We pro­bab­ly all know that-some­ti­mes you just don’t have a lot of time for Holi­days. So what to do if You only have one Day in Con­stan­ce? So I would spend 24 Hours in Con­stan­ce: The Night befo­re I arri­ve late by train. How con­ve­ni­ent that the Centro Guest house is direc­t­ly oppo­si­te the Train sta­ti­on. So I walk five Steps across the Road and bene­fit from late Check-in until 10pm. And now off to Bed, becau­se tomor­row I want to enjoy the day to the Ful­lest! The Morning: I get up ear­ly so I have a lot of the Day. From 7Am, guests can enjoy deli­cious Bre­ak­fasts at The Centro Guest house. 8:00: Streng­t­he­ned and asleep, I make my Way to the Con­stan­ti­ne port. I want to spend the Morning by the lake And so I stroll along the har­bour Pro­me­na­de to „Litt­le Veni­ce” and across the Art Bounda­ry bet­ween Konanz and Kreuz­lin­gen to Switz­er­land. My litt­le Tour takes me past the Sea­li­fe Towards The Kreuz­lin­gen har­bour and back again-all with beau­ti­ful Views of Lake Con­stan­ce.

9:00: Enough fresh Sea air snap­ped-now I want to see some­thing from The old Town of Con­stan­ti­ne! From the Har­bour I walk to the Mar­ket town and through the Alley­ways of the City. I admi­re the intri­ca­te­ly pain­ted Houses and look into the small Shops here and the­re, which can be found ever­y­whe­re here.

„Old Town (Lower Cast­le). Casas en la Mark­stät­te, Con­stan­ce. „Licen­se CC BY 2.0 https://​bit​.ly/​2​O​0​t​Gv7

10:00: I walk through the Lower Cast­le and on the Way Back I pass Café N ° elf in the Court Street. How good that it has just ope­ned-I fan­cy cof­fee and a Sli­ce of Cake after my ear­ly Bre­ak­fast.

View from the Uni­ver­si­ty” by pic­tu­re hero. Licen­se CC BY 2.0 https://​bit​.ly/​2​A​3​8​thp

15:00: Mean­while I wal­ked a Bit through the „Hock Trench,” the Park just below the uni­ver­si­ty, Towards the Lake and dro­ve a Sta­ti­on to the Island of Main­au on the Out­s­kirts of Egg by bus of Line 413. The­re I spend my After­noon loo­king at the beau­ti­ful Flowers, the Pet­ting Zoo, the But­ter­fly House and the Cast­le. In Bet­ween, I take a litt­le Break on a bench here and the­re and enjoy the fresh Sea air.

17:00: I’m slow­ly making my Way back into town. Bus 413 from Main­au takes me back to the Mar­ket Site. I make a short Detour to my Room in the Guest House Centro to make mys­elf fresh for the Evening. The Evening: 18:00: Slow­ly I am Hungry again and I walk 5 Minu­tes to Tamara’s Wine bar in the Zol­lern­stra­ße to have a real­ly con­stant din­ner. The­re is regio­nal Food here, inclu­ding the well-known „Thin­ness,” a Kind of Fla­me Cake that has a tra­di­ti­on here. And of cour­se, the deli­cious Wine from the Area is not to be mis­sed. 20:00: So, on to Night­li­fe! I real­ly want to explo­re the Kon­stan­zer Bar sce­ne in the Old town and first off to the near­by Irish Pub „Sham­rock.” The Fur­ni­tu­re and Décor in here look real Irish and often the­re are pro­mo­ti­ons like Karaōke or Bin­go. Next up is the „Cli­ma­te Perbox”-very cosy with the Fur­ni­tu­re thrown tog­e­ther. I sit down on one of the Sofas on the Pedes­tal in the back And lis­ten with a Drink of the litt­le Band that plays here today. From the­re I walk through the Schnetz­tor Towards Nie­der­burg and reach after approx. 15 Minu­tes the „Home”-a small, quaint Pub in a Vaul­ted Cel­lar that belongs firm­ly to the Stu­dent Sce­ne in Con­stan­ce. My next Desti­na­ti­on is also in a Base­ment-but much more spa­cious. 5 Minu­tes walk take me to the chic Cock­tail Bar „Blue Angel.” I make mys­elf com­for­ta­ble on a tur­quoi­se Nickel chair and pick one of the Many Cock­tails from the menu-here you get just about ever­ything from tart gin and ton­ic To frui­ty-sweet Loui­sia­na Jam. Pas­cal, the Owner, is always on the road bet­ween the Guests him­s­elf, chat­ting and making Fun.

Time flies as if in Flight-as ear­ly as 0.00. On a Sacker I go to the „Mana­tee” and then run a leisu­rely 10 Minu­tes back to the Guest House Centro-becau­se at 1:00 is here Cur­few And the Bars clo­se for the Night. So I let mys­elf be a bit scoo­ped and exhausted and full of beau­ti­ful new Impres­si­ons into the cosy Bed and dream of City stroll, Lake Walk, beau­ti­ful Flowers and deli­cious Cock­tails until I lea­ve tomor­row morning.

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