The TmbH – theat­re with limi­t­ed hope – is pro­ba­b­ly the best Ger­man-lan­guage impro­vi­sa­tio­nal theat­re.  It invents grip­ping sto­ries, striking cha­rac­ters, exci­ting action, gau­dy pun­ch­li­nes, gar­nis­hed with vocals, poems and … Who knows what else?  The TmbH per­forms regu­lar­ly at K9 (Com­mu­nal Art and Cul­tu­ral Cent­re of Con­s­tance).  Tre­at yours­elf to an unfor­gettable evening in Constance!

What is then exact­ly an impro­vi­sa­tio­nal theatre?

If you think now that impro­vi­sa­tio­nal theat­re is cha­rac­te­ri­zed by a bunch of ama­teurs with no signi­fi­cant text secu­ri­ty and flat gro­an­ers, you thought wrong.  Impro­vi­sa­tio­nal theat­re was signi­fi­cant­ly deve­lo­ped by Keith John­s­ton, in order to get stiff actors back to „act” and take away their fear of fail­ure.  To do so, he inven­ted exer­ci­s­es to let the mind and wit off the leash.  Soon, groups were for­med that wan­ted to per­form the­se plays to an audi­ence.  Two teams com­pe­te in the same or simi­lar kind of plays today and the audi­ence votes which team has offe­red the more enter­tai­ning, wit­ty sce­ne.  This is the hig­hest form of the theat­re sport!  The TmbH usual­ly plays impro­vi­sa­tio­nal theat­re as a con­test against other teams or them­sel­ves, or as a show, as a wit­ty sequence of plays. The focus is, howe­ver, always on the con­ver­sa­ti­on.  The audi­ence gets voting cards in the colors of the teams and after each pass the oppor­tu­ni­ty to vote which team per­for­med the best play.  In addi­ti­on, the­re are wet spon­ges for the direct expres­si­on of unmu­ta­ti­on and, in an expres­si­on of enthu­si­asm, roses, which can be thrown on stage (or in player’s faces) if necessary.

Per­ma­nent Guest – the Local Newspaper

The who­le thing resem­bles a par­ty rather than a serious thea­tri­cal per­for­mance, so that the last theat­re muff­le is also shaken awa­ke.  If the but­tons of the remo­te con­trol have long sin­ce beco­me too bor­ing and even by zap­ping do not get the pro­gram­me in what he wants to see, this is exact­ly the right thing to do and is allo­wed to deter­mi­ne what is being play­ed.  Of cour­se, a high­light must never be miss­ing from the best of the cul­tu­ral life in Con­s­tance: „The Theat­re with Limi­t­ed Hope” (TmbH).  Light­ning-fast impro­vi­sed thea­ter come­dy clo­se to the audi­ence – this regard Mario, Rober­to and Co. to their spe­cial­ties and they pro­vi­ded the K9 audi­ence with first-class enter­tain­ment mate­ri­al as it has so often been done.


Tickets and Prices

Tickets for the TmbH’s incre­di­ble per­for­man­ces are available online on the K9’s web­site and in advan­ce.  Tickets cost adults from €10, dis­coun­ted ones pay from €8.  The cards are always very, very quick­ly out of print – so keep up!  Final­ly, a tip from us: pre-orde­red tickets can be picked up until 7:30 pm and then enjoy a drink at the bar.  At 7:45 pm, the hall doors usual­ly open – the best seats are loca­ted clo­sest to the doors.  So you’d bet­ter be the­re early.