the “Tolle Knolle” are all delicious. For more than 20 years the “Tolle Knolle” is a permanent institution in Constance and popular with locals and tourists alike.

9th place: Tamaras Weinstube “Zum guten Hirten”

Located in the historic district of Niederburg, the wine tavern “Zum guten Hirten” is probably one of the cosiest restaurants in Constance. Be sure to try the typical Baden specialties like Schäufele and, of course, the fine wines.

Whether Trollinger or Riesling – the wine list in Tamaras Weinstube leaves nothing to be desired. Besides premium wines from Baden, you can of course also choose Italian or Spanish wines. The menu, on the other hand, primarily offers dishes for a small hunger such as delicious salad creations or smoked fish.

10th place: “Hexenküche”

Do you love steaks in all imaginable variations? Then the “Hexenküche” is definitely recommended. Ever wanted to enjoy a suckling pig grilled at the table? Then the “Hexenküche” with its rustic ambience is highly recommended. Special feature of this restaurant is that there are several floors, so you can eat anywhere undisturbed. The atmospheric lighting ensures pure romance in the “Hexenküche”. Be sure to try one of the steak creations – how about a hip steak, a pepper steak or a lamb fillet with herb butter? If you choose one of the dishes from the grill, you have the choice of five different homemade sauces; Bread will be served, of course. At the bar, on the other hand, you can quietly end your evening and be pampered with top wines or other spirits.


The Gästehaus Centro will gladly assist you in choosing the suitable restaurant or reserve a table in your favourite restaurant. Just speak to our friendly staff!

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