Every year, thousands Of Visi­tors from all Over the world flock to the lar­gest City on Lake Con­stan­ce to attend this Event. The Night Flea Mar­ket Of the Twin Cities of Kreuz­lin­gen and Con­stan­ce is a real High­light in the Region’s Calen­dar Of events and is well known bey­ond the City Limits. One of the most beau­ti­ful Flea Mar­kets in Euro­pe takes place every year short­ly after Pen­te­cost and, thanks to its spe­cial Flair, is not only a real Expe­ri­ence for die­hard Flea mar­ket fans. Becau­se it can be dis­tur­bel­led, hagg­led and strol­led over two Days, in two Coun­tries and on a Distan­ce of more than 14 Kilo­me­tres. This Year, the Flea Mar­ket will take place from Sep­tem­ber 24 to 1700. Until 25. June 2017.

24 Hours Of Flea Mar­ket fun for Young and Old

With around 1,000 Stalls, the Flea Mar­ket is the lar­gest In sou­thern Ger­ma­ny – so you should bring some Time. From Satur­day evening 8pm to Sunday night 6Pm, many Stalls are open throughout and Even after Dark, Trea­su­res and Curio­si­ties can still be found. The Mix of retailers cer­tain­ly also makes up Part of the incom­pa­ra­ble Charm. In addi­ti­on to spe­cia­li­zed retailers who offer their some­ti­mes valu­able Pie­ces and tra­vel espe­ci­al­ly to this Event, the­re are also a Lar­ge num­ber of pri­va­te Retailers, whe­re real Bar­gains can be made and whe­re the Fun is in the Fore­ground. This is How Collec­tors and Bar­gain Hun­ters ali­ke get their Money’s worth. And even small Visi­tor Eyes will beam, as Kon­stan­zer And Kreuz­lin­gen Child­ren will be allo­wed to con­vert their dis­car­ded Toys and books into Pocket money on The Edge of the Kon­stan­zer flea mar­ket on blan­kets and Wit­hout a Stand Fee. So the Flea Mar­ket is right­ly adver­ti­sed as an Expe­ri­ence for the who­le Fami­ly. A Tip: By the Way, it starts on the Swiss Side from 4 P.m. and so even the Youn­gest ones can alrea­dy be part of this Expe­ri­ence!

Strol­ling bound­less­ly

The star­ting Point of the Flea Mar­ket is the Swiss Twin City of Kreuz­lin­gen. From the­re, the Flea Mar­ket Line stret­ches through the his­to­ric Cent­re Of The vil­la­ge from Kon­stanz, across the Lower And Upper Lau­be to the Banks of The Rhi­ne. And on the Rhi­ne, too, the Flea mar­ket expands again over several Kilo­me­tres. The­re it is also par­ti­cu­lar­ly nice to walk, with a view over the River and Lake Con­stan­ce and fresh Sea air in the Nose. By the Way, the­re will be no con­trol at the customs crossings bet­ween Ger­ma­ny and Switz­er­land this Wee­kend. Howe­ver, it is, of cour­se, still advi­s­able to pocket the Pass­port. By the way, it can be Paid at many Stands With Euros and Swiss francs. Many of the Tra­ders are old Flea mar­ket Bun­nies, have two Port­mo­nees for the dif­fe­rent Cur­ren­ci­es and are attu­n­ed to inter­na­tio­nal Audi­en­ces.

Well orga­ni­zed

Sign­posted Topics help with Ori­en­ta­ti­on if you not only want to stroll and be sur­pri­sed by the Offer, but are on the tar­ge­ted Search for spe­ci­fic Pie­ces. In addi­ti­on to a model rail­way and Model Car mar­ket, the­re is also a Record mar­ket for Music Fans. In Addi­ti­on, a crea­ti­ve and Arti­san mar­ket for all sorts of home­ma­de and the Herb Mar­ket on Schot­ten­platz, which is used exclu­si­ve­ly by com­mer­ci­al Sel­lers. Around 400 vol­un­ta­ry Flea mar­ket Assis­ters, tog­e­ther with the Poli­ce and Fire bri­ga­de, also ensu­re a smooth pro­cess and are hap­py to help with Ques­ti­ons and Con­cerns of Visi­tors.

Making The Night day

Tho­se who stroll through the Flea Mar­ket in the Night hours are well advi­sed with a Flash­light. Becau­se the Stalls are spar­se­ly illu­mi­na­ted and after 10 P.m., Trea­su­res are dif­fi­cult to iden­ti­fy as such. Real Pro­fes­sio­nals are even out with Head­lamps. But for the Majo­ri­ty of Visi­tors, the Hust­le and Bust­le shifts after 10 P.m. any­way to the Alleys and restau­rants around the Flea Mar­ket in the old Town of Kon­stan­zer and along the Rhi­ne. Bois­te­rous Par­ty vibes are now gai­ning the Upper Hand in the City. Locals and Groups of visi­tors ming­le to a colour­ful Hust­le And bust­le, new Acquain­tan­ces are made and Flea Mar­ket Finds Are sur­vey­ed. It is not for not­hing that the Flea Mar­ket is descri­bed by the Con­stan­zers and Crus­lin­gers as „the Bour­geois fes­ti­val par excel­lence” and exu­des genui­ne Folk Fes­ti­val Cha­rac­ter. Espe­ci­al­ly in the his­to­ric District of Nie­der­burg the­re are a Varie­ty of tra­di­tio­nal Wine Desks, Cock­tail Bars and smal­ler Pubs, which invi­te you to Lin­ger and make up the Flair of The old Town of Kon­stan­zer. Howe­ver, if you want to spend the bal­my Sum­mer nights in the open Air, the Beach Bar of the Kon­stanz Uni­ver­si­ty of App­lied Sci­en­ces with a view of the Rhi­ne is recom­men­ded. Color­ful Cock­tails, Beach Loun­gers, San­dy Beach and live music from the DJ Are defi­ni­te­ly a holi­day Atmo­s­phe­re during a Visit. But also with many small Stalls around the Flea mar­ket line, the phy­si­cal Well-being is taken care of and the Rhi­ne Invi­tes you to Lin­ger with its many small Jet­ties.

Get­ting to The Flea Mar­ket wit­hout Stress

Tou­rists and Visi­tors from the Regi­on are advi­sed to do wit­hout The Car and switch to public Trans­port when You arri­ve. For visi­tors from the other Side Of the lake, the Fer­ry Meers­burg-Con­stan­ce or the Cata­ma­ran Fried­richs­ha­fen-Con­stan­ce are recom­men­ded. From The port Of the Jet­ties, the Flea Mar­ket can then be easi­ly explo­red on Foot. Rail pas­sen­gers use the „Seehas,” Which runs bet­ween Sin­ging and Kon­stanz, and who­se Evening Trains will be fur­ther streng­t­he­ned this Wee­kend. And get­ting The­re from Switz­er­land is also easy: A free Bus shut­tle takes Visi­tors from the Swiss Train sta­ti­on direc­t­ly to the Flea mar­ket Site on the Ger­man side. Visi­tors who still want to tra­vel to Con­stan­ce by car should use the Park & Ride – par­king Lot „Am Seer­hein.” From the­re you can also walk to the Grounds in a short Time via the Schän­zing Or even Bicy­cle bridge.

The per­fect Accom­mo­da­ti­on

In order to real­ly expe­ri­ence the Flea Mar­ket, you can enjoy an Over­night Stay in the City cent­re. Book your Accom­mo­da­ti­on today for the Wee­kend of 24 Sep­tem­ber. And 25. June. Loca­ted Right next to the Main Rail­way Sta­ti­on, Hotel Gästehaus Centro Is wit­hin Wal­king distan­ce of the colour­ful Flea mar­ket bust­le, making it an ide­al Base for a Flea Mar­ket Visit and Explo­ring the his­to­ric Old Town. Our Staff are Hap­py to pro­vi­de You with fur­ther Tips for a suc­cess­ful Wee­kend at the Lake!

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