To a suc­cessful holi­day neces­s­a­ri­ly include culina­ry delights. The Gästehaus Centro is the ide­al start­ing point to get to know the most beau­tiful restau­rants in Con­s­tance and to be pam­pe­red with culina­ry delights.

Quaint wine bars can be found in the tran­quil streets of Con­s­tance, as well as num­e­rous cosy restau­rants, whe­re regio­nal spe­cial­ties are ser­ved. To find out, which restau­rants you shouldn’t miss in Con­s­tance, you can find here – we have com­pi­led the top ten recom­men­da­ti­ons for you.

1st place: Hafen­hal­le Konstanz

Restau­rant, beer gar­den and café in one – this is the har­bour hall of Con­s­tance. Loca­ted direct­ly on the mari­na of the city of Con­s­tance, this offers you a uni­que Medi­ter­ra­ne­an flair. Sin­ce the har­bour is loca­ted bet­ween the shores of Lake Con­s­tance and the his­to­ric old town, it is an ide­al start­ing point for a sight­see­ing tour as well as for a boat trip on Lake Constance.

The har­bour hall is known pri­ma­ri­ly for its deli­cious fish dis­hes; The fresh­ly caught fish from Lake Con­s­tance shouldn’t be missed out. But the home-style food like a pair of Wie­ner on home­ma­de Spätz­le are deli­ca­ci­es that tas­te very good, espe­ci­al­ly in the cold sea­son. Of cour­se, hear­ty Ves­per dis­hes such as a typi­cal Obaz­da or a Swiss sau­sa­ge salad are not miss­ing on the well-assor­ted menu.

2nd place: Stro­mey­er – Die Bleiche

Bleach Stromeyersdorf

The restau­rant „Stro­mey­er – Die Blei­che” offers you an unob­s­truc­ted view of the Rhi­ne. But, of cour­se, the ran­ge of food and drinks can also be seen. A deli­ca­cy of the house are the dif­fe­rent varia­ti­ons of tar­te flam­bée; In addi­ti­on, howe­ver, the fish and gril­led dis­hes are delicious.

If you love the sophisti­ca­ted atmo­sphe­re, you will sure­ly feel at home in this restau­rant. An ori­gi­nal French bis­tro décor from the 1920s, as well as num­e­rous antique lamps and his­to­ric pho­tos, crea­te a gre­at ambi­ence. Not for not­hing is the „Sto­mey­er – Die Blei­che” also used for fes­ti­vi­ties and cele­bra­ti­ons of all kinds.

3rd place: The “Wohn­zim­mer Konstanz”

The “Wohn­zim­mer Kon­stanz” is no lon­ger an insi­der tip and is a popu­lar mee­ting place. The exci­ting mix of bar, restau­rant, lounge, club night venue, poet­ry sla­mes and more – and a tru­ly home­ly living room attracts young audi­en­ces from across the city.

Regu­lar­ly sweeten­ed actions such as Schnit­zel – or Bur­ger­ta­ge in the evenings, on Sun­days there’s a fan­cy brunch. You can tell that the heads behind it come from the event indus­try. If you’­re the­re, you can also visit the old-timer gara­ge next door.

4th place: Konzil

Constance-Council Building (1)

Badi­sche spe­cial­ties are ser­ved in the „Kon­zil” in a for­mer cus­toms buil­ding – an evening can­not end more beau­tiful­ly than by the water. This pro­per­ty offers you a direct loca­ti­on by the lake and espe­ci­al­ly in the sum­mer months with the lar­ge ter­race a dream­li­ke ambi­ence. Due to the uni­que his­to­ri­cal ambi­ence, the „Kon­zil” is also glad­ly used for events of all kinds.

The two lar­ge halls are ide­al for fami­ly gathe­rings as well as com­pa­ny events. The menu is rather varied: choo­se from typi­cal Baden dis­hes, inte­res­t­ing fish crea­ti­ons or hear­ty meat dis­hes – for every tas­te the „Kon­zil” offers the right dish. Some­thing very spe­cial are the so-cal­led Hil­de­gard dis­hes after Hil­de­gard von Bin­gen. The­se dis­hes, pre­pared pri­ma­ri­ly with spelt, are inten­ded for anyo­ne who like to eat con­scious­ly and healthily.

5th place: The „Dona­to”


You love the Medi­ter­ra­ne­an cui­sine and can­not get enough of Ita­li­an or Spa­nish spe­cial­ties? Then you should visit the „Dona­to” in Kon­stan­zer Hus­sen­stra­ße 15. Within wal­king distance of the Sea Life Kon­stanz and the banks of the Rhi­ne, this is loca­ted in the midd­le of the old town. Try the spe­cial deli­ca­ci­es of the house such as wild boar ham or the various truff­le crea­ti­ons. An infor­mal Ita­li­an atmo­sphe­re will set you up for a holi­day in the city of Constance.

6th place: „Bri­gan­ti­nus”

Fine alpi­ne cui­sine by the lake” – with this slo­gan adver­ti­ses the „Bri­gan­ti­nus”. In fact, you can dine here won­derful­ly while enjoy­ing the view of the Rhi­ne. But that’s not all; The „Bri­gan­ti­nus” is also known for its event cate­ring. Depen­ding on the sea­son, regio­nal events take place – in the autumn months, for exam­p­le, the Schlach­te­fest is an unfor­gettable experience.

In the sum­mer months use the lar­ge ter­race or the Pau­la­ner­gar­ten; In the win­ter months, the cock­tail bar is a popu­lar desti­na­ti­on. The „Bri­gan­ti­nus” offers a hot kit­chen from 11:30 every day. The bar is open from 10am and clo­ses at 3am at night. So, if you’d like to end the evening after a sight­see­ing tour through Con­s­tance, the „Bri­gan­ti­nus” is uncon­di­tio­nal­ly recommended.

7th place: Restau­rant „Ophe­lia”

If you look at restau­rant reviews on „tri​p​ad​vi​sor​.de”, one finds that the „Ophe­lia” is curr­ent­ly the most popu­lar restau­rant in Con­s­tance. After all, it’s one of the best gour­met restau­rants direct­ly on the shores of Lake Con­s­tance, which is award­ed two Miche­lin stars.

This restau­rant is atta­ched to Hotel Riva and housed in a for­mer Art Nou­veau vil­la. Inci­den­tal­ly, chef Dirk Hoberg and his team also offer coo­king cour­ses for the inte­res­ted ones. Every day from 12 to 24 o’clock the Riva Bar has ope­ned and spoils you with cock­tail crea­ti­ons of all kinds. So, if you’d like to tre­at yours­elf to some­thing very spe­cial, the „Ophe­lia” is uncon­di­tio­nal­ly recommended.

8th place: „Tol­le Knolle”

As the name sug­gests, you get ser­ved in the „Tol­le Knol­le” in Con­s­tance pri­ma­ri­ly pota­toe dis­hes. Both down to earth and clas­sic as well as exclu­si­ve dis­hes will inspi­re you immediately.

No mat­ter if you opt for the pota­to tor­til­la, the baked pota­to stuf­fed with scam­pis or the pota­to gra­tin with medal­li­ons of veal stew – the dis­hes in the „Tol­le Knol­le” are all deli­cious. For more than 20 years the „Tol­le Knol­le” is a per­ma­nent insti­tu­ti­on in Con­s­tance and popu­lar with locals and tou­rists alike.

9th place: Tama­ras Wein­stu­be „Zum guten Hirten”

Loca­ted in the his­to­ric dis­trict of Nie­der­burg, the wine tavern „Zum guten Hir­ten” is pro­ba­b­ly one of the cosie­st restau­rants in Con­s­tance. Be sure to try the typi­cal Baden spe­cial­ties like Schäu­fe­le and, of cour­se, the fine wines.

Whe­ther Trol­lin­ger or Ries­ling – the wine list in Tama­ras Wein­stu­be lea­ves not­hing to be desi­red. Bes­i­des pre­mi­um wines from Baden, you can of cour­se also choo­se Ita­li­an or Spa­nish wines. The menu, on the other hand, pri­ma­ri­ly offers dis­hes for a small hun­ger such as deli­cious salad crea­ti­ons or smo­ked fish.

10th place: „Hexen­kü­che”

Do you love steaks in all ima­gi­nable varia­ti­ons? Then the „Hexen­kü­che” is defi­ni­te­ly recom­men­ded. Ever wan­ted to enjoy a suck­ling pig gril­led at the table? Then the „Hexen­kü­che” with its rustic ambi­ence is high­ly recom­men­ded. Spe­cial fea­ture of this restau­rant is that the­re are seve­ral flo­ors, so you can eat any­whe­re undis­tur­bed. The atmo­sphe­ric light­ing ensu­res pure romance in the „Hexen­kü­che”. Be sure to try one of the steak crea­ti­ons – how about a hip steak, a pep­per steak or a lamb fil­let with herb but­ter? If you choo­se one of the dis­hes from the grill, you have the choice of five dif­fe­rent home­ma­de sau­ces; Bread will be ser­ved, of cour­se. At the bar, on the other hand, you can quiet­ly end your evening and be pam­pe­red with top wines or other spirits.


The Gästehaus Centro will glad­ly assist you in choo­sing the sui­ta­ble restau­rant or reser­ve a table in your favou­ri­te restau­rant. Just speak to our fri­end­ly staff!