Thousands of visitors from all over the world flock each year to the largest city on Lake Constance to attend this event. The Nachtflohmarkt of the Twin Cities Kreuzlingen and Constance is a real highlight in the event calendar of the region and well known beyond the city limits. One of the most beautiful flea markets in Europe takes place annually shortly after Pentecost and is thanks to its special flair not only for die-hard flea market fans a real experience. Because it’s allowed to grub, haggle and stroll on two days, in two countries and over a distance of more than 14 kilometers. This year, the flea market will take place from the 24th to the 25th of June 2017.

24 hours flea market fun for young and old

With around 1,000 stalls, the flea market is the largest in southern Germany – so you should need some time. From Saturday evening 20 o’clock to Sunday evening 18 o’clock many stalls are open throughout and treasures and curiosities can be found even after dark. The mix of dealers certainly makes a part of the incomparable charm. In addition to specialized traders who offer their sometimes valuable pieces, and come to this event extra, there are also a variety of private dealers, where real bargains can be made and where the fun is in the foreground. This is how collectors and bargain hunters alike get their money’s worth. And even the little visitors’ eyes will shine, because the children of Constance and Kreuzlingen are allowed to convert their discarded toys and books into pocket money at the edge of the Constance flea market on blankets and without fee. The flea market is rightly being advertised as an experience for the whole family. A tip: on the Swiss side, by the way, starting at 4 pm, the smallest ones can be part of this experience!

Stroll without borders

Starting point of the flea market is the Swiss twin town of Kreuzlingen. From there, the flea market stretch extends through the historic centre of Constance, over the streets Untere Laube and Obere Laube to the Rhine. And by the Rhine, the flea market then expands again for several kilometres. There it is also particularly nice to walk, with views over the river and Lake Constance and fresh sea air in the nose. Incidentally, there are no controls at the customs crossings between Germany and Switzerland this weekend. Of course, it’s still advisable to take the passport with.

By the way, you can pay in euros and francs at many stands. Many of the dealers are old flea market bunnies, have extra two purses for the different currencies and are tuned to an international audience.

Well organised

Signposted topics help with orientation, if you don’t just want to stroll and be surprised by the offer, but on the specific search for specific pieces. Thus, in addition to a model railway and model car market, there’s also a record market for music fans. In addition, a creative and craft market for all sorts of home-made and the market on the Schottenplatz, which is used exclusively by commercial sellers.

Around 400 volunteer flea market helpers are also working together with the police and the fire brigade to ensure that everything goes smoothly and to gladly help visitors with questions and concerns.

Turn night into day

Anyone wandering over the flea market in the night is well advised to use a flashlight. Because the stands are illuminated only sparsely and after 22 o’clock treasures are difficult to identify as such. Real professionals are even on the go with headlamps. But for the majority of visitors, the bustle after 22 o’clock shifts anyway in the streets and restaurants around the flea market in the old town of Constance and along the Rhine. Exuberant party mood prevails in the city now.

Locals and visitor groups mingle to a colourful bustle, new acquaintances are made and flea market finds examined. It’s not in vain that the Flea Market is referred to by the people of Constance and Kreuzlingen as “the bourgeoisie par excellence” and exudes a true Volksfest character.

Especially in the historic district of Niederburg you will find a variety of traditional wine bars, cocktail bars and smaller pubs, which invite you to linger and make the flair of Constance Old Town. However, if you want to spend the balmy summer nights under the open sky, we recommend the beach bar of the Constance University of Applied Sciences with a view of the Rhine. Colourful cocktails, beach chairs, sandy beach and live music from the DJ make it a holiday in any case. But also with many small stalls around the flea market route is taken care of the physical well-being and the Rhine invites you to linger with its many small jetties.

Arrival to the flea market without stress

Tourists and visitors from the region are advised to refrain from using the car when travelling and to use public transport. So for visitors from the other side of the lake, the ferry Meersburg-Constance or the catamaran Friedrichshafen-Constance is recommended. From the landing harbour, the flea market can then easily be reached on foot.

Train travellers use the “Seehas” between Singen and Constance, whose evening trains will be even more intensified this weekend. And the arrival from Switzerland is also easy: a free shuttle bus takes visitors from the Swiss train station directly to the flea market area on the German side.

Visitors who still want to travel to Constance by car should use the Park & ​​Ride car park “Am Seerhein”. From there you can also walk within a short time on the Schänzle- or bicycle bridge to the site.

The perfect accommodation

To really experience the flea market, you can spend the night in the city centre. Book your accommodation today for the weekend of June 24th and 25th. The Hotel Gästehaus Centro is located right next to the railway station, within a walking distance of the colourful flea market and is the ideal starting point for a flea market visit and the exploration of the historic old town. Our staff will be happy to provide you with further tips for a successful weekend by the lake!

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