A suc­cess­ful Holi­day is also an end To Culi­na­ry Delights. Our Centro Guest house is the ide­al Base for Get­ting to know the most beau­ti­ful Restau­rants in Kon­stanz and to indul­ge in culi­na­ry delights. Quaint Wine Bars can be found in the tran­quil streets of Kon­stanz, as well as nume­rous cosy Restau­rants ser­ving regio­nal Spe­cia­li­ties. You can read here-we’ve roun­ded up the Top Ten recom­men­da­ti­ons on which pla­ces To miss in Con­stan­ce.

1St place: Port Hall Con­stan­ce

Restau­rant, Beer Gar­den and Café in one-this is the Konstan­zer Har­bor hall. Loca­ted Right next to the Mari­na of The City of Kon­stanz, this one offers a uni­que Medi­ter­ra­ne­an Flair. As the Har­bour Hall is loca­ted bet­ween Lake Con­stan­ce Bank and his­to­ric old Town, it is an ide­al Point of con­tact both after a Sight­see­ing and after a Crui­se on Lake Con­stan­ce. The Har­bour Hall is pri­ma­ri­ly Known for its deli­cious Fish Dis­hes; Don’t miss the fresh­ly caught fish from Lake Con­stan­ce. But also home Coo­king like a Pair of Vien­nese On home­ma­de Spätz­le are Deli­caci­es, which tas­te very good, espe­ci­al­ly in the cold Sea­son. Of Cour­se, hear­ty Ves­per Dis­hes such as a typi­cal Obaz­da or a Swiss Sau­sa­ge Salad are not mis­sing from the well-sto­cked Menu.

2Nd place: Stro­mey­er-The Bleaching

Bleach Stromeyersdorf The Restau­rant „Stromey­er-The Bleaching” also offers Unobst­ruc­ted Views of the Rhi­ne. Of Cour­se, the Offer of Food and Drinks can also be seen. A Deli­cacy of the House are the dif­fe­rent Varia­ti­ons of Fla­me Cake; In addi­ti­on, the fish and Bar­be­cue Dis­hes are also deli­cious. If You love the ups­ca­le ambi­ence, You will cer­tain­ly feel at home in this Restau­rant. An ori­gi­nal French Bis­tro Décor from the 1920S, as well as nume­rous antique Lamps and his­to­ri­cal Pho­tos, crea­te a gre­at Ambi­ence. It is not for not­hing that the „Sto­mey­er-The Bleaching” is also used for Fes­ti­vals and Cele­bra­ti­ons of all Kinds.

3Rd place: The „Living Room Con­stan­ce”

The „Living Room Con­stancy” has long cea­sed to Be an Insider’s tip and is a popu­lar Mee­ting Place. The exci­ting Mix of Bar, Restau­rant, Louge, club Night venue, Poe­try Sla­mes as well as more-and a real­ly home­ly living Room attrac­ts young Audi­en­ces from all over the City. Regu­lar­ly swee­ten Pro­mo­ti­ons such as Schnit­zel-or Bur­ger Days the Evenings, Sundays the­re is a fan­cy Brunch. You rea­li­se the Brains behind it are com­ing from the Events indus­try. If you are here, you can also see you next door in the Clas­sic Car Gara­ge.

4Th place: Coun­cil

Constance-Council Building (1) Baden Spe­cia­li­ties are ser­ved at the „Council” in a for­mer Customs Buil­ding-more beau­ti­ful than on the Water, an Evening can pro­bab­ly not end. This Pro­per­ty also offers You a direct Sea Loca­ti­on and, espe­ci­al­ly in the Sum­mer Mon­ths, with the lar­ge Ter­race a dream­li­ke ambi­ence. Due to the uni­que his­to­ri­cal Ambi­ence, the „Coun­cil” is also used for Events of all Kinds. The two lar­ge Halls are ide­al for both Fami­ly Gathe­rings and cor­po­ra­te Events. The Menu, on the other hand, Is qui­te varied: Choo­se from typi­cal Baden dis­hes, inte­res­ting Fish Crea­ti­ons or hear­ty Meat dis­hes-the „Coun­cil” offers the right Dish for every Tas­te. Some­thing very Spe­cial are the so-cal­led Hil­de­gar­da dis­hes after Hil­de­gard Von Bin­gen. The­se Dis­hes, which are pre­pa­red pri­ma­ri­ly with Spelt, are inten­ded for tho­se who like to eat con­scious­ly and healt­hi­ly.

5Th place: The „Dona­to”

Donato-constantYou love Medi­ter­ra­ne­an Cui­sine and can’t get enough of Ita­li­an or Spa­nish Spe­cia­li­ties? Then You should visit the „Dona­to” at Kon­stan­zer Hus­sen­stra­ße 15. Just a few Minu­tes ’ walk from The Sea Life Kon­stanz and the Banks of the Rhi­ne, it is loca­ted in the midd­le of the Old town. Try the spe­cial Deli­caci­es of the House such as the Wild Boar ham Or the various Truf­f­le Crea­ti­ons. A casu­al Ita­li­an Atmo­s­phe­re makes You ide­al for Your Holi­day in the City Of Kon­stanz.

6Th place: „Bri­gan­ti­nus”

Fine Alpi­ne Cui­sine by the Lake”-with this Slo­gan the „Bri­gan­ti­nus” adver­ti­ses. In Fact, You can dine won­der­ful­ly here while enjoy­ing the View of the Rhi­ne. But this is far from all; The „Bri­gan­ti­nus” Is also known for its Event Gas­tro­no­my. Depen­ding on the Sea­son, regio­nal Events take place-in the Autumn Mon­ths, for examp­le, the Batt­les Fes­ti­val is an unf­or­gett­able Expe­ri­ence. In the Sum­mer Mon­ths, guests can use the lar­ge Ter­race or Pau­an Gar­den; In the Win­ter Mon­ths, the Cock­tail Bar is a popu­lar Focal Point. The „Bri­gan­ti­nus” offers a hot Kit­chen dai­ly from 11:30. The Bar is even open from 10am and doesn’t clo­se until 3Am at night. So If You want to end the Evening plea­s­ant­ly After a Sight­see­ing tour through Con­stan­ce, the „Bri­gan­ti­nus” is uncon­di­tio­nal­ly recom­men­ded.

7Th place: Restau­rant „Ophe­lia”

If you Look at restau­rant Reviews on „tri​pad​vi​sor​.de,” you can see that the „Ophelia” is cur­r­ent­ly the most popu­lar Restau­rant in Con­stan­ce. After all, it is one of the best Gour­met restau­rants right on the Shores of Lake Con­stan­ce, which is awar­ded two Miche­lin-star­red restau­rants. This Restau­rant is atta­ched to Hotel Riva and housed in a for­mer Art Nou­veau vil­la. By The way, the Chef Dirk Hoberg and his Team also offer Coo­king clas­ses for Inte­rested Par­ties. The Riva Bar is open dai­ly from 12:00 to 24am and ser­ves Cock­tail Crea­ti­ons of all Kinds. So If You want to tre­at yours­elf to some­thing very Spe­cial, the „Ophe­lia” Is uncon­di­tio­nal­ly recom­men­ded.

8Th place: „Gre­at Tuber”

As the Name sug­gests, You will be ser­ved dis­hes made From pota­toes in The „Gre­at Tuber” in Con­stan­ce. Both down-to-earth and clas­sic and exclu­si­ve Dis­hes will delight You imme­dia­te­ly. Whe­ther You choo­se The Pota­to Tor­til­la, the Baked pota­to Stuf­fed With Scam­pis or the Pota­to Gra­tin with Medal­li­ons from the Veal Back-the Dis­hes in the „Rolls of Tuber” are all deli­cious. For more than 20 Years, the „Gre­at Tuber” has been a per­ma­nent Insti­tu­ti­on in Con­stan­ce and popu­lar with Locals and Tou­rists ali­ke.

9Th place: Tamara’s Wine Room „To Good She­pherd”

Loca­ted In the his­to­ric District of Nie­der­burg, the wine Bar „To the Good She­pherd” Is pro­bab­ly one of the cosiest Restau­rants in The who­le of Con­stan­ce. Be sure to Try the typi­cal Baden Spe­cia­li­ties such as Swea­ting Pit­ches and, of cour­se, fine Wines. Whe­ther It’s a Trol­lin­ger or a Ries­ling, the Wine list in Tamara’s Wine Bar real­ly lea­ves not­hing to Be desi­red. In addi­ti­on to Top Wines from Baden, You can also choo­se Ita­li­an or Spa­nish Wines. The Menu, on the other hand, offers dis­hes for a small Hun­ger such as deli­cious Salad Crea­ti­ons or smo­ked Fish.

10: „Witch Kit­chen”

Do you love Steaks in all kinds of Varia­ti­ons? Then the „Witch Kitchen” is highly recom­men­ded To You. Have you always wan­ted to enjoy a suck­ling Pig gril­led At the Table? Then the „Witch Kit­chen” with its rustic Ambi­ence is high­ly recom­men­ded. The spe­cial Fea­ture of this Restau­rant is that the­re are dif­fe­rent Levels, so You can dine undis­tur­bed any­whe­re. The atmo­s­phe­ric Ligh­t­ing also pro­vi­des pure Romance in the „Witch’S kit­chen.” Be sure to Try one of the Steak Crea­ti­ons-how about a Hip Steak, Pep­per steak Or Lamb Fil­let with Herb but­ter? If You opt for one of the Gril­led food, You have a Choice of five dif­fe­rent home­ma­de Sau­ces; Bread is also ser­ved to you, Of cour­se. At the Bar, on the other hand, You can end your Evening quiet­ly and be pam­pe­red with Top Wines or other Spi­rits. Our Centro guest House is hap­py to help you choo­se the restau­rant or book a Table in Your Favou­rite Restau­rant. Just Talk to our fri­end­ly Staff!

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