Con­stan­ce on Lake Con­stan­ce, with its his­to­ric Cent­re, the Minster and the Sta­tue of Impe­ria at the Harbour, is almost an Open-air Muse­um. But not only that: It is also a City of Muse­ums. The Exhi­bi­ti­on Cen­tres offer a wide Ran­ge of activi­ties for Child­ren and Young peop­le. Their ent­ran­ce fees are very fami­ly-fri­end­ly, and many of them are acces­si­ble.

The Histo­ry of Con­stan­ce and Lake Con­stan­ce: The Ros­gar­ten­mu­se­um and the Natio­nal Archaeo­lo­gi­cal Muse­um

The Ros­gar­ten­mu­seum is loca­ted in the City cent­re. It can also be visi­ted by Wheel­chair Users, with Car Parks near­by. Its His­to­ri­cal Hall houses a per­ma­nent Exhi­bi­ti­on on the Histo­ry of Con­stan­ce. Here You can see among the Exhi­bits an ice age Res­ting in a Rein­de­er Ant­ler that is 12,000 Years old. Con­stan­ce is Par­ti­cu­lar­ly well known and famous for its medi­eval Coun­cil, which was held bet­ween secu­lar Rulers and Catho­lic Church lea­dership bet­ween 1414 and 1418. You can also admi­re the Chro­ni­cle of Ulrich Richen­tal, who has recor­ded the Advice in more than 100 Colour Drawings. At the Begin­ning of the 20th cen­tu­ry, the com­pa­ny was At the Begin­ning of the 20th cen­tu­ry, Kon­stanz was an important Cer­a­mics Cent­re, whe­re Art Nou­veau and Art Nou­veau pie­ces were built. Art deco. The Muse­um dis­plays Exhi­bits by Eli­sa­beth Schmidt-Pecht, who was born in 1857 and Worked in Con­stan­ce. The Ros­gar­ten­mu­se­um is open from Tues­day to Fri­day from 10am to 1830am and on Satur­days, Sundays and public Holi­days from 10am To 5am. It is clo­sed on Mon­day. It offers free Admis­si­on on Wed­nes­days from 2pm and the first Sunday of the Month, Gui­ded tours are avail­ab­le during the day or in the Evening. For Stu­dents, the Muse­um offers Par­ti­ci­pato­ry Actions on the histo­ry expe­ri­en­ced, such as: Stone Age to Touch whe­re his­to­ri­cal Tools are being used. Plea­se Note that pho­to­gra­phing the Exhi­bits is not per­mit­ted. The Archaeo­lo­gi­cal Muse­um of Baden-Würt­tem­berg is located in Kon­stanz, as many Arte­fac­ts from Prehisto­ry and Anti­qui­ty have been Exca­va­ted in the Lake Con­stan­ce regi­on. It exhi­bits exci­ting Things from Ear­ly Coun­try Histo­ry with a lot of ima­gi­na­ti­on and Crea­ti­vi­ty. In addi­ti­on to Play­mo­bi­le Figu­res depic­ting the Con­struc­tion Of the pile Dwel­lings of Lake Con­stan­ce, the­re were also fashion Shows for Boys and Girls with the Dres­ses of the Roman Pro­vin­ce Of Räti­en, to which Lake Con­stan­ce belon­ged.

Natu­re and Water: The Sea Life And the Lake Con­stan­ce Natu­re Muse­um

Sea Life Con­stan­ce is an Aqua­ri­um on The Shores of Lake Con­stan­ce. In 35 natu­ral Pools you can see over 3000 fish and Aqua­tic ani­mals from the Seas and Inland Waters of the who­le world. The World of the Red Sea is as fasci­na­ting as the Spe­cial Exhi­bi­ti­on of Water Turt­les. Sea Life is open dai­ly from 10am to 5pm, and in the Sum­mer Mon­ths of July and August it is even an Hour lon­ger until 18:00. Buy Your Tickets online, they are then Half che­a­per than at Check­out. The Day Ticket also ent­it­les you to Visit the Lake Con­stan­ce Natu­ral Museum. It is acces­si­ble to dis­ab­led peop­le and has the same Ope­ning Hours as Sea Life. In this Muse­um, You can learn more about the Ori­gin of Lake Con­stan­ce and its natu­ral spa­ti­al Deve­lop­ment with life-size ani­mal exhi­bits. For Child­ren, the play and Adven­ture Area stones in the River is popu­lar. In the Quar­ry, they can knock out Fos­sils and make Dis­co­ve­ries at the Play sta­ti­ons.

The Kon­stan­zer Cul­tu­ral Cent­re and the Wes­sen­berg Gal­le­ry

Art and Cul­tu­re Lovers visit the Cul­tural Cent­re on the Müns­ter, which con­sists of the City Libra­ry, the Adult Edu­ca­ti­on Cent­re and the Edu­ca­tio­nal Tower. The lower Floors of the Tower, which was ori­gi­nal­ly used as a Resi­den­ti­al Buil­ding, date back to around 1200. It is the­re­fo­re one of the oldest Tes­ti­mo­nies of Con­stan­ti­ne Archi­tec­tu­re. Today, the City’s Col­le­ges and Schools use the upgraded buil­ding as an Infor­ma­ti­on Cen­ter and for the Trans­fer of all kinds Of fields of Know­ledge. The Cul­tu­ral Cent­re also houses the Wes­sen­berg Gal­le­ry. It is wheel­chair Acces­si­ble, and the­re are two Mul­ti-storey car Parks near­by. This City gal­le­ry has a small, per­ma­nent Exhi­bi­ti­on of 19th West Ger­man Pain­tings. And 20. It was exhi­bi­ti­ons that chan­ge in the 19th Cen­tu­ry and that you are run­ning a varie­ty of exhi­bi­ti­ons. Find out more about their cur­rent the­ma­tic focus on the Inter­net Or Face­book. The Gal­le­ry is open from Tues­day to Fri­day from 10am to 1830am and on Satur­days, Sundays and public Holi­days from 10am To 5am. It is clo­sed on Mon­day. Child­ren and Ado­lescents offer their own muse­um Edu­ca­ti­on pro­grams. Plea­se also Note here that Pho­to­gra­phing the Exhi­bits is not per­mit­ted.

A Half-tim­be­red House for Jan Hus

The Czech Refor­mer Jan Hus defen­ded his Reform Approa­ches to the Church Struc­tu­re at the Con­gress Coun­cil and was sen­ten­ced to Death at the Sta­ke in 1415. He is dedi­cated to the Hus House, a pret­ty Half-tim­be­red House who­se Exhi­bits pro­vi­de infor­ma­ti­on about his Life and Work. As Child­ren walk through the Exhi­bi­ti­on, they can test their new­ly acqui­red know­ledge on a Quiz. The Hus house is open from Tues­day to Sunday from 11Am. From April to Sep­tem­ber it clo­ses at 5pm, from Octo­ber to March at 4Pm. It’s clo­sed on Mon­days. For Your Visits to Muse­ums In Con­stan­ce, the Centro Guest house offers sui­ta­ble Accom­mo­da­ti­on. You can book Here!

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